Laurie Roth
"Ill affected"--Laurie Roth's words--exit from world slavery to "Church of Wells." REALLY???
By Laurie Roth
February 21, 2014

Let us cut to the bottom line, Jake Gardner and others. It is not about ego, sinfulness, or wanting to persecute or hurt anyone that I have written so many articles on Church of Wells. You can read them all at: I am not Pharaoh's daughter, a slut, or spiritual faker trying to hurt people. Family members and I are confronting deceit, lies, and abuse of Church leaders against members simply seeking the Lord. We are exposing the facts of what is going on at Church of Wells, and they are ugly and adding up! "You can 'exit' wherever you want, people. Just don't buy the bull rot and 'exit' to Church of Wells."

Church of Wells leadership is peppered and soaked to the bone marrow in pride, arrogance, and deceit. Sometimes it drips gooey love. Sometimes it drips scripture weapons and speeches out of context. Sometimes it drips exploitation, lies, and classic abuse. Elders are wrong and evil because of the lies they push down member's throats and cult tactics they use to enslave and snare people to stay.

Ill Affected words or FACTS?

Church of Wells violates the very message of SALVATION

Church of Wells preaches and teaches that salvation is as a result of giving up everything, family, idols, money, career, marriage choices etc...holiness this and holiness that. The nave member who buys into all this gives up the REAL message of Christ and salvation. The Bible plainly lays out that Christ paid for our sins on the cross and offers it as a free gift of love to those who accept his gift and repent of sin.

Instead, Church of Wells Elders dangle salvation and decide when members are saved. This carrot is offered to the gullible and searching member when elders have seen enough submission, suffering, and separation from family and the world. THAT IS FROM THE PIT AND TOTALLY FALSE. Church of Wells teaches the salvation message of WORKS and holiness, not a MESSAGE of love and gift from Jesus for anyone at anytime who humbly approaches Him.

Church of Wells violates relationships with families

Christ calls us in the Holy Bible to honor and love our parents and family, NOT view them as idols to be shunned and thrown away. Church of Wells leadership completely takes out of context the section where Jesus commands us to hate father and mother...Luke 14:26. When going into the original language and studying this passage and comparing it the rest of Jesus message you see Jesus is simply saying to love God more than mother and father, essentially hate all that comes between you and God. Jesus' message is to love God with all your heart (first) and love your neighbor as yourself (second). The 5th commandment says to honor your parents, not separate from them and call them idols. Malachi 1:6 "A son honors his father, and a servant his master...Jeremiah 35: 12-16 describes the Lord's honor for Jonadab son of Recab whose family was honored because they obeyed their forefather's commands.

Family, love, and connections with others matter all throughout the Holy Bible.

If someone we know, family or not, is a "sinner" we are told to love them, meet their needs, and draw them to Christ, not scripture attack them to Christ, beat them to Christ, terrorize them to Christ, but LOVE them to Christ. That is not separatness unto a church or cult. That is togetherness. Be in the world, but not OF the world. John 17: 14-15 simply states we are to be physically in the world, but not of it...our values and lifestyle is of God, not of a passionate leader or cult.

Statement from cult and trafficking expert:

"Only slavery fears the hug of a loving mother and contact with the outside world because in the presence of love and freedom slavery always fails."

The Bible calls us to be a light and to be eager to share our faith. How is it then that when the Nightline crew was in town this week wanting to cover the Church or Wells story and get their side that Jacob Gardner scurried away from the light of the cameras like he was staring in a Monty Python skit. Maybe he is a wannabe comedian.

This should be awesome TV. Too bad we cannot laugh because Catherine Grove is still missing.

All exit plan tit for tat games aside.

Church of Wells members, including Catherine Grove, check the scriptures and understand that your line to Jesus is direct and is paved in love and acceptance for who you are now. Your line to Jesus isn't through self-appointed leaders in Church of Wells who think they control when you are saved, who you talk to, how much money you get, who you marry and have sex with. Shake yourself and snap out of this enough to walk to a safe house or church. Say you want out and folks will come to get you.

Your life, spirituality, and health are waiting for is Jesus Christ and your loving families. TO GET OUT CALL: 206-984-6859 or email: Walk to a safe house with a ribbon put up or walk to a local church, Baptist or Methodist, and they will help you.

© Laurie Roth


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