Clenard Childress column
Clenard Childress
Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., is the senior pastor of The New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ. He is the founder of the website and president of Life Education And Resource Network, Northeast. LEARN is the largest African-American pro-life group in the US. Rev. Childress is a leader in social activism and partners with the Center For Bioethical Reform, taking the Genocide Awareness Projects to college campuses around the country.

Rev. Childress and his wife Regina have 4 children: Clenard, Thomas, Tonya, and Tia.

Missisippi has become an oasis of freedom and justice
Clenard Childress
July 18, 2022

Dr. Martin Luther King communicated often to his audiences and readers this quote: “We must all come to see that the end we seek is a society of peace with . . .

Democrats push for late term abortion laws to increase profits of abortion industry’s baby parts business
Clenard Childress
October 8, 2021

Governor Murphy of New Jersey has relentlessly pushed to have the Reproductive Freedom Act into state law. In June he stated he wanted it signed and on his . . .

Are you “woke” to Black genocide in America?
Clenard Childress
April 28, 2021

The Civil Rights movement was propelled by the blatant portrayal, yet denial, of America’s systemic racism. The refusal to recognize the grave social . . .

Raphael Warnock’s love letter to Planned Parenthood
Clenard Childress
December 14, 2020

Raphael Warnock is an African American male currently running for the US Senate and is the Senior Pastor of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta.  . . .

Democrats' racism and African Americans
Clenard Childress
October 16, 2020

I Got A Spell On You! This delirium demonstrated by many African Americans when it comes to the Democrat Party is astounding! It reminds me of a song from . . .

Planned Parenthood confesses: Margaret Sanger was a racist!
Clenard Childress
August 11, 2020

The Rev Dr. Martin Luther King stated ,“The negro cannot win if they choose to sacrifice their children for immediate comfort and safety. “Margaret sanger . . .

African Americans disproportionately affected by virus while NJ and NY governors ban or restrict the cure?
Clenard Childress
April 15, 2020

Rev Dr. Martin L. King said in his sermon, Stride Towards Freedom, " May the problem of race in America soon make hearts burn so that prophets will rise up . . .

Abortion clinic uses deceptive "Black Lives Matter" tactics to target African American mothers in New Jersey
Clenard Childress
May 28, 2019

The seductive tactics of evil institutions are often cynical and certainly deplorable. The sycophantic gestures or practice subliminally mocks its intended . . .

Remedy: A black face to the rescue of black faced
Clenard Childress
March 4, 2019

"There is a class of race problem solvers who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public ... Some . . .

Why hasn't NAACP denounced racist comments by Planned Parenthood's founder?
Clenard Childress
July 14, 2018

NAACP religiously monitors the world for racist comments made by dignitaries, especially elected officials and organizations opposing the Democrat Party. The . . .

Margaret Sanger: white supremist
Clenard Childress
April 9, 2018

Aqunda Okeyo, who while serving as the Communications Chair for the March for Racial Justice, made an incendiary and thought-provoking observation when she . . .

PBS Frontline investigates black genocide by abortion
Clenard Childress
January 6, 2018

Nationwide – FRONTLINE, the award-winning documentary series on PBS, has endeavored to probe into the African American anti-abortion movement in the . . .

Victory: Pro-life speech protected in our nation's capital
Clenard Childress
September 7, 2017

Washington, D.C.( September 4, 2017) – Late yesterday, the American Freedom Law Center, a national public interest law firm, resolved an important First . . .

Dr. Martin Luther King speaks prophetically today of the KKK and apostate clergy
Clenard Childress
January 19, 2017

"One of the shameful tragedies of history is that the very institutions which should remove man from the midnight of racial segregation participates in creating . . .

Black Life Matters collaborates with Planned Parenthood
Clenard Childress
August 24, 2016

The African American community was once viewed as the conscience of the nation but has now paid the Piper – wolves in sheep's clothing – to . . .

"Government action is not the whole answer to the present crisis"
Clenard Childress
July 8, 2016

WE THE PEOPLE, are loosing the battle of public opinion and thus find ourselves unable to influence legislation. This has to end. Polling often suggests one . . .

I was naked and you clothed me
Clenard Childress
January 27, 2016

It was mid-July when at our annual protest at the NAACP Convention in Philadelphia I heard the breaking news of the efforts of the Center for Medical Progress.  . . .

Black Law Students Association at Ohio State University needs "discovery period" on racism and abortion
Clenard Childress
January 9, 2016

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, "Our primary reason for bringing an end to racial discrimination in America must not be the communist challenge. Nor . . .

'Scandal' airs Planned Parenthood version of abortion and Christmas
Clenard Childress
December 30, 2015

If one ever wondered about the long-reaching poisonous tentacles of Planned Parenthood, it was never more evident than a November episode of "Scandal." The . . .

At the crossroads of conscience
Clenard Childress
August 25, 2015

"As much as I deplore violence there is an evil that is even worse than violence and that's cowardice." If a believer does not take a stand in the world, if he . . .

In response to Mark Levin's radio broadcast, July 15th, third hour
Clenard Childress
July 17, 2015

Mark Levin, nationally known radio talk show host, broadcast nightly between 6:00 and 9:00 PM EST, is certainly known for his rants and tirades against Judicial . . .

We do need the talented 10 percent
Clenard Childress
July 16, 2015

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, when posed with the question concerning the finding in a recent Ebony poll revealed that only One in Ten Negroes have ever . . .

"All Black Life Matters" project visits HSBC Fayetteville State College students
Clenard Childress
May 17, 2015

The Reverend Martin Luther King said in his book Stride Toward Freedom, "If you will protest courageously and yet with dignity and Christian love, when the . . .

The persistence of racism in America
Clenard Childress
March 29, 2015

Can there be anything more insidiously proposed; is there anything more ironically insane then this narrative? Let us look at this for what it is. Millions in . . .

Black life matters, to whom
Clenard Childress
March 27, 2015

In Martin Luther Kings Sermon "The Strength to Love" he penned one of many of his prophetical insight that speaks so clearly to our social ills today. . . .

Bamboozled or just plain traitors?
Clenard Childress
September 30, 2014

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King often referenced his struggle, not only with racist white elitists, but also with self-seeking "colored people" who gained . . .

Will Cory Booker and New Jersey clergy "marry again"?
Clenard Childress
September 19, 2014

Less than a year before his death, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King expressed his frustration with Black Leadership's propensity to become self-serving ideologues . . .

The church in America has forgotten
Clenard Childress
June 12, 2014

We must never forget: everything Hitler did in Germany to persecute the Jews was "legal," and everything the Partisans and Individuals of Conscience did in any . . .

The federal government says "yes" to beards, "no" to babies....
Clenard Childress
May 19, 2014

The words of Dr. Martin Luther King still ring true and their relevancy has not diminished, for in fact: they have never been more relevant! We are presently . . .

Demon seed?
Clenard Childress
March 22, 2014

Bishop Paul Morton calls children conceived in rape, Demons... First, the good news: Bishop Paul Morton has declared he is no longer going to be a mindless . . .

Batman forever now or never
Clenard Childress
March 8, 2014

Fulton J. Sheen once said, "If the bringing of children into the world is today an economic burden, it is because the social system is inadequate; and not . . .

Under siege or infiltrated? Remember the city of Troy?
Clenard Childress
December 5, 2013

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was an ancient city named Troy. Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was an ancient city called Washington, DC.  . . .

The epitome of hypocrisy... Obamacare
Clenard Childress
October 17, 2013

To all who ever doubted the callous, inhumane mentality of the Barack Obama administration, this recent revelation of Obamacare should remove any uncertainty.  . . .

A lesson from President Abraham Lincoln
Clenard Childress
September 10, 2013

What a man sows he shall also reap... In President Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address on March 4, 1865, he insightfully delivered a message reminding . . .

Homosexual activists bully Donnie McClurkin
Clenard Childress
August 20, 2013

The hijacking of the Civil Rights Movement by homosexual activists took a quantum leap with the barring of Donnie McClurkin from the Martin Luther King Concert . . .

Betrayal of principle
Clenard Childress
August 16, 2013

These are were the words of Cory Booker at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Newark as he received the endorsement of nearly 40 African-American Clergy for the US . . .

Trayvon Martin was walking home -- II
Clenard Childress
August 13, 2013

Pro-fil-ing 1. The use of personal characteristics or behavior patterns to make generalizations about a person, as in gender profiling. 2. The use of . . .

Trayvon Martin was walking home
Clenard Childress
August 2, 2013

Prior to the verdict of George Zimmerman, as the Rev. Jessie Jackson was being interviewed by a leading news station of his expectation of the decision of the . . .

Gosnell and crew should not be the only ones in trial
Clenard Childress
May 7, 2013

The trial of Philadelphia's most sadistic serial killer of all time is coming to a close in the City of Brotherly Love. Charged with seven counts of first . . .

The dawning of a KING'S dream -- addendum
Clenard Childress
February 22, 2013

In 2003, I wrote this essay to convey the prophetical insight of Dr. Martin Luther King's two most memorable speeches: "I Have A Dream" and "I've Been To The . . .

2013 -- African-American civil rights -- pro-life
Clenard Childress
January 23, 2013

Forty years ago America began to wander aimlessly within the realm of the Culture of Death. The law of the land stated you could legally kill innocent children . . .

They had their entire lives ahead of them
Clenard Childress
January 2, 2013

The heinous and unconscionable acts of violence witnessed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, remind us of the reality of the culture-of . . .

What America has left behind
Clenard Childress
November 15, 2012

This is The Urban Prophet's translation of II Chronicles 7:14 for America today as we ponder our present state of affairs. "If my people which are called by . . .

Skin for skin
Clenard Childress
October 23, 2012

Without question we are at the precipice, the cusp, of the most significant presidential election of our Republic's history. There has never been an election . . .

More murder and madness in Chicago
Clenard Childress
August 7, 2012

It was recently reported that within a one year period in Afghanistan, there were 145 combat deaths, and in that same period in Chicago, there were 246 . . .

No one would have predicted it...? Obama creates a more pro-life America...
Clenard Childress
June 23, 2012

Former presidential candidate, Gary Bauer, and current president of, American Values, opined last month that, "No one would have predicted it, but President . . .

NAACP once again decides without consensus
Clenard Childress
May 29, 2012

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, in these recent years, has been everything but for the advancement of Colored People. Its . . .

A line drawn in the sand -- or -- walking the plank African American clergy must decide
Clenard Childress
May 23, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King's book, "A Stride Toward Freedom," was considered the handbook of the Civil Rights movement of the fifties and sixties. It was in this . . .

Apologize to Obama?
Clenard Childress
April 10, 2012

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jonathan Coats, an Elder in Church Of God In Christ, and the host of the radio program, "Inside Politics," heard in . . .

Lurking within Health and Human Services
Clenard Childress
April 6, 2012

The Department of Health and Human Services actually offers very little to humans in the stage of their lives before birth. This present administration's lust . . .

Conscience -- the ultimate prize
Clenard Childress
February 19, 2012

The call which came from President Barack Obama to Bishop Timothy Nolan, on or near the eve of Roe Vs Wade, expresses the relentless efforts of his . . .

Homosexuality, abortion, and Martin Luther King
Clenard Childress
June 12, 2011

One of the more fascinating exchanges in Scripture which depicts the contemporary decorum of debate in our present-day culture is clearly seen when Jesus . . .

Why homosexuality is wrong
Clenard Childress
May 5, 2011

The 21st century has offered new challenges to the faith community and society. We are faced with social issues which have become increasingly more complex due . . .

The First Amendment -- its importance -- and possible demise
Clenard Childress
April 27, 2011

On July 13th, 1787, the Congress of the Confederation passed, "An ordinance for the government of the territory of the United States, north west of the River . . .

The most dangerous place for an African-American to be
Clenard Childress
March 29, 2011

Once again the ideologues of the of the Left are confronted with the reality of Truth and due to their frustrations with the logic of this Truth, resort to . . .

Abortion is black genocide
Clenard Childress
February 22, 2011

Writing in "Right to Life News" a beautiful document about our right to life, the Rev. Jessie Jackson asked an amazingly salient question which shouts across . . .

Still no shepherds cry
Clenard Childress
October 19, 2010

Prophetic voices point us to the future by causing us to remember and consider the cornerstone truths of our past — lessons learned though struggle and . . .

Who is they -- who is we?
Clenard Childress
July 10, 2010

The Reverend Jesse Jackson once said: "That is why the Constitution called us three-fifths human and then whites further dehumanized us by calling us 'niggers.' . . .

Clenard Childress
June 28, 2010

Solicitor General Elena Kagan, nominated by President Obama to replace retiring Court Justice, John Paul Stevens, has called the military ban on homosexuals, "a . . .

We hold these truths to be self evident...
Clenard Childress
June 25, 2010

The chief cornerstone of truth by which Dr. Martin Luther King and others of the Civil Rights movement staked their claim for social justice is recorded in the . . .

Sean James and Al Joyner -- punked by Planned Parenthood
Clenard Childress
February 12, 2010

The Plan? — "We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities." The Purpose? — . . .

The hijacking of the civil rights movement
Clenard Childress
January 7, 2010

The perpetual slide down the slippery slope of irrelevancy for the NAACP was never more clearly seen then when Julian Bond testified before the New Jersey State . . .

Civil rights is not the same as same sex rights
Clenard Childress
December 15, 2009

As an African American who has known both the pain and heartbreak of a centuries-long struggle for equality in this nation as well as the joy and exhilaration . . .

A crisis of conscience at Church of God in Christ
Clenard Childress
October 15, 2009

During the Democrat National Convention in Denver in 2008, I attended an Ecumenical Religious service where I heard Bishop Blake give one of the most stirring . . .

The Negro cannot win
Clenard Childress
May 12, 2009

As I've written before, "The Negro cannot win if he chooses to sacrifice the future of his children for immediate comfort and safety...." This quote from Rev. . . .

Obama and your conscience
Clenard Childress
March 24, 2009

"That is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant. I believe that even amid today's mortar burst and whining bullets, there is hope for a . . .

Barack Obama's betrayal of the Black Church?
Clenard Childress
March 9, 2009

As I write this, Obama has just signed an Executive Order lifting restrictions on Embryonic Stem Cell research, a move he said, rejects the "false choice" . . .

Open season on the innocent in Oakland
Clenard Childress
February 12, 2009

Oscar Grant, a young African-American male whose friends and acquaintances describe as a "peace maker" can be viewed on YouTube pleading with his friends to be . . .

Still the question of birth -- Mombassa or Bethlehem?
Clenard Childress
December 30, 2008

Sixty-six percent of American citizens will celebrate Christmas this season as a religious holiday. It is the day of the year where the globe recognizes the . . .

The best thing happened to end black genocide
Clenard Childress
November 19, 2008

The people in darkness will see a great light Now is the time to ride the wave of the Spirit of social justice and free those who have been unlawfully . . .

Where do we go from here?
Clenard Childress
November 13, 2008

Where do we go from here? This is probably the most asked question presently in America since the end of the Civil War, but I am wondering: who is asking it . . .

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