Laurie Roth
Congress and "the people" can do nothing to Obama UNLESS THEY DECIDE TO
By Laurie Roth
May 21, 2013

Octopus of evil

Obama's tentacles have spread throughout the country, sucking the life out of everything they grab onto. America is dying.

*Freedom – dying
*Energy industry – dying
*Reputation – dying
*National security – dying
*Sovereignty, state and federal – dying
*Health and privacy – dying
*Law and U.S. Constitution – dying
*Military – dying
*Morals and Judeo-Christian speech and traditions – dying

The squeeze is on, and the deathly blue is flowing in the water all around us. We are a nation, which has been boldly attacked in plain sight as Hitler did with Germany. More and more of us can feel it and know we are dying as Obama and his goons light another cigarette and roll out more tentacles of death and lies.

What is alive and living amidst the dying

* Agenda 21 and Sustainability – alive
* UN agenda and its attempts to crush U.S. sovereignty – alive
* Bold attacks on 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 10th Amendment rights – alive
*End run by the Feds to control all school curriculums through bribes and deceit – alive
*Establishment and growth of Islam and Shariah law in America and worldwide – alive
*Using the IRS, EPA and DOJ to attack Obama's enemies: all conservatives – alive
*Common Core curriculum, "Obama must have the minds, bodies and futures of your children" – alive

The push for "Common Core" IS a national emergency that will not only rape and violate the minds, freedoms, and privacy rights of our children and families, but bankrupt most states. As with Obamacare, it is completely littered with government controls and lies and is unaffordable.

Each week, I interview Common Core warrior and expert Christina Michas, and last week she had on with her Henry Burke, a Civil engineer who had added up what each state had been financially offered by the Feds to join up and bypass their state curriculum. I asked them both, "How is it that states would give up their own curriculums and sovereignty to join a new and untested 'Common Core' handed down by Obama and the Feds?" What they said made my skin crawl. The Feds offered a national contest, "Race to the top" for all the states. The carrot would be desperately needed money given up front for each state, if they committed to only doing Common Core curriculum instead of their own version. Most states bit and bit hard – you know, as Pelosi said, "Sign the bill before you read it." The same was in play with most states.

States had no clue that the front money was a pittance compared to the massive state costs that would practically bankrupt the states and make Common Core a state "death ray." Just like with Obamacare, Common Core is entirely unaffordable and will require massive tax increases on the citizens.

Just two examples given by my guests involved Washington and California. In Washington (my liberal and compromised state), they received $34 million from the Feds as their carrot. However, the total additional cost for Common Core will total $365 million, minus the carrot of $34 million from the $365 million. Washington has to find an additional $331 million. This will mean much more debt and a no doubt a huge tax increase.

In California, their carrot was close to $104 million. The total Common Core cost above and beyond what is normally spent on education will be $2.1 billion. Even taking off the $104 million, California will have to come up with an additional $2 billion. This is a state nearly bankrupt already and swirling down the financial toilet bowl.

As states have started seeing this unfold and started looking at the obscene cost of what Common Core really teaches, they are rising up and starting to work on opting out. So far, 23 states are trying to get out now and go back to their own programs. Just this week, I got the call that Texas had bowed out of Common Core, and Utah just won a resolution against it and that battle is going in the right direction.

You might be saying, "What is the big deal with Common Core?"

Where do I begin to uncover the evil and danger of Common Core to our States and children? As Hitler went after the healthcare system and public schools, so is Obama. Each week, Christina Michas and her guests have been educating my audience to just what Common Core teaches and does.

First of all, Common Core completely rewrites our real U.S. history and instills shame in our kids for being American. The Boston Tea Party is likened to that of a 9/11 terrorist attack, not our heroes and patriots pursuing freedom.

It pushes Islam as a religion of peace and lies about its real agenda and history. Christianity and Americans are the bad ones.

Common Core pushes Sustainability and Agenda 21 as the norm. Sovereignty is a thing of the past.

It crushes exeptionalism and achievement and offers no special incentives and help for the disabled or gifted students.

It violates privacy rights for kids and families by doing "data mining" on kids, dictating training and career focus. They are punched down and pushed into a sustainable, amoral, and New-World-Order cookie cutout. Then, you put the kiddies in the Common Core-Obama oven, and you now have obedient little "Stepford Wives" cookies that will work and do what Obama and the progressives say.

No more teacher conferences – the school controls, manipulates, indoctrinates everything during school. Parents are not invited and are in the way.

Common Core sexually perverts the kids from the youngest ages and raise them up to be completely amoral. National sexuality education standards, K- 12, no right or wrong taught anymore. Starting in Kindergarten, kids will learn about Lesbians, gays, transgender, bestiality, pedophilia, abortions, and all kinds of sexual acting out. Kids will not hear of moral constraints, traditions, Judeo-Christian norms and history of sex.

So many reasons to impeach and try Obama for treason

How many investigations can there be before our Congress and House will wake up and get this evil criminal, Obama out of our White House? They cannot afford to get stuck on treasonous stupid anymore, hiding behind race and other issues.

Evil comes in all colors, and we have an evil man in the White House attacking healthcare, our freedoms, attacking all Obama's enemies using the DOJ, IRS, EPA, and other government agencies. We have murders and lying cover-ups all over the Benghazi nightmare, and the illegal IRS running our healthcare system as well.

Congress needs to start building the support of public opinion by doing weekly press conferences and carrying forth the reason and steps of either treason charges or impeachment charges. If they don't have the Senate behind them...yet... get the American people behind them with endless and building pressure of press conferences. This will put much needed media pressure on the Senate and more panic in the White House, causing Obama to slip up more and more.

Rush and others are great and have served our country wonderfully over the years, but yesterday, when I heard Rush say on his program, "We won't impeach Obama, and we can't win that battle," pushing the audience to go after the ideology of progressivism/liberalism I nearly died. I understand how hard it is and will be. I understand Obama attacks nonstop and is black. I get it that our Senate is Democrat. So what!

I also understand that, when your house is burning to the ground, you don't call a meeting in the community to try and avoid future arson and fires. YOU RUN IN THE HOUSE WITH AXES AND HOSES SHOOTING WATER AND SAVING THE LIVES AND PROPERTY YOU CAN. Firefighters do the best to promote safety, and they will risk their lives to save another and put a fire under control. My grandfather was a fire chief for 30 years, and then the State of Oregon Fire Marshall after that, until he died.

This is no time to quit for America. This is war without the guns (for now). Benghazi is stuffed with lies, cover-ups, murders, and crimes all linking back to Obama and his staff. The IRS scandal and attack on Obama's enemy list is stuffed with crimes and linked back to Obama again. Whose enemies have been targeted and nearly ruined? Not George Bush's, not Pee Wee Herman's, but Obama's enemies.

Lies, cover-ups, criminal actions, and evil are ALL Obama knows how to do as President. I urge Congress to build the momentum and power of an impeachment and/or treason action by doing vocal, organized, and REAL press conferences each week for the public, covering the issues and plans, thus putting pressure on the Senate, especially with the 2014 elections coming up. Obama will attack and react to you. YOU ATTACK BACK – STRONGER AND LOUDER!!!

Now is the time to lead, conquer, destroy, and clean up for America. We can talk about taking on the cancer of progressivism another time. Our house is burning down now.

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