Laurie Roth
America--the train is leaving the station, and we are about to be left behind
By Laurie Roth
March 17, 2014

"It's alive It's alive! The communist monster isn't dead after all. It calls itself "hydra-progressivism" now and has already taken over our schools, political system, culture, and faith, laughing out loud as the stupid people believe it is all about fairness and equality."

Communism and socialism are evil and deadly twins who are way ahead of us all. Its name changes through out the years, hiding behind anything Americans have been conditioned to embrace. The last several years it is: "fairness for all," "equality," "government taking care of all needs whether you work or not." It is now face lifted to the popular term – progressivism. It hides throughout the Democrat party and even many posers in the GOP.

Communists know Americans now have been conditioned to view communism as a "thing of the past," "a Chinese or North Korean thing," "what the Russians were," "something they heard about in history class with McCarthyism." How perfect...

Now called progressivism, it has been planted and hidden throughout our House-Senate, White House, many court systems, schools, and entertainment machine. It has tragically and successfully taken over many of our churches. We see the push for emptying the real Biblical message and creating, instead, false and seductive placebos for the people like (combining Christianity and Islam), turning the real message of Jesus into "social gospel," "self-esteem gospel," "redistribution of wealth gospel," essentially communism.

Don't forget that the big stars of communism have always known that God, Christians, patriotism, and morals were in the way of establishing their dictatorships and total dependency on them. Listen to the words of one of the most famous communist dictators of all times – Joseph Stalin.

"America is like a healthy body, and its resistance is threefold. Its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If you can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."

What do we see in schools all across the country but home>news/>Patriotism crushed. Kids are suspended for wearing US flags on their T-shirts and praying around flag polls. Saying or wearing anything too patriotic is compared to racism, anti-Americanism, insensitivity to illegal aliens, gays, or Islamics. Being patriotic is now compared to violent tendencies. Isn't that a wonderful lesson for our kids? Our children are taught to be ashamed of their country – not proud. We must kill patriotism, faith, and morals.

Common Core, the federally-pushed school curriculum is progressive/communist to the core while rewriting and destroying real U.S. history (to create shame and kill patriotism). It turns basic health and sex education into porn and gay indoctrination while taking out all moral boundaries and restraint. Common Core manipulates kids away from believing in national sovereignty to think only internationally and as submissive worker bees who will live and work for the government. They no longer live for God, adhere to their faith, and moral code. The school has now stolen "right and wrong" and defines that at will. Didn't Hillary Clinton say "it takes a village to raise a child?" More like..."It takes a village to raise a communist child."

Now, all we hear from Obama is "social justice," "fairness," "opportunity for all and not just the big corporations." It has morphed into endless redistribution of wealth schemes and laws controlling us from A to Z.

The big communist hammer now is Obamacare never meant to be about healthcare. As it has been absorbed and slowly understood by the nation it is vividly clear what it is really about. It is Obama and communist tentacles attaching to our literal life span and quality of life. It pushes chips into our bodies if he gets his way to control essentially everything.

Obama also plans to continue punishing all those against him through his beloved and transformed IRS. We already know he uses the EPA, NSA, and IRS to illegally spy on, harass, threaten, and track people. Now with Obamacare, he can continue the attacks on Christians, alternative media, vets, conservatives, and seniors.

This communist push and the full understanding as to how to crush America didn't just start with Obama or the 60's radicals. It goes way back to the 1890s when Fabian Socialism began infiltrating America and pushing "equality for all," "redistribution of wealth," standing against faith in God and capitalism. It started out slow, then grew its way like a cancer through our culture, schools, and political systems. This became the Fabian Socialist Society then onto the Frankfurt School, designed to use psychological techniques to manipulate all children into believing that wrong is right and right is wrong, etc.

We saw the red scare in the 1920s starting to create panic which lead to McCarthyism, a fierce reaction to developing communism in America...but it really was developing as the media focused mostly on the "paranoia" of McCarthyism.

The push for communism has continued with abandon with the development of the Weather Underground in the 60s and 70s that spawned political activist and criminal William Ayers, who still teaches at the University of Illinois. Activist.

This brings us to President Obama who was a communist community organizer launched from the bowels of ACORN, also a communist inspired group. Obama was funded and supported by his close friend William Ayers he pretended to barely know when running for president. The truth is quite the opposite. They were close, on boards together, and Ayers raised a lot of money for Obama and his campaign.

As with William Ayers, Obama studied and was very inspired by Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven. Nancy Coppock of Free Republic states:

..."Obama adheres to the Saul Alinksy "Rules for Radicals" method of politics, which teaches the dark art of destroying political adversaries. However, that text reveals only one front in the radical left's war against America. The Cloward/Piven strategy is another method employed by the radical Left to create and manage crisis. This strategy explains Rahm Emanuel's ominous statement, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

We all know by now that Obama was raised with communist influence through his mom and Frank Marshall Davis. He then surrounded himself with anti-American and pro- communist/socialist personalities like Rev. Wright. He taught Saul Alinsky principles to ACORN workers which was founded by communists.

Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven were masters at creating crisis and using it to manipulate change. Their inspiration was the opposite of freedom, capitalism, and Judeo- Christian values. In fact, lets review the famous dedication on the inside cover of Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals"...the book that Hillary Clinton and Obama are inspired by – "Rules for Radicals" dedication.

"Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical...the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer."

There we have it the real and clear inspiration and god of communism, Obama and the progressivism left – Lucifer.

Will America recognize the real enemy within on time? The only way back is for America to remember her real Christian roots, who the real God of the Holy Bible is, and remember that He along with our worship of Him built this country to the status it still barely has. Our faith in the Living God was our life force that defined real freedom, exceptionalism, and compassion.

If America and her Judeo-Christian values are allowed to die, freedom will be over around the world. It will be the entrance of worldwide dictatorships, mass murder on a par we have never seen and the entrance of the Anti-Christ and mark of the beast.

Stand up for Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible no matter what. Stand up for freedom and our Constitution no matter what. Stand up for your gun rights, freedom of speech and United States of America no matter what. I will whether you join me or not. Will you join me?

Join me each day as I take on these issues from 7-10 pm PAC on my national radio show at

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