Laurie Roth
America must lead in energy production not be at the bottom of the pile
By Laurie Roth
March 2, 2012

Under the destructive leadership of Obama, our country has experienced one assault on top of another to our energy systems.

Hiding behind his environmental distortions, carbon emissions, and scientific fantasies, Obama is destroying all energy he can get his hands on. His EPA is now shutting down dozens of coal plants, which is causing the loss of thousands of jobs and increases in utility rates for millions of Americans. This is in a time when most are barely in recovery mode from years of recession, losing their jobs and homes.

For a detailed and huge list of energy attacks by Obama and his regime, go to: Some of these attacks by Obama and his goons have included the following:
  • Rescinding lease offers for oil shale production

  • Expediting the Solyndra loan, while delaying new energy production

  • Urging the Senate to pass House Democrats' national energy tax

  • Opposing GOP bills to unlock American energy resources

  • Delaying leasing and drilling through new bureaucratic hurdles

  • Beginning to impose a national energy tax unilaterally

  • Proposing a 5-year ban on offshore production
The Usurper in Chief

Our usurper of a president has sought to blame our rising gas and energy prices everywhere else, but the facts show the blame falls directly on him. Obama is destroying and stifling all real efforts to build and develop energy and independence. He is destroying America, our lead, our freedoms, and our achievements.

We have the world's largest coal reserves and 50% more coal than Russia, but nevertheless U.S. coal is under massive assault from this president. As you recall, Obama promised before he was elected to bankrupt the coal industry, and he is making good on that promise, with the outcome being huge increases in energy costs for us to endure.

Though Obama didn't get his Cap and Trade Policy passed, he is sneaking it in anyway right in front of our eyes. Thomas Pyle states in his article:
    Instead of carbon dioxide regulations, the Obama administration is using multiple regulations to achieve the same end as cap-and-trade and shutting down coal-fired power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency is leading the charge against coal with a number of new regulations. Two of the most important are the "transport rule" and the "toxics rule" (otherwise known as Utility MACT).
Obama has fought American energy and its production since the beginning of his regime. Only lately we have seen him stand against the Canadian oil pipeline, which would have created at least a million U.S. jobs and give us cheaper energy, gas, and utility prices. Naturally, that is why Obama had to stand against this energy move, because it would help America. We can't have that.

What must be done with energy and America

Recovery to-do list:

First, we have to boot Obama out. If elected your president, I will reverse all coal plant closures by the EPA. Virtually everything Obama has touched regarding regulation hell and controls must be reversed, repealed, and/or unfunded.

Once national funds are freed up and seen (through the creation of my 2% point of purchase tax and eradication of all other federal taxes), I will free up federal grant money to assist in the creation, development, or expansion of oil, nuclear, natural gas, and solar projects in all 50 states. Draconian and unproductive regulations will be pulled back and only common-sense ones will remain.

Within 4 years of supporting, building, and funding energy projects, we will have created millions of jobs and become the number one exporter of energy in the world. The only REAL thing needed to allow this lead in the first place is for the federal government to get out of the way and allow business and energy to soar.

It is important and critical for America and her needs to allow this to happen. It is just as important to become energy Independent and stop importing our oil from Islamic countries and OPEC. That is simply stupid when we have all the energy we need, but just need government to get out of the way so we can build up our infrastructure.

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