Frank Louis
RE the Alabama abortion ruling: I'll tell you what to keep out of your uterus!
By Frank Louis
May 15, 2019

I have heard much these past couple of days, as have you and pretty much everyone else I'll bet, about the recent Alabama bill regarding abortion. This whole issue is an "abortion" of sorts if you ask me. The article I just saw was illustrated with a photo of someone (I assume a woman) holding up a big sign that stated "Keep out of our uterus." Let's think this through.

First, the New York Times article (and MSNBC and CNN and every other news source) pretty much initially clouds the issue by calling abortion a constitutional right. Sorry, I did not see the word abortion in the Constitution and, you know as well as I do, that it is the work of an overeducated, self-centered other than God Fearing individual who would even try to twist the constitution into commanding this.

But what really gets my dander up is women with signs like the one I mentioned above. Signs obviously directed at the courts, Congress, and Senate that read "Keep out of my uterus" or the like. If anyone knows the slightest thing about getting pregnant, the courts, Congress, or Senate have nothing to do with someone becoming impregnated.

It's the sperm, you all...the sperm. It gets with an egg and...well you should know the rest. Getting pregnant is the result of people having sex. Plain and simple. And the little creature...well that's a person. So, please place blame where blame belongs, folks. I know lots of people who have had lots of sex for lots of years and never needed an abortion.

I understand that this is a heated topic, and believe me, I would have no objection to the death penalty in many rape cases. Incest too. But, the little fetus, it's a little person. From conception I believe. But if you don't agree with that point of view, how about a heartbeat? If that is not proof enough, I don't know what is. And you want to kill the children after they are born too? Until what age? Are you too old to be killed by your mom? What is the cut-off age? Abortions to not get behind in college? Where does this stop? But heaven forbid someone drowns a stray kitten born in a barn somewhere.

It's just like eliminating sexually transmitted diseases. How to do it? Keep your zipper up. Problem solved. But that sounds too simple, just like Nancy Reagan telling folks to "Just Say No" with regard to drug abuse. They laughed. But that's how I don't use drugs or get AIDS. I just don't do the stuff to get it. It is really quite simple. And I didn't even have to start talking about sin yet. Just common sense and following the clues.

Regardless, ladies, of what any court or legal entity rules, if you keep the sperm out of your vagina, I would be willing to bet you won't get pregnant and you won't "need" an abortion.

In a related story (well, sort of), I had to get a new copy of my driver's license today. When I was walking out, I happened to notice that the person at the desk had, somehow, left the fact that I was also licensed to operate a motorcycle (and always have been) off of my new license. Well, talking about passing the blame (as in the "sperm/uterus" relationship), when I came back to the desk I was told I had to pay $10 to have this corrected. It was my fault somehow that they didn't type it correctly in the first place. Huh?

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