Monte Kuligowski
Obama risks all on his Jobs Stimulus 2
By Monte Kuligowski
September 24, 2011

In analyzing Barack Obama's new and improved jobs bill from a tactical perspective we have to ask ourselves: why would Obama take such an absurd risk?

We might think the demagoguery couldn't possibly work in light of the facts. We've already been down this road before. This will be Obama's second national tent-revival jobs tour. Once again, he's preaching his message like a fire-breathing evangelist. Pass it now or perish!

The "pass it now!" rhetoric, however, doesn't make any sense in context of 2011. Obama had control of the entire federal government for two full years — until the blessed midterm elections when the Pubs took control of the House.

We are no longer living in the good old days when Obama could ram any legislation through after bribing, coercing and cajoling formerly-principled members of his own party who stood in the way of the bankrupting of the country. The votes to stop Obama's spending madness currently reside in one branch of the Congress.

So, why would Obama try it again? Of course, it's purely political. I get that. The bill doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of passing. Obama would like to set the Republicans up as the "obstructionists" who blocked his wonderful "American Jobs Act," thus denying countless millions the right to have good Obama jobs.

But in order for this plot and sound bite to work we have to ask ourselves another question: how dumb does Obama think Americans are?

The answer, apparently, is "pretty dumb." Obama was elected president after all — even after his candid admission as a freshman Senator that he lacked the experience to get into the 2008 presidential race.

In order for the blame-the-Republicans narrative to work one more time, Mr. Obama is counting on short-term memory loss.

People must somehow forget that his first $787 billion (over $1 trillion with interest) "shovel ready" jobs bill did more harm than good. And, cost $278,000 per job created.

Obama has to hope that the people will forget that he spent over a year trying to ram ObamaCare down our throat and got it passed before the midterms without a single Republican vote (and lots of Democrat opposition).

The administration will have to hope that the public forgets about the lavish Obama vacations and record golf outings; and that the wonderful "American Jobs Act" was conspicuously absent from the Obama agenda in 2010.

If it really will work to create jobs, why then wasn't there a panicked rush to pass an American Jobs Act in 2010?

Mr. Obama is taking an enormous political risk by running around the country as America's first benevolent dictator, demanding that Congress, "Pass it now!"

But because of his rigid ideology, he has no other option.

The president has nothing to run on in 2012 but abject failure — that is, failure in the traditional sense. As a good neo-Marxist Obama's been a remarkable success. But, as an American president he's been a destructive force. Or, we could say, a "transformative figure," as Gen. Colin Powell believed in 2008.

By surrendering Congress's constitutional war power to the U.N. via his unilateral Libya war decision; allowing open homosexuality in the U.S. military; seizing control of our national healthcare system against the will of the people; and making trillion dollar spending bills the new norm, Obama has established a new baseline, politically, morally and economically. Obama has successfully laid the foundation for his new progressive America.

Of course, with a $1.3 trillion budget deficit, a $14.71 trillion debt and a 9.1 unemployment rate Obama needs to get the focus away from his policies and onto his "enemies."

Whether you consider Obama to be a success or a failure (or both) if he runs on his failed jobs stimulus, he loses. So, in spite of how wacky-crazy it seems to demand that Congress pass anther jobs stimulus bill, costing an estimated half-trillion, he has little choice. Obama has to risk making an utter fool of himself by demanding that Congress help him bury the country in even more debt.

Obama is that desperate.

It's difficult to imagine how childish demands could have any effect other than exposing Obama as an inexperienced and unhinged failure. But, again, he literally has no other choice. Without the demands; he's exposed. With them; he's likely to be exposed.

Of course, Obama knows he can count on the so-called mainstream media to present Jobs Stimulus 2 as a credible idea that came at just the right time; rather than the political stunt that it is.

The media have quickly fallen in line and are taking Obama seriously. Journalists are reporting that Stimulus 2 will create jobs with straight faces. Rather than noting Obama's demanding tone and arrogant demeanor, the media act as though Obama is impassionedly pleading with Congress to help him save America.

I saw one headline that referred to Obama as an "eternal optimist," for trying so bravely to create jobs.

That's one way to put it.

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