Laurie Roth
Presidential Candidates -- In only 5 words
By Laurie Roth
October 22, 2016

* Hillary represents herself and Satan

* Trump represents America and God

What Hillary really plans for America

Decoding the endless deception, partial truths and lies...Hillary is quite clear about her dreams and plans for America. First Hillary must seduce and lie her way into the White House. Then, Hillary will do 4 major things to America once in power 1) Attack our freedom of speech, create more hate crime and racist type laws that silence and neuter Conservatives, Pastors and Christians. 2) She will destroy American sovereignty with create schemes. She will sign treaties in place to force Americans to bow down to the UN and International laws. 3) She will create false flag crisis that will allow her as Hitler did, to collect our guns and stop gun sales. 4) Once America is truly crushed and her and other perverts are the only ones with power and rights, she will build America back up from the dead and turn it into a 'new world order franchise' and 'gay and Islamic haven and resort.' America will be number one perversion, lack of faith in God, exposure to our enemies and debt.

Hillary will make us a nation of tax slaves who are completely exposed to our growing list of enemies. Our national Christian heritage will be destroyed and raised up as a Hillary zombie from the dead. Jesus will be one of many Gods and there will be no sin or statement from God about how things are to be – only a statement from Hillary on how things are to be.

Hillary and her bought and paid for media continue to throw out the endless propaganda that she has already won...the fat lady has already sung. Polls look like mostly Hillary...right? All I can say is this...Hillary may be a fat lady who is singing for her own party but no one is really listening.

The plan is to create a sea of questions about Trump, his character and chances to win. A discouraged and distracted populace will run to Hillary instead of Trump. Hillary has always hated anyone, (most Americans, all real Christians, gun owners and conservatives) who love the real America, our Constitution and our Christian values. Hillary hates those who identify and stand up to our enemies and who will pray to the living God of the Holy Bible and not to Hillary or Obama.

Smooth Hillary is a crook, a fraud, a sleep around hussy, has long abused and threatened women for decades, is a phony pretend Christian, despises what America really is and intends to crush it and raise it up as a liberal – drooling zombie of tax slaves she controls.

Trump will seek God; make America #1 again in all the right ways and breath life back into us again. He will gain strength from a having a real and growing relationship with Jesus and knowing what he is doing is right for America and freedom.

You must not sell out America and your future by voting for Hillary. Trump has the edge, prophetic word over him that he will win, audiences in the 10s of thousands, a clear vision for all Americans, and an understanding of good and evil. Trump has learned from his successes and failures and will make us number 1 again.

Hillary thinks all but her worshipers and sex partners are dumb as posts. Are you? Don't be. Let the fat lady sing to herself...while we all party on November 8th.

© Laurie Roth


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Laurie Roth

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