Desmond McGrath
Fracking: poverty of thought
By Desmond McGrath
March 27, 2013

It seems that every day, another salvo of fear mongering is fired across the bow of America's course for energy independence by the watermelon elite of the anti-Fracking fraternity. To understand the watermelon references you should read Climategate by Brian Sussman or Energy and Climate Wars by Peter Glover and Michael Economedies as what is green outside is commie red to the core! The war against Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing being more technically correct) is but one arm of a series of pincer movements aimed at total societal control via fear mongering over other issues like Global Warming or the stealthy implementation of Smart Meters and Agenda 21 mandates through local governmental (and Non-Governmental "NGO") agencies.

There are Elite in this world who write history before it happens, sometimes even going so far as to literally concocting a virus and antidote in the same laboratory. Of course the virus is concocted secretly and the miraculous cure gives the Elite more power.

I was fortunate enough to serendipitously witness such history in the making in the early 1980's; my late father Brian C. McGrath was then President and CEO of Churchill Falls Labrador Corporation (CFLCO), still the 5th largest Hydro-Electric facility in the world in terms of Terra-Watt Hours of energy production. He was in London meeting with the board of C.T. Bowring who held some bonds and underwrote the insurance for CFLCO, he was also meeting with Sir Edmund de Rothschild whose family company N M Rothschild & Sons originally financed and built the Hydro facility, the largest project ever undertaken by a private company. I was passing through London and my father was going to stay a few extra days to do genealogical research, and when Sir Edmond found out from my father, I was going to be in town he suggested that we both join him for dinner at his favorite restaurant in London.

It was a most charming and entertaining evening and between the three of us we never stopped talking for nearly three hours, very little of it was about business, more about world history (particularly WWII) and current events. There was one statement however that to this very day has reverberated in my mind; While on the discussion of Newfoundland's financially disastrous power contract with Hydro Quebec, Sir Edmond noted to my father (He was already embroiled in the water rights reversion act), "Brian, that contract will eventually wither away and CFLCO will become the goose that laid the golden egg. Regardless renewable energy sources like yours will reap enormous profits when carbon based energy sources are taxed into subservience." That statement made me the first Global Warming Skeptic!

Being in the Oil Industry, I questioned for an elaboration on the issue of carbon taxes and Sir Edmond merely replied it was being studied and then changed the subject. While I did not understand the full significance of the statement at the time I became a keen observer of what Sir Edmond was doing. In 1987 He created a world conservation bank designed to trade third world debt for owning 30% of the surface of the earth. In September of that year the Edmund de Rothschild announced that an army of 300,000 environment police would be established within the UN. It would do well to listen to UNCED Earth Summit 1992 Pt. 6 – The 4th World Wilderness Congress Audio Recordings 1987; it was there that the fraud of CO2 being the cause of Global Warming was first foisted on Humanity.

He also financed Maurice Strong in his rise to chair the Rio Summit 1992 that led to both Agenda 21 and the concept of Carbon based taxes and the Kyoto Protocol. It should also be noted that in 1969 He was the principle financier of George Soros. Additionally some sources state that by the mid-90's Rothschilds controlled more than 3/4 of the world's uranium. It is obvious that people like Al Gore and Maurice Strong have reaped obscene profits from the Global Warming, Carbon Credit or Cap & Trade Schemes, the latter even stooping to profit from the Iran Oil for Food Scandal, and that behind the scenes there are others, studiously hidden, hedging their bets on the "virus's" that they have foisted on an unsuspecting populous.

You may ask, what does this have to do with Fracking? Simply put, the newer hydraulic fracturing technologies that are unlocking hydrocarbon resources that were never previously known or accessible and propelling America down the road to energy independence and such independence severely curtails the Elites plans to make America subservient to the United Nations and a coterie of Globalist Interests.

Hydraulic fracturing in the modern concept involved pumping a thick fluid carrying a granular solid media known as proppant. The reservoir rock that contains hydrocarbons is weaker structurally than the cap rock that seals the reservoir partly due to the porosity that holds the hydrocarbon and partly due to the type of rock. The reservoir rocks are generally Sandstones, Limestones, Dolomites, Chalks and porous Shales which are easily cleft by the hydraulic pressure while the same cap rocks like Slates, Mudstones, Chert, Hard Shales and anhydrous Shales that held in the hydrocarbon for eons are not so easily fractured and would require a tremendously higher pressure before they would fracture . Once the fracturing has reached its goal the fluid is designed to change its viscosity from that of molasses to that of water and when it is flowed back out of the well the proppant stays behind to keep the fracture open. It is these open gaps that allow the hydrocarbons to flow back into the cemented casing and up the well bore piping. It should be noted that there are houses whose roofs have been protected for hundreds of years by the thin slate roofing tiles that directed water, wind, ice and hail away from the softer and massively thick limestone and sandstones that comprised the walls below. The size and weight differences between the slate roof (cap rock) and stone walls (reservoir) of such a building are relative indicators of the incredible strength differences between the two types of rock and belies the fallacy of arguments from the anti-Fracking fraternity.

While the concept of Hydraulic Fracturing was only developed in 1947, the concept of stimulating well production by fracturing the rock is almost as old as the oil industry itself. In 1865 Col. E.A.L. Roberts used explosives to increase "Ladies Well" flow near Titusville, PA and was granted a patent in 1866, later that year Roberts exploded a torpedo in a "dry hole" establishing oil flow in a non-producing well. It was the same year that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and in 1867 E.A.L. Roberts was licensed by Alfred Nobel to use dynamite in shooting wells. It was the era of primitive well casings and Erle P. Halliburton did not start the modern cementing concept until 1919 and later patented the Jet mixer. Look across Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma at the number of wells that were drilled and explosively stimulated in the era before modern cementing and the sheer number of those oil and gas wells that also penetrated some of the most productive water aquifers in the region; by the way the environmental movement describes the groundwater pollution associated with modern Fracking all of these water aquifers would be contaminated now by hydrocarbons from the dynamited wells. But this was simply not the case then and is certainly not the case now, it is nothing other than deliberate fear mongering for a non-environmental objective, societal control.

As for the methane in groundwater demonstrations often shown by environmentalists, there are aquifers that do have natural gas seeps into them for eons in the same way that there are thousands of barrels of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico every day via natural oil seeps. A number of years ago I was involved in an Aquaculture project in West Virginia, raising Arctic Char in very cold water that was pumped from an abandoned coal mine to prevent it from leaking in to a newer mine at a lower level. While the water did have elevated levels of CO2 and Methane, the coal acted like a giant charcoal filter and there were no other contaminants or heavy metals. The water was merely passed through a passive gas scrubber that stripped the Methane and CO2 while oxygenating the water before being piped to the facility.

It should be noted that Halliburton has now developed a food grade Hydraulic Fracturing fluid called CleanStim, but mark my words it will do nothing to dissuade the environmentalists from their goals, because their goals have nothing to do with the environment and more to do with the overall curtailment of energy production within the U.S.A., increasing subservience to international interests and a declining quality of life via decimating the North American Human Development Index which is directly related to the per capita use of energy. It is not the fracturing of rock that is destroying the environment in America but rather the Fracking of the truth by the puppets of international interests who are eager to profit from our demise.

It is my opinion that the EPA is a willing conspirator in this activity, and there needs to be a criminal investigation into how the EPA is operating against "We the people," secretly undermining our energy independence in collusion with the same forces that profit from the energy shortfalls created by the EPA's regulatory environment. The EPA not only helps "friends" Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests while frustrating and delaying the requests of those who oppose the EPA's and Globalist's Agendas. (Ret/F)ired EPA Director Lisa Jackson and now two regional administrators of the agency have been found to be using private or fake email addresses to thwart FOIA requests. Additionally they have a secret Sue and Settle scheme to funnel money into the hands of Environmental Activists groups to help bolster their cause. This is plain and simple "Revolutionary Parliamentarianism" and I highly recommend you read the linked article to fully understand the concept. OPEC is not far behind the EPA when it comes to funneling money into environmental groups.

It's time that people wake up to the forces that are destroying this country via banning fracking, destroying the coal industry, stalling nuclear power, stalling the Keystone pipeline, preventing hydrocarbon exploration on Federal Lands including offshore and generally frustrating all other activities that would eliminate America's energy dependency while Quixotically tilting at windmills on every horizon. An energy surplus in America would kill many birds with one stone.

1. The billions of dollars in trade deficit to OPEC for oil would cease.

2. That money would create high paying jobs and other spinoff including increased government revenue thus reducing the government's deficit.

3. Energy prices would lower, further stimulating the economy.

4. Lower energy and a stimulated economy would reduce and eventually eliminate Americas trade imbalance with China.

It should be noted that with the conversion from Coal to Natural Gas, driven by the dramatic increase in Natural Gas reserves has resulted in a major reduction in the much ballyhooed carbon dioxide emission. The USA is the only country that has achieved such goals and the main reason for that achievement is the nautral gas surplus caused by Fracking Technology. You would think that the environmentalists would be happy; but alas they are not, as Carbon reduction is not really their goal, just a stepping stone to their true ulterior motive of complete societal control.

© Desmond McGrath


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Desmond McGrath

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