Gabriel Garnica
The crime of liberal crime logic
By Gabriel Garnica
March 7, 2013

The Left has played its "war on women" theme to the tilt, ignoring the fact that many of its own policies and agenda actually perpetuate harm against women in many ways as well as discriminate against minorities. Brushing the sheer hypocrisy and delusion of the Left's efforts to paint itself as the champion of women in view of those realities, one is confronted with the further absurdity and contradiction of their "solutions" and "answers" to critical issues facing our society in general and women in particular.

We have all seen how Democrats pushing for gun control have suggested that women can use whistles and vomiting as ways to prevent rape, even to the point of mindlessly suggesting that date rape is not a real threat. The message is as contradictory as it is pathetic. American women, we are on your side, and seek your best interests, unlike the Right, which is at war with you and does not care about your health, welfare, and safety. Oh, by the way, if some crazed rapist is going after you, you will be safer blowing a whistle or throwing up than protecting yourself with a weapon.

Now, during a recent segment on Hannity, so-called "Democratic Strategist" Zerlina Maxwell educated us with the golden observation that the best way to prevent rape is to simply teach men not to rape. This comes from the profound liberal observation that rape starts at home. Ms. Maxwell is studying law, so one must assume she should know a thing or two about criminology and legal issues. On one hand, she tells us how frustratingly difficult it is to nail rapists due to a justice system which puts more obstacles on the way of victims than their assaulters yet, on the other hand, she tells us that rape can be prevented if rapists' families will just sit down and teach their children not to rape and, by extension, if society ( including the victims themselves) will just say "Hey, don't rape." Well, I am feeling rather foolish for not having thought of that brilliant solution to reducing rape in this country.

So, in typical liberal fashion of oversimplifying such a complex issue as crime in such a counterproductive and almost numbingly clueless fashion, the Left has managed to prevent victims from protecting themselves, shift responsibility for the crime from the criminal to his home life, and pretend that such horrible crimes as rape and murder can be prevented much as one would discourage stealing cookies from the table or not washing one's hands before dinner.

Honestly, I do not know what the qualifications for being a Democratic strategist are but, from Ms. Maxwell's background, it seems that two key ingredients are really loving Michelle Obama and enjoying female action heroes. My only problem with Ms. Maxwell's loves and her rape prevention strategy is that I am having a difficult time finding female action heroes who fight opponents by simply pointing out that criminal behavior begins at home and that the criminal should know better, much less who employ the Left's general weapons of whistles and throwing up. The last time I saw such asinine criminal strategies, I was watching Batman in the 60s.

Ms. Maxwell's approach to rape prevention foreshadows the liberal strategies already employed in England which, while once a relatively law-abiding country, has seen its crime rates soar employing just the kind of profound insight illustrated in the above UK tips to end rape which include:

When you see a woman walking by herself, leave her alone.

If you pull over to help a woman whose car has broken down, remember not to rape her.

If you are on a lift and a women gets in, don't rape her.

If you have the intention of raping a woman later on, be honest and let her know about it.

What I do not understand is how the Left, on one hand, tries to take authority away from the home in areas such as education and here, in cases of rape, blames the home for allowing it to happen. Why is it that the Left says women have the right to choose an abortion but that whether or not a rape occurs depends more on the man's choice to rape than on the woman's right to choose to defend herself against rape, which is her right? Are they for women's choice or not? Do they want to empower women or their rapists? Do they want to empower the home against bad behavior but castrate it against behavior they approve of?

I guess I will never understand the Left's mentality on crime, but then, unlike Ms. Maxwell, I am not qualified to be a Democratic political strategist. By the way, I read that she hopes to become president one day. Look around, I think she has a good chance, don't you?

© Gabriel Garnica


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