Michael Gaynor
Lord & Taylor promotes Mother's Day gifts more than Father's Day gifts
By Michael Gaynor
June 23, 2015

Is that fair to fathers?

This year Lord & Taylor, the oldest upscale, specialty-retail department store chain in the United States, chose to favor Mother's Day over Father's Day in a material way.

No kidding!

And the wrong choice.

Each year the news reports that the average cost of a Mother's Day gift significantly exceeds the average cost of a Father's Day gift.

So be it.

To the extent that it is based on consumer choice.

But should a department store like Lord & Taylor not treat Mother's Day and Father's Day equally?

Is that a good business practice?

Is that fair to fathers?

Last month Lord & Taylor offered a $20 bonus card before Mother's Day.


This month it offered only a $15 bonus card before Father's Day.


That's $5, or 25%, LESS benefit for Father's Day.

Last month Lord & Taylor's bonus card had a $40 minimum.

That allows up to a 50% discount.

This month the bonus card had a $50 minimum.

That allows up to a 30% discount.

The result: up to $10, or 25%, MORE cost for a Father's Day gift.

That kind of marketing increases instead of decreases the gap between Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts.

Hopefully, Lord & Taylor will not repeat this type of gender-based discrimination between parents next year.

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