Stephen Kokx column
Stephen Kokx is an adjunct professor of political science living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a graduate of Aquinas College and Loyola University Chicago. Follow him on twitter @StephenKokx

Finally, an authentically Catholic magazine for women
Stephen Kokx
July 6, 2012

June 20th marked the official start of summer. For many young girls, that means hanging out with their friends, going to the beach, and, perhaps most . . .

Is anti-Catholicism on the rise?
Stephen Kokx
June 2, 2012

This column originally appeared on Last week 43 Catholic organizations, including Franciscan University and Ave Maria University — two . . .

The legacy of Barack Obama
Stephen Kokx
May 22, 2012

A modified version of this column was originally posted at ConservativeHomeUSA In an interview conducted several years ago, Barack Obama acknowledged that if . . .

Civility in politics
Stephen Kokx
May 19, 2012

Although he could have blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for Jared Lee Loughner's shooting rampage, Barack Obama played the role of uniter in chief, if only . . .

Have we forgotten about North Korea?
Stephen Kokx
May 12, 2012

The transition of power from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il to his twentysomething son Kim Jong-un serves as a reminder of the questions political philosophy . . .

Pop culture and the meaning of work
Stephen Kokx
May 10, 2012

I could be wrong, but Texas hold 'em seems to have successfully faded from the forefront of American pop culture. Other than the occasional televised event on a . . .

Freedom and college athletics
Stephen Kokx
May 3, 2012

Knowledge is not typically gained from watching young men put a ball in a hoop. But there is one storyline that has emerged from this year's college basketball . . .

The danger of dissent
Stephen Kokx
April 29, 2012

There's been a lot of intra-Catholic wrangling going on since the Obama administration announced it would force religious organizations to provide contraception . . .

Savaging our young
Stephen Kokx
April 17, 2012

When Dan Savage isn't busy browbeating conservatives in his sex advice column Savage Love, he finds time to shepherd sex-crazed college students into his . . .

The content of our character
Stephen Kokx
March 27, 2012

A young American male was killed last week. And I'm not talking about Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen who was gunned down by neighborhood watch captain George . . .

Environmentalism is a good thing, except when it isn't
Stephen Kokx
March 16, 2012

For the past couple of weeks there has been an ongoing conversation within the limited government movement about the relationship between libertarianism, . . .

Santorum's political suicide
Stephen Kokx
March 3, 2012

Anyone familiar with the Matrix films knows that Neo — played by Keanu Reeves — is able to dodge bullets. It's not that Agent Smith, Neo's archenemy . . .

So much for that wall of separation
Stephen Kokx
February 7, 2012

It's not something that's required to be public knowledge, but knowing that the president is a God-fearing man is important to the vast majority of Americans.  . . .

Rick Santorum is right
Stephen Kokx
January 12, 2012

Now that Rick Santorum has emerged as a viable alternative to Mitt Romney, he will have to face a media onslaught that very few candidates can handle. But this . . .

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