Laurie Roth
What if the Supreme Court rules against the people and Constitution on healthcare
By Laurie Roth
November 15, 2011

After several federal judges and 26 states have weighed in against Obama and his forced healthcare plan, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case. They will render a decision four months before Election Day.

Regardless of how the various Supreme Court judges might lean, there is a right and wrong decision that will occur. What will Americans do if the Supreme Court rules wrongly...that is, for Obama's healthcare bill? No one of course knows what they will do yet, but many speculate already that they will likely rule for most of the bill, if not all of it.

One thing is for sure. Obama doesn't need a negative ruling by the Supreme Court, acknowledging the unconstitutionality of this bill and assault on freedom and the States. So, what will Obama do about this or...has he already done something about this? Even more importantly, do the American people — lawyers, politicians, and everyone — realize there is only one right decision from the Supreme Court if they are not already compromised or bought off? That is, the complete shutting down of this healthcare bill and its forced and intrusive tentacles.

What if this is deemed into law by the Supreme Court and Obama dances the Obama dance of victory? Will you take it? Will you allow yourself to be forced to purchase government-approved healthcare or be fined? Perhaps jail time will come later if you rebel for too long. Will you just accept long lines and less care for our parents, forced salaries on physicians, making us all pay for abortions, and paid care for illegal aliens?

Will the states give up their 10th Amendment rights? Will the people give up their constitutional rights and freedom even if the big and fancy Supreme Court rules with Obama and against the Constitution and the people. NO, NO, and NO!

There is only one right way to rule for our country on this. If the Supremes rule for any part of this healthcare bill to stand, I say it is time to take the Roth Revolution forward and to a new level. I'm not calling for violence but for everyone to march in the streets, stand against such a ruling in bold and loud ways, demand action from the House and Senate against such a ruling, and throw out all elected officials who would dare to support such a decision against the people and freedom.

Perhaps the Supreme Court will rule honorably and with the Constitution four months before the most important election of all time. I have my suspicions, though. Be ready and stand for your freedom. Speak your mind at and listen in at Don't ever submit to betrayal. Know what it will look like, if and when it comes.

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