Cliff Kincaid
The so-called Army murder manual
By Cliff Kincaid
August 21, 2014

Did you know that radio host Alex Jones has revealed that the U.S. military has "plans to subdue and kill Americans in civil disobedience protests?" Did you miss this important revelation? The claim is said to be based on a 132-page Army document titled, "U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances."

A reader sent an Alex Jones story about this document to me, saying, "Good editors will assign a reporter to this story. Good reporters will take the time to research the documents presented, and then write a story about this plan now in existence to take over and subdue America with the militarized police forces and their military equipment. Good people will forward this email to their family and good friends so they know what the government has planned for them as is written up in the recent document. The beginning of stirring up civil unrest is taking place now in Ferguson."

This is an example of how all the phony talk about the "militarization" of law enforcement has had its effect, making some people paranoid and drawn to the extreme rhetoric of rabble-rousers like Jones. I am sure the reader had not actually read the document. Instead, the Infowars headline and Jones' latest rant about a "takeover" of the U.S. was enough to motivate the person to send me the email with the subject message, "Army admits plans to execute Americans en masse." Jones boasted that one of the stories from his website was posted on the Drudge Report.

It sounds big. Was this document somehow leaked to Jones? Was it made available by a "whistleblower" to Wikileaks? Did some hackers steal it from a heavily-secured Army website somewhere? No, it turns out that the Army has released the document publicly. It is available on an official Army website. In fact, its designation is "Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited."

It's mighty nice that the Army has warned us in advance that it intends to kill us. Of course, the document is anything but a plan for mass murder. Demagogues like Jones are counting on his followers not to read the actual document. It appears that many in his audience are easy to mislead and command.

Rather than outline how the Army is preparing to murder people, the document includes an analysis of how agitators provoke the Army and other authorities to overreact in certain situations, in order to grab media attention.

"Often in the media," the Army document says, "protesters can gain sympathy for their cause by prompting authorities to take physical action against them. Violence can be the result of demonstrators beginning to conduct unlawful or criminal acts and authorities (who are responsible for the safety and welfare of all) enforcing the laws of the municipality, state, or nation."

In the case of Ferguson, police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown upon being rushed by the thug. The local police did not provoke anybody or anything and simply were deployed to cope with possible violence. But this constituted "militarization" in the eyes of critics like writer Radley Balko and much of the media, and the police were blamed for the initial violence by simply being there.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon rushed in, putting the State Highway Patrol in charge, and they tried to pull back. The result was more violence. Finally, Nixon called in the National Guard.

The Army document goes on: "Commanders must be aware of the possibility that some individuals or groups within an organized demonstration may intend to cause disruption, incite violence, destroy property, and provoke authorities. The situation and actions of the crowd may dictate control and enforcement options. Agitators and criminal infiltrators within the crowd can lead to the eruption of violence. Inciting a crowd to violence or a greater intensity of violence by using severe enforcement tactics must be avoided."

Does this sound like a plan to murder innocent civilians? Perhaps only in the mind of someone like Alex Jones, who is always prepared to blame the police or law enforcement for any confrontations or violence that may occur.

The Army document is quite useful and seems to describe what is happening in Ferguson, with the cooperation of the media, which almost always seem anxious to find the police guilty of racism.

Under the heading of "Weapons and Projectiles," the document states that "Mobs will often use various types of weapons and projectiles against authorities to achieve their agendas and goals. It is extremely important that leaders train Soldiers to recognize possible threats of the various weapons that can be used by crowds or mobs, enabling the Soldiers to react with the appropriate minimum force" (emphasis added).

In Ferguson, it can be argued that the police have been too soft in their response.

In another section, which also seems to apply to Ferguson, it says, "Sniping or massing fire from within the crowd, in buildings, or other covered positions can, at times, be effective tools for terrorists or other belligerent rioters using a crowd to cover their acts." Fortunately, the police in Ferguson have made it plain that the shootings have been carried out by the demonstrators, not the police.

In yet another section that applies to Ferguson, it says, "In almost every instance of a civil disturbance or riot, verbal abuse will be an aggressive tool. Obscene language, racial remarks, taunts, ridicules, and jeers should always be expected. It is apparent that the purpose for using verbal abuse is to anger, demoralize, and provoke a physical response. Undisciplined, untrained Soldiers who face such an attack could cause the situation to escalate. Just one provoked action of a Soldier could be interpreted as an act of brutality by the media" (emphasis added).

The document also says, "Terrorist organizations may infiltrate groups within a demonstrating crowd. These terrorist groups may intend to embarrass their government or other governments. Terrorist infiltrators can be used to provoke crowds as a diversion, as part of a demonstration, or as cover for terrorist acts."

One section of the document describes how the military operates under the Constitution and various laws. Another section is called "Avoid Confrontation." These references are hardly the mark of a rogue Army operation looking for civilians to kill.

This so-called Army murder manual should be read by the media and the public so we can understand what's happening in Ferguson and why our police and military personnel deserve our support and respect.

© Cliff Kincaid


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