Laurie Roth
Is Obama winning his game?
By Laurie Roth
September 18, 2014

One of Obama's favorite games is shift-the-word-and-meaning game. It reflects his deepest beliefs that lies, chaos, and distraction are transformation strategies that an emerging "star dictator" needs. The game goes like this: Always lie to the masses, insert cheat cards through out the deck without the players knowing, and redefine what is really going on right in front of your "stupid" opponent's eyes. When the few who don't accept or believe your trick, rise up in the first round of the know nothing, deny everything, then throw your enemy opponent a cherry, "I will get to the bottom of this." Obama is a master at this game and uses its communist, Muslim, New World Order strategies to confuse, terrorize, and destroy who is left in this great nation. He always thinks he is winning, and so does much of the brain dead media. America has allowed Obama and the progressive/communistic agenda to win way too many rounds.

A few of Obama's pet word games and changes: "Children are now up to age 23 if they are illegal aliens." "ISIS" – linking this blood thirsty Islamic group to Syria – is now called ISIL, minimizing its connection to Syria (thank you, Glenn Beck, for pointing this out). "ISIS is NOT Islamic." I'm confused...did they magically convert to Catholicism or become Baptists?

We have watched Obama change everything of substance for America. Freedom is no longer reflected and protected by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Obama just flips these off and pretends they are not there. Sadly, so does the HOUSE and SENATE most of the time. The American attributes of "achievement," "inventiveness," "Judeo-Christian values," "international leadership from a position of strength" have been redefined and replaced. A great American, according to Obama, is a dependent worker, welfare recipient, illegal alien, Muslim, and criminal who want to destroy American freedom and Judeo-Christian values. The American mutant that Obama is building is dependent on him as god. The Obama-American adores big government and submits to redistribution of wealth and high taxes. They understand targeting of Christians and conservatives and are trained to simply obey, look the other way, be immoral, and act out. Obama adores playing with his controls. Forget Xbox. Now, we are forced to play "Obama-box." If Obama wins this game, we will lose America, our freedom, lives, and be sold into slavery.

Obama has rewritten what freedom, danger, enemies, and religion are. Freedom is now oppressive service and redistribution of wealth. Danger and enemies aren't Muslim radicals, but Christians and conservatives who persecute and speak out "hate" against Muslims. We cause them to behead, torture, and constantly threaten us. Religion has been redefined on the game board as well. If we must be remotely defined as a quasi-Christian nation, then we have to change what Christian means. It must be nothing but a Unitarian, watered down, "love everyone and let all religions and people express themselves no matter what." While Obama continues to attack and water down our real Christian roots in America, he inserts Islam and moves the caliphate dramatically forward. Things are going as planned.

The "Obama-box" game is one we cannot afford to lose. Obama has won many rounds but "narcissist n'chief" will not win the game. He is playing Americans, and the majority of us believe in the real God and pray to the Lord Jesus for guidance and strength. We will win if we vote right in the fall elections and pay attention. Everyone must vote this time. All progressives and leftists who have supported Obama, Obamacare, and other unconstitutional rubbish MUST be thrown out.

We must draw lines in the sand and group together with local and state-wide militias, Tea Party groups, and others that will stand up for our rights and freedoms. There can be no compromise by turning in or registering any of our guns. There can be no compromise with our right to free speech. There can be no accepted attacks on states 10th Amendment rights to stand against the unconstitutional encroachments of Obamacare, illegal alien dispersals, Common Core, and other assaults on the people.

Focus your anger and energy in regular prayer and ask God for help and deliverance, and He will give it. He is waiting to hear from us. Remember, one with God – the real God IS the majority. Intimidation belongs to losers, and we are winners. Obama does not have the Spirit of the Lord Jesus with him – but Americans who are humble before God and seek Him DO.

Game over and you lose Obama.

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