Laurie Roth
The incredible shrinking man -- Never Trumper -- Glenn Beck
By Laurie Roth
September 9, 2016

Donald Trump's support and 'America first' message continues to grow as he delivers speech after speech right out of the park. Trump's recent immigration speech was delivered from the heart, reflecting guts, clarity, passion and empathy for most American's real concerns. Now we hear an even better speech from Trump on national security covering our military, vets and risks we face. He is promising to build back our military, care for our vets – our real national heroes who have been violated, ignored and thrown to the back of the line over and over by Obama and Hillary.

Trump echoes and reflects the best of American character, history, potential, achievement, spirituality and hope. In contrast, Hillary continues to cough, lie, cheat, steal, accuse and cough some more as she plans America's demise.

Trump's speech and reception recently at a black church in Detroit should have silenced the 'never trumpers' shrill and lying voices shrieking that Trump is no Christian and certainly not spiritual. This fake Christian assault is led by Glenn Beck and his goons. Beck continues to pretend he is standing alone in courage and will stand before God with a clear conscience. I guess us Trump supporters will burn in hell. This is all done while in fact Beck continues to fight boldly against the real God of the Holy Bible, against America and against God's real choice for the White House – Donald Trump.

'Braveheart' Beck refuses to vote the lesser of two evils, so he won't vote for Trump. This is while evil Hillary continues to surround America with her anti God and anti American goons. She is overcome with joy that she has so much support by the 'Never Trumper' crowd led in a big part by Glenn Beck who apparently thinks he is a cross between the 4th person of the Trinity and Joan of Ark.

'High ground Beck' is out to destroy Trump at all cost. This is while he paints Trump supporters as Nazi brown shirts, while those with his unique brand of spiritual courage will stand with him and not vote the lesser of two evils. Allegedly those who will face God with a clear conscience (like him) will either vote for Hillary or not at all I guess.

Outcome if Hillary wins in part because of Never Trumpers like Glenn Beck and others

Hillary's America

  • Freedom of speech and Christian speech will be criminalized, while all kinds of sexual expression and acting out will be normalized and crammed down our throats.

  • ISIS members will be imported and spread throughout America with funding and assistance from Hillary

  • Our military will be reduced and violated even more

  • There will be tax increases, increased regulations and Government controls everywhere

  • Coal, oil and Nuclear energy companies will be largely backrupted

  • Christianity and its core beliefs will be largely rewritten to wax 'new age' 'all sexual' 'pro international Government' and reflective of who is in power at the moment

  • We will be completely taken over from within and controlled by Big Government, radical Islam and New Age lies all merged together as multi headed monster.

    This election cycle, there is no 'lesser of two evils' to decide on with your vote. There is only evil and good – Trump vs. Hillary. All of you who are playing the head game with Beck not to vote, pretending you are spiritual somehow... are only deceived, fraudulent, cowardly and spiritually corrupted at your core.

    God has never used perfect people in His plans, only broken and remade people like Donald Trump who will listen to Him, follow Him and grow in Him.

    Glenn Beck and other 'never trumpers' are on the wrong side of America's moral war and needs right now. Get with it or get out of America's way.

    © Laurie Roth


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