Laurie Roth
Did Jesus settle things on the Cross?
By Laurie Roth
April 18, 2014

This is the time of year when many in America will sneak in a Church service and confess a sin or two. They will make sure they get their kids a chocolate treat and Easter eggs. Sadly, that is what Easter has reduced itself to for many millions – an Easter egg hunt, a "poser" trip to Church or Mass. Some might have a quick reflection on Jesus... very quick.

Do you REALLY know who Jesus is?

For many more of us, we are stunned into a heavy silence, barely breathing as we even try to comprehend what Jesus Christ really did for us. Sorry for some of you "heady" skeptics who already know everything and think Jesus isn't real or just some obscure prophet in history. Real history, other than the Holy Bible and thousands of witnesses, have recorded and documented the life of Christ, the miracles, the crucifixion on the cross, even the huge earthquake of that day and blackening of the sky, as he died on the cross. The evidence is clear if you dig. We even know there were over 300 witnesses watching him as he ascended into Heaven. This was no mere man and prophet. He was either the Son of God and God himself, an equal part of the Holy Trinity, or he was an insane, narcissistic fool who wanted attention. We all get to decide and answer this question on our own. However, be very careful that you don't answer this question in the "media" and "politically correct" style America is caught in now. For many, it is only popular to use "Jesus" as a prop for receiving a Grammy, or as a shield or puppet of control in creating a cult and controlling people. We so often hear... "I want to thank my fans and the Lord," "God bless you all." Really?

We live in a day when Christians are the largest growing group who are persecuted and attacked for their faith in the world. Each week, I cover on my show atrocities, torture, and vicious attacks at the hands of Muslims against Christians throughout the Middle East and Africa (especially Central Africa). In Syria now, there are a growing number of "slaughter" houses and not for cows. These are for Christians and anyone who is not Islamic. Whalid and Ted Shoebat,, have confirmed and even found videos of these slaughterhouses where Christians are tortured, hung by their feet by hooks, then dismembered as you would a cow being butchered. Christians are in the bullseye and Muslims are on an international caliphate/jihad orgy of murder. They must get rid of the pesky infidels you know.

Back to Jesus Christ

We are in the middle of Good Friday and Easter services and celebrations. While you are experiencing the fun part and personal reflection part please be reminded that facts, history, and the truth show that Jesus Christ came to earth, was born of the Virgin Mary, did countless and recorded miracles. He was then betrayed by Judas, arrested, whipped nearly to death and beyond recognition, and then forced to carry his cross, with help from a bystander towards the end of his walk to Golgotha. He was then nailed to a cross and hung in the middle of two criminals. Here is the bottom line revealed by Jesus and the Holy Bible to us. Our God loved us so much that He took on human form, to be the sacrifice Himself for our sin. He did this so we might live through Him and have forgiveness of our sin.

Jesus became the tortured and butchered one so we might have life. Think on this as the bit of chocolate drips down your lip and you look to see if people are watching when you walk into church the one time a year you go. We are living in the middle of a huge miracle...if we accept it. Don't waste it.

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