Laurie Roth
It is not time to ‘take a knee,’ it is time to ‘take a stand’
By Laurie Roth
June 15, 2020

We are in an unbelievable season where our nation’s cities are being attacked and held hostage by shipped in, paid rioters and protesters. We are under siege with anarchists hiding behind Floyd, a few bad cops and the endless sea of acting out leftists who hate Trump simply because he breaths air.

We are seeing some burning flags in protest and the famous ‘take a knee’ movement is soon to grow even larger at NFL games and public places. This last week, Roger Goodell reversed his position about not supporting NFL players ‘taking a knee’ during the traditional singing of the Star-Spangled Banner. Nascar did the same, allowing drivers and teams to ‘take a knee’ during the national anthem. Now, rather than show a moment of respect during the performance of the Star-spangled banner and traditionally standing with your hand over your heart, the players and drivers now have the right to ‘take a knee’ if they want to and protest against the Star-spangled banner and flag.

Not only did the NFL and NASCAR not lead with this horrible and un American decision, but they have betrayed hundreds of thousands of service men and women who have given their lives for our freedom. They have stirred the fire of even more disrespect and hatred against our flag and country that will cascade down through all our schools and other public events.

Obama should be thrilled about more NFL players and NASCAR drivers taking a knee during the national anthem. It is just one more ‘apology tour’ that Obama wasn’t able to finish doing. Shame, embarrassment and disrespect for the flag, God and freedom is what the wet knee on the grass is saying. Those knees are pressing on the necks of our fallen heroes and the countless people of all colors who made it possible for the NFL superstars to make millions of dollars and say what they please. All the knee on the grass will do is give a player grass stains and reveal his arrogance, lack of understanding and treachery for what is real and great.

George Floyd was horribly killed by a very bad cop with a knee to the neck causing him to suffocate and die. Countless leftists, and America haters are now taking a knee to the neck of our freedom, our heritage, our flag and sacred traditions by acting out.

It was just ‘Flag Day’ and I sang ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ in church with my music friend Cy. I did this after sharing the miraculous story that led up to the penning of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ by Francis Scott Key.” What the ‘Take a Knee’ folks don’t seem to understand is that a young America was fighting for freedom against the monster of Great Britain who out gunned us at every turn. After the signing of America into existence in 1776, Britain started losing ground in the years that followed but they still attacked everywhere they could. In August 1814, they took vengeance on Washington DC and viciously bombed the White House and many federal buildings. President Madison and his wife had to flee the city.

A group of 19 British warships loaded with cannons and the best weapons available at the time planned another major attack on the military base protecting Baltimore, Fort McHenry. They had collected many American prisoners who were held on their ships during the previous months. One of the prisoners asked a Baltimore attorney, Francis Scott Key to negotiate their release. He was able to do this over a week’s time. However, the British said before they released the prisoners, they were going to attack Fort McHenry.

As the attack started in Sept. 1814, bombs lit up the night sky from 19 ships all aimed at the fort. The fort flew a large 32 by 42-foot flag out in front. The prisoners on board and Francis Scott key could only pray and watch the bombs exploding on the fort all night long. As the sun rose, they were shocked and tearfully excited that the massive flag still waved proudly in the wind and all the Fort walls were still up. Out of 1000 soldiers in the fort, only 4 were killed. The Fort had no comparable firepower to defend themselves. They could only wait and pray. Once the British saw that they hadn’t destroyed the coveted fort and flag, they released the prisoners and soon left. In the month that followed the signed a treaty with the new America and went home. Francis Scott Key, in the days that followed penned ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ as a testament of that miraculous night and the flag that still stood. God obviously intervened.

It is high time to stop ‘taking a knee’ and time to ‘take a stand.’ Join me and take a stand for our God, our Constitution, our freedoms, our real history, our flag and legacy. Be not ashamed but be thankful and proud, acknowledging God’s hand in our making and survival.

No more caution and hidden carefulness about praying…. pray boldly and without shame. Stand with respect and attention when the Star-Spangled Banner is sung. Don’t wither to a knee.

No more 50-yard line, compromised apologies. Stand and worship. Stand and pray. Stand and make a real difference and stand for your country.

Take a knee only if you want grass stained pants.


© Laurie Roth


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