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By Laurie Roth
October 10, 2016

Trump clearly won Debate 2 – He crushed PC and brought it to Hillary

There is simply no way Trump could win debate number 2 and frankly the White House until he confronted Hillary with the obvious and neon truth of her corruption, crimes, lies and deception. I thank God Trump brought it and then some during debate #2.

Most Americans have known (if they even have a small IQ) that it is a crime to delete 33,000 emails (many marked with C for classified) after a subpoena was issued by the FBI for them. Also, arrogantly calm – lipstick face Clinton obviously thinks the masses are dumb as posts when she said the emails were only about Hillary's wedding and yoga. Thankfully, Trump said the obvious – "maybe 3 of 4 emails on a wedding or yoga, not 33,000."

After another apology for the ancient, locker room talk video, Trump pushed hard and even said he wouldn't ignore Hillary's corruption and crimes if he became President. He would call for a real investigation and accountability. No matter how hard Hillary tried to brag on her 30 year career, bringing up this and that she did for kids and women, Trump brought it back to the pitiful truth. Her service as a Senator then Secretary of State was nothing but a disaster.

Trump could have spent hours just bringing up Hillary's failure and corruption but he nailed her on her dangerous and deadly plan to bring in unvetted Syrians in the face of many Islamic terror attacks through out America already. He went after her for the dangerous and treacherous funding decision with Iran, and her not responding to over 600 requests for help from Ambassador Stevens in Libya – on and on with her real record.

Drip drip drip and tit for tat...quickly turned into a Tsunami of truth and confrontation by Trump all over Hillary, even with the 3 on one odds against him since the moderators were obviously liberals. Her only response over and over again was to look arrogantly 'cool' and like Trump was an inventor and make believe artist. She even tried the pathetic card of quoting her 'good friend' as she called Michelle Obama, who said when people go low you go high. Trump was quick to remind her that the previous videos out there by Michelle Obama about Hillary are hardly 'close friend' material or at any level that matters – supportive.

Hillary's efforts to crush Trump failed horribly in my opinion. She desperately tried to sell that Trump was a bad example to all women and children. Trump pointed out the brazen comparison of her and Bill's endless lies,sexual assaults, affairs and threats against women to his blown out of proportion locker room talk 11 years ago, can not be compared.

Trump has also shown respect and guts to gather just some of the sea of victims at the hands of Bill and Hillary and have them speak and appear with him in a video. They live in fear and still suffer to this day, remembering the veiled threats of Hillary, (Bill's attack dog) after they were violated in so many ways by Bill.

Regardless of Trumps failures and big mouth sometimes, he is proving to be the real champion of freedom, supporter of women, minorities, plans to really help the inner cities, create jobs, support Judeo – Christian values, our economy, military, safety and opportunity...not lying Hillary.

Bravo Trump on debate Number 2. You brought continue.

Trump shows humility regarding video "I said it and it was wrong"

By now many of us have heard the 11 year old video – 'hot mike' moment Trump had talking gutter talk about sex and women. It was obviously ego and lust driven and wrong. Naturally, everyone and their dogs have come to the party on this. Some on the Republican side but most on the Hillary side who are thinking this is the October surprise and election blow that will crush Donald Trump. Now everyone will know he really devalues women and is an ego driven fiend. Hillary will run in to save the nation, or is that really the case?

We only have a few more weeks until the most critical election of our times. We must focus, vote right and not get distracted right now, even by this video.

Remember who Donald Trump is now and who he is becoming

His Christian faith

From my own research and hearing actual interviews on this, it is most true that Trump has a new found faith in Christ. He is a newer Christian and growing in the Lord. He is the first to acknowledge that he has done and said some things that are wrong. Regarding this emerging video he has weighed in quickly and done the right thing regarding something said 11 years ago. "I said it and it was wrong."

Trump has shown honesty and humility about his 'ego and lust' moment caught on tape. Unlike Hillary or Bill Clinton, Trump admits it, is ashamed and says he was wrong. He has given his heart to the Lord and really is growing as a Christian with power and humility, which all of us need. Hillary and Bill have played 'pretend' regarding what is right and wrong, their politically motivated faith statements, engaging in dangerous, unethical and even criminal actions....oh yeah, and having endless sex outside of their bogus marriage for decades. Hillary can hardly talk about Trump.

Hillary will no doubt jump on this during debate #2 and again say that she is the one that will support women and their rights. Look at Trump and what he says about women. The only small problem with this is that Hillary; far more than Trump's ego and potty mouth moment, threatened, intimidated, harassed and even thanked some of the droves of women Bill was sleeping around with. I know, I interviewed many of them on my former national radio show, which experienced all kinds of horror, threats and pain at the hands of 'the first female candidate' who says she supports and represents all women. That is apparently, all women who are sold out to her, will do what she says, are not patriots, conservatives or Christians, nor endless victims of Bills sexual appetite.

As a patriot, conservative and sincere Christian as I believe Trump now is, it is time for him, now that he has admitted this and said he was sorry, to let it go and trust the Lord. He must stand on God's promises and word right now. These scriptures come to mind: Romans 8:28 'All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes.' That includes the good, the bad and the ugly folks or all of us believers would be toast. Then, Trump needs to have on his lips all the time and before he faces debate #2, 'Phil: 4:8 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.'

This video is no reason for Trump to drop out or lose focus now. America needs him and desperately needs his plans for fixing national and border security, increasing jobs and business through regulation and tax cuts, stopping and replacing the unraveling deceitful Obamacare, and stopping the history rewriting, sex promoting, thought controlling and child crushing – Common Core. Miracle America must become number 1 again.

We have thankfully at least one candidate who will admit he did a wrong thing and is sorry. He also is the only won, ego – mouth and all, who really does care about women, learns from his mistakes and has the bold ideas and prayed up plans to bring America, our opportunities, stature and hope back.

There will never be an apology or admittance of any wrong perpetrated at the hands of Hillary. That is simply because there is too much corruption, sin and evil to begin apologizing for. After all, she is to be worshipped since it is 'her turn' and she intends to be the 'first female' president.

Hillary will be the first all right

I strongly believe that Hilary will be the first Clinton to be strongly pushed back and rebuked by the masses on Election Day. She will fail. She has already had her brief day in the sun with our FBI looking the other way on her crimes and the media protecting her and carrying her water like good little slaves.

It is high time for a Clinton to be held accountable. We must not let her and Bill near the White House to misrepresent our Constitution, freedoms, Judeo-Christian values, economy and safety.

Go Trump!

Trump will win debate 2 and 3, then take the White House

He must continue to focus on what America wants, needs and what he will boldly provide that Hillary won't. He should ask what the audience wants and feels. Do Americans feel safer now then they did 8 years ago? Do they feel more secure financially and have the job they want? Do they feel like Obama and Hillary have protected them. Have they defined and taken on ISIS and radical Islam or ignored and empowered them with PC talk while people have died from California to Florida. Do Americans want unvetted Islamic masses being imported through out America? Hillary proudly plans on this.

Trump must demonstrate as only he can Trump passion, quickness and honesty but he must stay on point. He should have a quick response ready for the endless tax attacks Hillary will no doubt jump on again. A possible Trump response: "What business man wouldn't look at all the legal options lying within the tax code to minimize taxes which are too high for all and must be modified? My choices were creative and legal. Your choices with your pay to play – Foundation appear more than unethical, greedy and dangerous for America. It was obvious that hundreds of millions of dollars came in from all over the world and favors rolled out. It is also obvious that very little that came in helped the needy and hurting with the vast majority going into you and Bills pockets. Now, what was that about me not paying taxes?

Trump must remind America about the world view clash between him and Hillary and what that means to American bottom lines.

Bottom line world view contrasts he must somehow expose

Judeo – Christian values – Clash

Trump nation – A nation that will honor Judeo-Christian values, its core Christian spirit and protect freedom of speech

Hillary nation – A nation that is new age, neuters Christianity and will force it to submit in speech and practice to Islam, gay marriage and Government controls.

National security = Clash

Trump nation – Will define and expose who the enemy is – radical Islam. Once radical Islamics are exposed in America they will be crushed in every way possible. He will secure and stop all entry points for terrorists and other mystery people determined to use America and break our laws. Trump will build back and equip our military, defending and caring for our vets.

Hillary nation – Will not define or expose the enemy in speech or action. Will continue to give the Islamic enemy deadly arms and import them unvetted into America to kill more Americans. Any Americans who disagree and dare to speak up in print, media or radio will be accused, fined or arrested for a hybrid version of hate speech and racism.

Many thousands of Americans will die as Hillary strangles Christianity and Christians while elevating a melding of New Age Internationalism and Islam.

Creation of Jobs clash

Trump nation – Will bring industries and jobs home through a significant cut in regulations and high taxation which caused them to run in the first place. He will build up and create energy independence with all kinds of energy, including oil and coal. This will create thousands more career track jobs. Trump will give the masses and businesses a major tax cut to fuel hiring, development and spending.

Hillary nation – Will punish the wealthy and business employers with a drastically high tax increase. Once the hurting masses realize the increase in taxes are everywhere, they will then find themselves facing a massive increase in death and estate tax. Big Government is God so the masses are to bow down and pay more of what they earn.

Special Interests, minorities, gays, women clash

Trump nation – Trump has always hired women, minorities, gays and straights – essentially, people who could do the work. He believes rights come inherently from God and our Constitution, not the cult of personality or Government. Freedom for work and speech is protected accordingly no matter if you are Black, white, Christian or not, conservative or liberal.

Hillary nation – Hillary will continue using all needy groups as useful pawns and fools to get her money and votes. If not needed, they can all go to hell and get off her boat. In truth, Hillary has always been a crusader for only her power and greed.

Mike Pence gave Trump a huge jolt forward when he creamed Tim Caine in the VP debate and kept his composure in the face of 72 interruptions and smears. Now Trump must just trust himself and be himself, well researched and ready to stay on point. If Hillary is anything at all like her hand picked and loser VP Caine, she will do herself in just fine.

Trump will win if he does these 4 things

The election battle of the ages is upon America and the stakes are very high. The results of this election will affect our very safety and national security at its core. It will dictate whether we have a healthy economy and real jobs and whether taxes take over our lives and sky rocket. It will spell out if Christians will have protection and freedom of speech or be rewritten and destroyed.

Trump must win and he will if he does the following

1) Trump must continue to focus his passion, emotion and vision on what he will do for America, and how he will bring us back and protect us. His focus and speeches on Immigration, the military, jobs, moral and Christian heritage of America are spot on and they do the following: Separate the men from the boys, the sell outs from the committed, the heroes from the traitors, the sincere Christians from the posers and Trump and his 'deplorables' from Hillary and her confused, America and God hating hordes

2) Trump must continue to be a man of God – pray to the Lord and seek HIS wisdom, strength, direction and power. He must surround himself with real and high integrity Christians, not wanna be's who pose and quote scripture to gain an audience or political power. Trump is doing this already and has power in his faith in the Lord, people he is surrounding himself with and a historically American and Christian combination of – compassion, freedom and moral underpinning.

3) Be a man of courage and strength regardless of what he may face in this election with Hillary and afterward when he is President. In the Holy Bible, God told Joshua to be a man of courage and strength and take on the evil giants in the land using unheard of strategy and ideas. Joshua obeyed and did the absurd and marched around the walls of Jericho 7 times, making lots of noise, playing horns and lighting lanterns – boom, the walls came tumbling down.

4) Trump must keep his vision and ideas for America cutting edge, fresh and real. Trump knows we must fix our endlessly broken immigration nightmare – our military must be honored and built back – jobs must be created and made – energy must be harnessed – our Constitution and Judeo – Christian values must be cherished. Trump knows our broken and forced health care system must be overhauled, Common Core must be stopped and Americans must be treated fairly and protected again.

Trump is doing the 4 things above and is running for President out of concern and love for his country, not an obsession to find more money and power like Hillary. Trump already has fame, money and power....boring already. Vote this election like your very life, freedoms and country depends on it no matter who you are.

© Laurie Roth


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