Gabriel Garnica
Liberals tempt Sarah with fork in the road so they can stick a fork in her
By Gabriel Garnica
December 1, 2008

By now you must have heard how liberals everywhere, from the mainstream media to Oprah, are falling over themselves to interview a woman they were mocking, brutalizing and bashing just a few short weeks ago. They all say that she could be a "white Oprah," which sounds racist to me but what do I know, I am only a conservative and conservatives do not get to decide what is racist. I just think to myself, "What if someone said that Oprah was a black Phil Donahue...would that be racist?"

Well, getting back to Sarah's sudden celebrity thing, I tend to be cynical by nature, and I trust liberals about as far as I can throw a piano, so when I hear that all these people who detest Sarah are suddenly drooling all over themselves thinking how great it would be if she did a talk show or something, I have to ask myself "What's in this for them?"

The answer is obvious. Liberals are terrified of Sarah Palin. Deep down inside, they see her as a potential Ronald Reagan with a better figure, an ice berg that does not wait for the Democratic Titanic to make its traditional voyage to disaster at the helm. No, this ice berg wear lipstick and it moves on its own, toward its target.

Right now the Democrats are running over the Republican ranks. One third of the GOP is retreating like scared chickens; another one third is caving in like Benedict Arnold in a neatly folded cheap suit. The last one third, however, is composed of real conservatives. These are people who will not retreat, will not capitulate, will not compromise. They are the only ones who represent the heart and soul of America, and reflect its values and ideals for this great nation.

They will not admit it, but Liberals are sweating bullets over Sarah Palin. That is why they called her an idiot, a slut, a liar, and every name and insult they could come up with. That is why they hate her so much. She can be the conservative movement's Joan of Arc, and they want no part of such a show. They wish she would go away, but she won't. They wish they could destroy her image and reputation, but they can't. So, in their typically sinister and despicable way, liberals have decided that, if you cannot beat them, join your agenda and then take them down.

It has been done before. It happened in the Garden of Eden. The devil took Eve down by tempting her with that apple. It is happening again. Now liberals are trying to light Sarah Palin's eyes with dreams of a ready, daily audience; miles of cash to earn and more exposure than anyone could ever want. That's just it. Liberals know that if Americans see Sarah Palin making cookies enough times, they will never take her seriously as a potential leader of this country, either because she will become Martha Stewart with a moose or that annoying face in your face far too often. If you cannot beat her, treat her to your enticements, and hope she goes for the bait.

I know it will be hard to resist. The money is certainly one thing, but what would really get Sarah is the chance to be in America's ears on a regular basis, getting out her message as consistently as one gets the weather. The problem is that we are talking about show business here, and nobody knows that business as well as liberals do. They know a Sarah show would rake in audiences and millions in revenue. Make money off your hated enemy and get her out of the political way. It does not get much better than that for liberals. It cannot get much worse than that for a country which is desperately seeking someone like Sarah to guide it to safety.

Remember that Obama will someday want to be re-elected, and if he has to go up against someone willing to fight back who does not spray "my friends" over everyone like deodorant on their way to losing, things could get ugly.

Liberals everywhere hate Sarah Palin, and they do it proudly and openly. They are suddenly touting her as the next Audrey Hepburn because they want her safely tucked away someplace where she will so much money in her mouth that she will have to shut up and stay out.

So here they are offering Sarah Palin a fork in the road. Choose politics and you look back to 2008 as the days the media treated you nicely when compared to the hits you will take on the political cycle circa 2012. Not just you, of course, but your kids, your husband and your pet if possible. Choose glamour and lights and you will make money, avoid criticism and stay out of their way in 2012.

Talk show stardom is a pig, and liberals want to put lipstick on that pig. They are waving their tempting apple in front of Palin's eyes, hoping she will bite. I hope and pray that Sarah finally tells these hypocrites and imbeciles where they can put their fork, their lipstick, and their pig.

This country needs Sarah Palin in 2012. Let's hope that she continues to agree with us.

© Gabriel Garnica


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