Michael Bresciani
A conservative hero visits the U.S. -- what we can learn from Geert Wilders
By Michael Bresciani
February 25, 2009

Appearing briefly on Fox's Glenn Beck show Feb 23, 2009, Dutch Freedom Party MP, Geert Wilders said "we should throw out every bit of hate crime legislation that is ever proposed." Why would he say this and why should we take him seriously?

Besides being asked to leave Great Britain on his arrival there outcast Wilders is also slated for trial for his recent video production of his anti-Koran piece called "Fitna." Wilders is a common sense kind of man with a strong heart for the principles of free speech and an eye for anything that smacks of the strangling of freedom under the feigned hypocrisy of political correctness.

While the trend in conservative reporting in media is full of dire warnings, the Obama administration is barreling ahead with a socialist doctrine and fiscal quackery that seems little affected by anyone's warnings. Top conservative shows are laced with pop quizzes, comedy and laughing at left wing absurdities and general debate Wilders seems more focused and his warnings point back to the social trends of pre-war Germany. Those trends gave the world the Nazi menace that cost the lives of millions, shouldn't we give wilders center stage and our ears?

Wilders has clearly stated that he does not hate Muslims but he hates Islam. In America where our very foundations are all Christian and biblically based the slow apostasy of American Christendom has eroded our understanding of our own Christian beginnings. How then can we be expected to understand Wilder's statement about Islam?

Wilders contends that the Koran is a fascist book on the same level as Hitler's Mein Kampf and that Islam is a Trojan horse that has already been received by Europe and the belly of that horse has already spilled out on the continent with the Islamification of Europe proceeding in all haste. Europe may well become Eurabia according to Wilders if the current coddling of Muslim extremists and the courting of Sharia law are not stopped.

Wilders has made note that while he sees free speech being throttled for the sake of "peace with the Muslims," a Muslim cleric can pronounce a Jihad on a county or an individual with relative impunity. It is reported that al-Qaeda called for the assassination of Wilders immediately after the release of his film and his reward from his own country was a lawsuit invoked by what the Netherlander constabulary sees as an attempt to "incite hatred."

With Islamically driven honor killings on the rise worldwide, the misuse of women and the anti-Christian laws being imposed across the globe in Muslim countries, Wilders should be heralded as the voice of warning and common sense to the entire free world. Yet it would seem the free world is too busy with economic crisis, global warming and political correctness to notice.

Geert Wilders should be given every chance to bring his message to bear on America during his visit with us. He should be accorded hero status and every ear should be tuned to hear what he has to say. Only recently a koranically incited honor killing happened in Buffalo New York, should we wait for even more of this kind of horror before we get wise?

Regardless of the mistaken folly of the ancient crusaders or the dark period of the inquisition true biblical Christianity never endorses the killing of anyone or the abuse of women. Had the scripture not been suppressed during the dark ages the world would have known this? Since the advent of the printing press and now modern high speed communications technologies there is little excuse left. Christ does not call for nor endorse the killing of anyone in the name of any religion.

If the modern world embraces a religion of death it will do so in spite of Christ's warnings to the contrary; "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep." (John 10: 10-11)

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Michael Bresciani

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