Timothy Buchanan
Lying in the name of love
By Timothy Buchanan
March 29, 2023

Another deadly outburst – another hideous boil on the face of the nation. The mass murder on Monday, of six people at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, represents a new and sinister trend. Amidst the horror of death and senseless violence at a private Christian school, the facts are being gathered and reported. Analysis will swiftly follow. Most of it will be dreadfully wrong.

Six people were killed on Monday, by the 28-year-old former Covenant student and “transgender” known as Audrey Hale. The names of the three nine-year-old students – Evelyn Diekhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney – and also the three adults – Cynthia Peak, Katherine Koonce, and Mike Hill – will soon be forgotten by most everyone except friends, family members, and God.

If past history is any predictor, this tragedy will renew calls for another round of useless political solutions to America’s unacknowledged moral diseases. More gun-control regulations, policies against “hate-speech,” and anti-bullying measures will be advanced by blind politicians and attention-seeking psychologists, followed by public saturation of counterfeit intelligence via news outlets. The next act of murderous violence will surpass the previous ones, and downward the culture will slide.

Sadly, Americans seem to have a great tolerance, if not pathological obsession, for embracing symbolic efforts to temper our exasperation over the gruesome symptoms of sin as an anesthetic for our combined unwillingness to deal with the actual underlying disease. We lie to ourselves and to one another in the name of love, all the while congratulating ourselves for our profound compassion. Meanwhile, the disease grows stronger and more deadly by the hour. May my apparent cynicism be excused.

Drug abuse is rampant in America today. Drugs are now openly marketed on television. Suicide is epidemic among young people, as are STDs. Americans have exterminated more than 10 times as many people through abortions as Nazi Germany killed during the Jewish holocaust. The latter was deemed genocide; the former was justified as a right to choose. Public schools lie to children about where they come from, deny their intrinsic worth, and declare that gender is fluid rather than fixed. These crimes against humanity are committed in a society that foolishly exalts feelings and rejects objective truth.

Where are the wise and sensible adults? Where are the pastors, Christians, rabbis, and priests? Some outspoken notables are canceled like pro-life priest Father Frank Pavone. Others are persecuted and endlessly harassed. But most have simply surrendered to this wicked and evil generation. Long ago, they forgot Christ Jesus’ counsel to fear not man who can kill the body but nothing more, but fear God who can cast body and soul into hell. Others have canceled themselves through silence, choosing to fight intramural skirmishes over petty doctrines and social justice issues, rather than admit that our common territory is ablaze.

The United States needs an intervention and we shall one day have it. Either the Lord God will judge the United States or our national social neglect and corruption will do so, or we will repent and reform. At this point, the last seems least likely to occur first.

For all of our public discourse about love and compassion, we have less of either than at any time in the past sixty years. Tolerance and callous indifference have replaced both. But callous indifference is not loving or compassionate. On the contrary, callous indifference is the most stubborn and enduring form of hatred. But then...it’s easier and less messy to simply live and let die.

In general, most Americans have accepted the deep, dark, and devious lie that homosexuality and lesbianism are benign lifestyles that affect no one beyond themselves. Monday’s murderous killing spree should provide a deafening shriek of rebuke. Millions of young women and men, raised by permissive parents who lacked self-control themselves, are willing to fight for the right to kill the children they recklessly produced. The rest look away and ignore the mounting death toll with hardly a thought or passing interest.

These are dangerous and deadly sins, and we do people no favors by denying that they have a disease while systematically preventing them from receiving the help they need. We lie to them and ourselves in the name of love.

Sometimes, well-meaning but frustrated family members attempt to protect the feelings of sinning sons and daughters by shielding them from moral truth. As a result, the sinner gets worse and ultimately dies and the family explodes. In no other situations do we perpetuate such massive human devastation by defending a lie. Guilt and shame are painful consequences of sin, intended to drive us to repentance. Instead, we foolishly seek political remedies to challenging moral diseases. It never works. Indeed, it cannot.

There is a saying in recovery programs that says, "You're only as sick as your secrets." A more accurate rendering might be, "You're as sick as your secret sins." Confession begins the restoration process as many of us know experientially.

As someone who was not born into sainthood, I was once upon a time on a path of self-destruction. Those closest to me either denied the severity of my disease or ignored the fact that anything was seriously wrong. But I thank my God that He brought someone to me who saw what I was doing and cared enough to intervene. A total stranger forced me to face the ugly reality of the damage I was doing to myself and those around me. That’s genuine love; it’s love in action. Real love does not simply feel and refuse to speak. Real love acts boldly, courageously, and decisively.

This time, our society’s refusal to deal with difficult moral and social problems resulted in a senseless act of murderous rage by a sin-sick and delusional transgender at a private Christian school. May we this time refuse to accept the standard treatment which has thus far been proven a miserable and costly failure. We might pray for wisdom and work toward an honest and lasting resolution.

© Timothy Buchanan


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Timothy Buchanan

Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran, a former defense contractor and broadcast engineer. He's the author of two published books and a regular contributor to BarbWire.com. Timothy and his wife live among the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.


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