Arlen Williams
Surveying senators, candidates, AND conservative organizations that rate them
By Arlen Williams
October 11, 2014

...adding cohesion to the conservative, libertarian, sovereignty coalition

This election season, for the best initial phase or our candidate evaluations, instead of adding our own candidate survey to the mix, the Sovereignty Campaign is doing something more strategically important. In these last few weeks, our overall patriot movement's attention is focused on mid-term elections, especially the Republican-Democrat race for the U.S. Senate (where Libertarian candidates risk harming the cause of liberty, by spoiling the outcome in certain elections). But as we focus, how accurately do we see?

Here are the essential steps we are taking, from now through November 4th's election and even after that, as we sharpen the picture in the close Senate races.

1. We are strengthening a coalition of our activists and organizations, adding new, tangible connections and reinforcing others. We have been collecting names and will be displaying the beginnings of these efforts. That will increase the political throw weight necessary to do the job America needs done, to measure, elect, and oversee candidates and our public hirelings in office. This is critical in our overall movement, in this late season of opportunity we have to retake ground relinquished to the anti-life, anti-liberty, anti-property, and anti-sovereignty networks.

All we patriots have a massive, constant work to do, of educating and convincing! We cannot communicate with comprehension until we are comprehensive; not with coherence if we fail to show cohesiveness.

We are examining the current state of organizations which may be called on our side, to see what principles and issues they cover, how the do that, their effectiveness in doing so, and what they are leaving out (call those sins of omission which could be quite telling). We will display those results and assess them both objectively and subjectively.

3. We are assessing senators who are up for reelection.

4. We are evaluating candidates based on sections of those surveys done by other organizations, where they are of the most value.

5. From our data on candidates, including their previous votes and survey responses, along with stated policy commitments, we will score and grade them, pertaining to the most impending issues involving America's sovereignty system.

We will be doing all this dynamic research and evaluation by authentic America's central sovereignty system, which is:

True, individually empowered popular sovereignty under God, with state and national sovereignty to guard it,

and that...

to protect our natural rights, upholding natural law, as our Declaration of Independence manifests.

Connecting various organizations' efforts, this unprecedented work will most validly give us a picture of where we are strong or weak, where we are threatened, and where lay our opportunities for improvements.

Will we make the case that a coalition must be developed focused on the American sovereignty system, for our patriotic movement to be truly effective? We must add teeth to the Tea Party's admonitions to office holders that "You work for us!"

Will we stop the abuse of the efforts and the money we invest in our movement, allowing it to continue to be diverted, to support transnational interests the outcomes of which will rob us of our sovereignty?

Keep coming back to the Sovereignty Campaign's Senate Watch 2014 page and your Home Page command center. Carrying this project out, we anticipate that the need will be demonstrated for the Sovereignty Campaign to grow into its mission through this year and into ensuing legislative and electoral seasons, for all patriots to clearly see.

© Arlen Williams


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