Laurie Roth
Obama wants our guns, speech, lifespan, and property
Plan to steal guns and gun rights based on total lies
By Laurie Roth
January 16, 2013

Dictator Obama and his goons are seizing control of everything as we speak. They are using tragic disasters to lie about the real stats of guns, and they demonize assault weapons and second amendment rights. Obama and his dictatorship team scream at gun stores, assault weapons, and ammo. It sounds like we have an epidemic of assault weapons targeting and murdering everyone in sight. Obama knows that most will buy the spoon-fed propaganda about guns and gun owners.

Just a few real FBI stats to add to the mix. Violent crimes in the U.S. have dropped 50% from 2992 to 2011, not increased. Now, let us look at the shootings. How many of the 12,664 shootings in 2011 involved guns? Only 8,583. Now, how many of those involved an assault rifle – only 2.6% of all homicides. Check it out for yourself. In all the attacks involving guns, you know, the 50% less attacks, less than 3% involve an assault weapon, and we are supposed to ban them now?

Obama intends to control our health and lifespan – people just live too long

We are watching Obama take over and destroy the health and wellness of our nation with forced, substandard government-controlled healthcare. This Nazi-like machine Obama and the left have created will control what care you receive, when you receive it, and what age you stop receiving it. During your later years you will simply get "suction cupped" into death-panel absurdity and lectures until the lines, hassle, and extra expense simply will kill you or you kill yourself.

Insurance rates are skyrocketing as our recession-weary country is being forced to buy expensive, government-approved health insurance, or get fined and no doubt set aside for other punishment. Business owners are being threatened all over the place to deliver big on healthcare for employees whether they can afford it or not or the IRS will "get" them as it will "get" all individuals who won't obey.

Attack on 1st Amendment: religion, petition, assembly, and press

We see Obama pushing to crush 1st Amendment rights so the independent spirit of American voices can be silenced. "Peaceful assembly" is now a dirty word as Obama supported and signed the Anti-Protest Bill HR 347, so the Secret Service could push those who dare assemble, disagreeing with Obama in anyway, miles away from anywhere he appears. His ego just can't take it, apparently, so he must intimidate and threaten people.

We have seen Obama go to war with the Catholic Church, calling them now, in White House petitions, a "hate group" for simply exercising freedom of speech and daring to support what the Holy Bible says about marriage. He has also ordered the Catholic church to support and fulfill Obama's love for abortion, whether it denies their religious and conscience rights or not.

Attacks on all major denominations and pastors will grow as sermons and beliefs preaching on sin and lifestyle clash with Obama's societal push of Islam, gay agenda, and abortion rights.

Obama is using the suffering economy he created to steal homes

No one will ever truly know the hundreds of billions given by this administration to unions, big banks, and others who will submit to Obama and be bought. It is a known fact that the last 4 years, hundreds of millions have suffered due to losing their jobs and being foreclosed on. Obama from the beginning made sure that hundreds of billions went to rescue the big banks among other industries, but there was no money given to individual Americans struggling to simply survive while facing a greedy battle with a bank over a contrived home foreclosure.

In 2010, the Huffington Post did an investigation on big banks and hedge funds and found that homeowners falling behind on property taxes and foreclosures were big business. In fact, this has become a huge source of anticipated revenue for big banks who sell to investors their debts, even a few months old who then tack on 18% interest and charge all legal fees along with other invented charges. This is to crush the homeowner and quickly steal their asset. If the Mortgage holder can't make a full payment, the investors sue and foreclose. It is all or nothing.

Now, no one is saying a bank has to look the other way as a homeowner doesn't make a payment for months so they get hurt...of course not. However, that is not what is happening in the majority of cases. Instead of an adjusted payment being accepted and negotiated, it is 90% of the time, all or nothing, and has been sold for big money to a loan-shark-type investor who could care less about a family trying to make a payment, losing their home while trying to find additional work. That is not only wrong but also unethical and criminal in my view.

Just a few examples of real and huge abuse in this area include the horror story of Richard Burton who had his home foreclosed on in Baltimore, not even due to a mortgage that was behind but due to an overdue and disputed water bill of $1,037.42.

Richard stated the water bill was falsely inflated. Nevertheless, the city, looking for cash in quick and greedy ways, sold his unpaid debt to a "private company" who also absorbed a lien on his home, attaching 18% interest and $2,000 more in legal charges. The charges grew and expanded like a multilevel marketing pyramid scheme. Now, he was in a King-Kong size financial battle where his home was being literally stolen over a disputed water bill.

Another and ongoing horror story of theft is regarding Jeffrey Smiles. I wrote about this in June 2011 County Steals Property from Stunned Grandson. It blew my mind when interviewing Jeffrey on my national radio show – the simple and clear case of vivid fraud thrown against him. What did evil Jeffrey do? He was simply trying to receive a little home his recently deceased grandmother left him. This home had been in their family since 1947. Jeffrey spent some personal money to fix up the home so he could rent it out. All taxes were paid in full. It didn't take long, however, before a new tax bill appeared. Jeffrey approached the county with a certified check of $500 in April 2010 and asked for a payment plan so he could finish remodeling. They said no to the payment plan, but said, if he could pay by December 2010, the tax figure wouldn't increase much. That was what he planned to do, pay in December per their agreement and conversation. Sounds reasonable and responsible doesn't it?

From here it went insane quickly

Jeffrey was told the check had grown to $1,852.20. Stunned and shocked with the amount and threats coming that they would seize his home and sell it, he brought in a certified bank check and paid the bill and was given a revalidation receipt #713026. Even with the tax payment paid, they said three times they never received the check though he had a receipt. They kept returning his check and put his home on the tax sale list. This started a legal battle with Aeon Financial that exposed their sinister intentions to seemingly steal the inherited home of Jeffrey Smiles, even denying the paid check, phone calls and good faith arrangements made by Jeffrey from the very beginning.

In my June 24, 2011, article on this nightmare, I unfolded the facts of this crime and theft on Jeffrey Smiles. According to records Aeon Financial sold 8,500 homes in 2010 in tax sales. If Jeffrey Smiles case is even remotely reflective of other cases across the nation, where Aeon Financial, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase & Co, and others have purchased the right to collect on "delinquent taxes," we have a national fraud and crime conspiracy going on to steal thousands upon thousands of homes and properties. This is big money and big profit for the "stimulus fund receiving" banking empires.

At the very least, even an imbecile can figure out that something is morally, ethically, and criminally wrong with foreclosing on a home over a disputed water bill and selling a home on tax lien after receiving the tax payment over and over again and denying it.

What about the thousands of homeowners who approach their bank and Mortgage company to make a partial payment in good faith and are told to pound sand, because it is not a full payment? How can any business not work with someone who, in spite of losing their job and enduring suffering, is trying to do the right thing and pay a bill the best they can?

The only thing I can assume is Obama and big banks and mortgage companies, who know better and can certainly do better, are not, because this is bringing in billions in profit to Obama and big business at the expense of the suffering masses.

Guns, 1st Amendment rights, and property all are in the way to Obama.

Join me as we talk through all these issues on my show:

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