Phill Kline
A protection racket: overlooking sexual exploitation of children
Video of ACORN workers covering up child sex trafficking should stun -- but not surprise
By Phill Kline
September 11, 2009

Video follows this story...

The continued release of hidden video showing organizations that receive government monies (ACORN received $53,000,000 this year and Planned Parenthood over 300,000,000) conspiring to cover up child rape is not surprising. What should stun and anger Americans, however, is the allowance of such conduct by a government that either does not want to go toe to toe with powerful interests or actually wants to partner with those interests.

For six years as Attorney General and as a District Attorney I attempted to investigate criminal failure to report child rape. The investigation, however, touched politically connected and powerful players in Kansas, Dr. George Tiller and Planned Parenthood. The ability of the abortion providers to shape public opinion through paid media and friendly news editors combined with political pull in the Governor's office and Kansas courts to prevent evidence relating to underage abortions from ever being obtained and used in court. Kansas abortionists each year, on average, provide abortion services to 75 children 14 years of age and younger.

The limited records that were eventually obtained provided significant evidence of criminal conduct. Reviews of the evidence by three separate judges on each instance found probable cause to believe that either Dr. Tiller or Planned Parenthood committed crimes. Yet not one of the substantive charges supported by the records has ever reached open court.

The Kansas Supreme Court is still delaying the prosecution of Planned Parenthood by ordering a key witness to the crimes allegedly committed by Planned Parenthood into silence. The Court, without citing any case law authority, statute or constitutional provision and without notice to myself as the prosecutor, simply issued an order for the witness to no longer speak — even if subpoenaed. An act that prompted former Federal Judge and Fox Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano to state that the Justices should be impeached.

I had to appeal the Supreme Court's order to the Supreme Court. That appeal is over 9 months old and the Court still can't figure out if it will set aside or uphold its own order.

The Kansas Supreme Court is appointed by the Governor without any confirmation process. The majority of the current court was appointed by former Governor, now Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius — the former Executive Director of the Kansas Trial Lawyer's Association that President Obama wants to implement "tort reform." Sebelius's political efforts benefited to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Planned Parenthood and George Tiller. The member of the Supreme Court that writes most opinions dealing with abortion is Justice Carol Beier, a former lawyer with the pro-reproductive rights (abortion) National Woman's Law Center.

And now we see another politically connected player working overtime to assist in preventing us from knowing if children are being sexually exploited. In stunning video, employees of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) of Baltimore are taped providing advice to a woman who has announced she intends to traffic 13 underage girls into the sex trade in Baltimore. The ACORN tax adviser instructs the woman to list only 3 of the children being smuggled in as dependents so she can claim the tax deduction while not raising the concern of federal authorities by claiming 13 dependents.

The ACORN employees also tell her how she can hide the money and launder it into her boyfriend's political campaign. No concern is evident for the children.

The hidden video, a project of video activist James O'Keefe, is a must watch and follows this story. It demonstrates ACORN's willingness to exploit children, assist in the violation of federal law in order to forward ACORN's interests. ACORN actually instructs the woman to shield her illegal activity on her tax return by declaring herself a "performing artist" since "sex and dancing are both art."

Yet this attitude, unfortunately is not unusual. There is a strong belief in segments of our population that underage sexual interaction is natural and only results in harm if a disease or unplanned pregnancy results. In other words, the issue only involves biology and does not have spiritual or emotional components. And so, we teach the plumbing. Because we cannot agree that sexuality involves anything more than that — genetic and biological predispositions and urges.

We live in a post-Kinsean world, where the conclusions of Indiana Sexologist Alfred Kinsey rule perception and often public policy. Kinsey concluded that children are sexual from birth and that children can derive a healthy pleasure from sexual stimulation.

This type of thinking led Mary Calderone, a past Medical Director for Planned Parenthood to write that "it is not that (pedophilia) is a bad thing or a wicked thing, it is just that it should not be a part of life in general, right out there on the sidewalk." (Pedophilia Steps Into the Daylight, Citizen Magazine, Vol 6. No. 11, Nov. 16, 1992, pp. 6-8).

Calderone went on to state that the primary harm caused by sexual interaction with children, is not caused by the sex, but rather the hysteria of adults who learn of the sexual interaction. (Mary S. Calderone and Eric Johnson, The Family Book About Sexuality, pg. 178 (Harper and Rowe 1981).

(You can read more about the Kinsey/Planned Parenthood/Child Rape connection here.)

It is this type of thinking that leads Planned Parenthood to develop teaching curriculum that involves Jr. High School students donning "drunk glasses" so that they can learn to place a condom on a banana while feeling drunk.

It is also this philosophy that motivated the Center for Reproductive Freedom to file a lawsuit seeking a federal court ruling that the constitutional right of privacy for a child prevents the abortion clinics from reporting the rape of that child. Never mind that the rapist violated the child's privacy. A Federal District Judge in Wichita, Kansas agreed with the Center but he was swiftly reversed by the 10th Circuit which then remanded the case for trial before that Judge. He ruled again, in favor of the Center and I again appealed the case. The new Kansas Attorney General, elected with millions of abortion money support, dismissed the appeal. The 10th Circuit would have reversed the District Judge again if the appeal had been forwarded.

Meanwhile, many Americans wring their hands hesitant to proclaim wrong is wrong. After all, standing for such truth may be perceived as being intolerant.

And so we are in danger of this becoming the "character" of America where it is easy to overlook the weak, elderly, exploited and unborn when there are elections to be won and power to be gained.

© Phill Kline


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Phill Kline

Phill Kline is the former Attorney General of Kansas who is, to date, the only Attorney General / prosecutor ever to obtain abortion records and formally charge both George Tiller and Planned Parenthood... (more)

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