Laurie Roth
Candidate for president, plaintiff, patriot -- Dr. Laurie Roth: This is not an election season, but a battle to save America
By Laurie Roth
February 9, 2012

Talk is cheap.

All who signed on to the NDAA bill have no interest in protecting our freedoms and Constitution. Representatives and senators can say they are patriots and lovers of America. They can say their dad is a pastor and they go to church. They can say they even memorized our Constitution and can say it by heart. I say as a patriot, mom, survivor, and candidate for president that is bull rot and a factory of political lies. All who helped enact the NDAA bill into law long ago lost their integrity and loyalty to America. Long ago their motivational core became "do anything or vote for anything that will keep their power in place."

When a fascist, Marxist Communist entered the White House, most of our elected politicians — instead of standing up for America and our Constitution — started jumping up and down as the cowardly puppet. Obama quickly became the evil and determined puppet master. What we have watched over the last 3½ years is the systematic sell-out of America and transformation away from our Republic into a Marxist/Communist regime.

Our "poser" president is more than a huge shift to the left, but rather is a Constitutional disaster who has always planned, along with his handlers (global elitists and fundamentalist Islam) to first destroy, then transform our country. The last 3½ years was not the time for our leaders in the House and the Senate to cave in, negotiate our freedoms away, and sell out the people who elected them — but they did.

Where else has the talk been cheap?

Congress, the Senate, the media, and most presidential candidates have looked the other way on the very real constitutional crisis and eligibility scandal. From the beginning, Obama has been clouded in scandal and mystery. He has a father who was a Kenyan citizen, which made him ineligible to be president on that alone. He has never produced an original and real long-form birth certificate, except of course for the proven forgery he showed America, the media, and world on April 27, 2011.

The House, Senate, and media looked the other way, and so did the current crop of presidential candidates. I didn't. I have shined the light of truth on Obama's ineligibility from clear back in 2008 and published many articles about it. I was also a plaintiff in the Georgia case. Judge Malihi ruled in favor of Obama and against the plaintiffs. Let me get this straight. Obama didn't produce any documents the judge and Orly Taitz, lead attorney, demanded. He ignored a subpoena. Orly presented untold proof regarding Obama's use of different names, social security numbers, and the evidence of the last-presented "birth certificate" being a forgery, yet the judge ruled for Obama and against us. I have a few questions for the judge. How much did you get? Will it buy you a second home, and how many ways were you threatened? How does it feel to sell out the truth, the law, and America, Judge Malihi? As many of you know, an appeal has been filed with the Secretary of State in Georgia by Orly Taitz.

The House and Senate have chosen fiscal compromise by raising our debt ceiling again and again. There are a few Tea Party-elected Representatives who have tried to do the right thing and stand firm. There are just not enough of them. The new blood has also had to battle the GOP sell-out establishment who are just like the Democrat Party and will sell away anything to keep power.

All you have to do is look at who the GOP establishment is pushing to the top as their presidential nominee — Romney. Romney is Mr. pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-big government healthcare, pro-NDAA bill and Mr. "ends justify the means" compromise machine. Recently the most dangerous man in America, George Soros — who has largely funded the Obama regime and un-American/leftist agendas — said that there was no difference at all between Obama and Romney. Any questions?

The solution used to be to vote for the Republican or Democrat (Coke or Diet Coke) if you were a disgruntled leftist or conservative. No more. Now, both parties have been selling out the very heart and soul of our freedoms with the healthcare bill, NDAA, looking the other way as Obama shuts down coal plants and stops the flow of oil from the Canadian Keystone Pipeline down to the Gulf. Republican and Democrat are now two wings on the same bird, and they are flapping but can't fly.

Then there is that little thing like the illegal war in Libya that has cost our country billions of dollars, in addition to lives and reputation. Obama didn't even go through Congress but bowed down to the un-American and mostly evil...UN. Where is the ongoing screaming over this one? Why are our political leaders so stinking polite and appropriate? It is time for screaming, marching, and demanding change. It is time for impeachment proceedings before our country is completely destroyed.

It is time for our political leaders and generals to start studying Honduras and how things even happened with Zelaya the dictator who was scheming and breaking the law to stay in power. He was peacefully and legally taken out of leadership, while Obama and Hillary screamed in horror for him to be put back. Gee....I wonder why. Is there perhaps fear that that is the fate they deserve?

This is not another election cycle. This is a battlefield.

As an American citizen, mom and presidential candidate, I demand to see the House and Senate grow some backbone and start screaming. Pound that gavel, stomp down the halls, and stop planning dinners and coffee sessions with Obama and his team. "Find a way NOW to make your voices cry out and for once, reflect the American people and our Constitution."

"To Do" list for the House and Senate regardless as to what their party is.

Candidate Roth has a rant —

"Start roaring about how you plan to repeal and undo the NDAA bill and healthcare bill.

"Start roaring about the need for the government to pull in spending instead of raising our debt ceiling again and again.

"Start roaring about the draconian regulations aimed against our power plants and coal plants.

"Demand our troops come back from the illegal war we put them in with Libya.

"Someone have the guts to start impeachment proceedings and at the very least demand Obama show his long form birth certificate and answer a few questions about his proven use of so many Social Security numbers and different names."

Members of the House and Senate have been elected, and they can soon be un- elected if they continue walking as compromised, power-seeking cowards. "This is your time to shine and stand up, even if you feel alone. Be a brave heart. Do the right thing no matter what."

I'm running for president as a mom, survivor, talk show host and outsider, and most of all, patriot. I am mad "at the hell I see in leadership," and I don't intend to take it anymore. If the people and God put me in the White House, there will be a war aimed at all those on all sides of the line who have dared to go against Americans, their freedoms, and the Constitution.

"The People" are waking up that perhaps the answer isn't "Republican or Democrat" (Coke or Diet Coke) anymore. Generic Brand Dr. Laurie Roth is coming. You un-American traitors, get out of my way!

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Laurie Roth

Dr. Laurie Roth — the "Annie Oakley" of the airwaves — is a nationally-syndicated radio talk-show host. She has hosted successful talk shows on radio stations from Boston to L.A. with no shortage of callers... (more)


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