Chuck Baldwin
2016: the year the coup is complete?
By Chuck Baldwin
October 22, 2016

For all intents and purposes, the American people lost control of their government with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. With the exception of Ronald Reagan, every President since Kennedy has been completely controlled by the establishment elite that ordered Kennedy's murder.

A retired Air Force Brigadier General friend of mine (who, before he retired, probably flew every jet the Air Force had and who had been assigned to both the White House and Pentagon during his illustrious career) told me in no uncertain terms that he was convinced that President Kennedy was assassinated by government insiders (with the help of the mob, of course) for two reasons: 1) he intended to disband the CIA, and 2) he intended to dismantle the Federal Reserve.

The assassination of President Kennedy and subsequent cover-up was much more than a killing; it was a coup.

Every President since President Kennedy was selected by the power elite, not elected by the people. Oh, the people went to the polls and voted, but the election was already decided. The power elite completely controlled the mainstream media, and for the most part, the mainstream media rigged the election in favor of the desired candidate. Again, the only exception was Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was such a tremendous orator and communicator (his dashing good looks and professional acting experience didn't hurt either) that he was singularly able to thwart the coercive power of the media elite. However, thanks to the so-called Religious Right, the elite were able to convince Reagan to pick the globalist Neocon G.H.W. Bush as his Vice President instead of the staunch anti-establishment senatorial icon Jesse Helms of North Carolina.

I say thanks to the Religious Right because as the executive director of the Moral Majority of Florida from 1979 through 1989, I WAS THERE. I witnessed the despicable sellout firsthand. In my opinion, the leaders of the Religious Right sold their proverbial souls to the devil when they made the conscious decision to support George H.W. Bush as Reagan's running mate. I seriously doubt that Reagan would have selected establishment insider G.H.W. Bush had Bush not obtained the support of the Religious Right. I'll say it outright: deep inside of me, I blame the Religious Right for all of the mess that has resulted from Reagan's decision to pick Bush as his Vice President.

Reagan was so popular, he could have picked Humpty Dumpty as his running mate, and he would have won. He didn't need Bush. But the establishment needed Bush. And with pressure from the power elite and with the surrender of the Religious Right, Reagan acquiesced. And Bush spent his entire eight years in the Reagan White House doing everything he could to undermine Reagan's efforts. And, sadly, he often succeeded.

Mark it down: ALL of the problems we have had since Reagan have stemmed directly from George H.W. Bush. Bush I gave us Bill Clinton, Bush II, Barack Obama, and now Hillary Clinton. It all goes back to Bush I. And Bush I goes back to the power elite surrounding the Kennedy assassination. (A CIA operative, what business did Bush have even being in Dallas the day Kennedy was killed?)

Since the 1990s, I have tried to warn the American people that the Clintons and Bushes are ONE GIANT CRIME FAMILY. Why in the world do you think the entire Bush family is supporting Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House today? Wake up, folks!

When the power elite got away with killing President Kennedy, the American people lost their autonomy over their country. America has been largely in the hands of the power elite ever since. I truly believe that Reagan was the only President since Kennedy that was not controlled by the power elite. But put Bush in his White House and add the assassination attempt on Reagan soon after his election, and Reagan's independence was sorely compromised.

And please understand this: the way the power elite normally rigs the presidential election is by making sure that only their candidates make it to the general election. That's why in most elections the bias and animus of the establishment was not as obvious as it is this year: because they owned both the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates. Therefore, it really didn't matter to a tinker's dam which one of them was elected. The globalist establishment agenda of the power elite would continue regardless of which one was elected.

Enter 2016.

Regular readers of this column know that I have not been timid in saying I believe that Donald Trump is a very flawed candidate. But I also believe that just as John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were not controlled by the establishment elite, neither is Donald Trump. I truly believe Trump is outside the reins of the power elite – and, therefore, is a huge threat to the establishment. And the reaction of the establishment elite to Trump's nomination is further evidence that this is true.

In my entire life – and I've lived for more than a half-century and have been involved in national politics since 1979, as a Moral Majority director, as a successful national radio talk show host, as an independent candidate for President in 2008, and of course, as a nationally published columnist – I have NEVER seen anything like this presidential campaign.

The national media and virtually everyone in the establishment elite have stripped off their masks and have cast aside their phony façade of fairness and objectivity and have swarmed on Trump like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Everyone in the country has now seen the political, media, and business establishments for who and what they are. The pretenses are gone. The establishment elite is determined to destroy Trump's candidacy and make sure that Hillary Clinton is put in the White House – even if they must rig the elections to do it.

Can one imagine how the national media would have reacted had WikiLeaks released all of that damning information on Trump? Yet, since the information indicts Clinton, the media has a total blackout on the story.

There is no doubt it my mind that the ONLY way Hillary Clinton could win this election is if the elections are rigged in her favor. There is NO OTHER WAY.

While Donald Trump's supporters are filling up the largest stadiums in city after city, Hillary Clinton's supporters are barely filling up phone booths. Heck! Hillary is BARELY campaigning at all. There is no doubt the woman is physically ill, but there's much more to it than that. I'm certain Hillary has been told by the establishment elite that she doesn't need to campaign, because they are going to make sure she wins by hook or by crook.

And please understand this: I am not talking about the candidacy of one evil person, Hillary Clinton. I think it is very sophomoric to make this election all about Hillary. Lyndon Johnson was evil; Richard Nixon was evil; the two Bushes are evil; Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are evil. I'm talking about a giant cabal of evil people who are using these political puppets for their own nefarious purposes. And, yes, Hillary and the rest are WILLING to be used for evil; so in my opinion, the cabal and the individual are equally culpable. To use a scriptural analogy: it was Satan who manipulated Judas Iscariot to betray Christ, but that does not excuse Judas' eager complicity one iota. And Jesus plainly said so.

Plus, always remember that the conspiracy takes its time and is intelligent enough to work within the political winds of the country and natural machinations of their chosen servants to accomplish their diabolical purposes. Their work is almost always incremental, not spontaneous.

My point is, it seems clear to me that what began with the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 may now be coming to fruition in 2016: the completion of the coup. What the cabal accomplished under cover of darkness in 1963, it is now doing in broad daylight: it is stealing a government from the American people in full view of the entire world.

If my observation is remotely accurate, it means the establishment elite is finally prepared to bring down the curtain of their agenda to destroy the independence and liberty of the United States. And Hillary Clinton is the one (she has ALL of the character traits and skills they need) to finish what so many others have started and worked toward.

If the elite succeed in putting Hillary Clinton in the White House, it is doubtful that America will survive intact. America will have no more national borders. In no time, the United States will look like a Third World country (in many communities, it already does). Barring divine intervention, we will never have real elections again; the Christian faith will be forced underground; the Constitution will be thoroughly expunged; and no principled adherent of the Constitution will be able to work as an employee of the government.

Clinton's very FIRST appointment to the Supreme Court will give anti-gun, anti-borders, anti-Christian globalists a majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. In short, the American experiment will be over. And this is not to mention the very real possibility of impending nuclear war with Russia (that Vladimir Putin has said is almost inevitable if Hillary becomes President) that a Hillary Clinton presidency poses.

See this column I wrote previously:

"A Threat To All Humanity"

And the VERY FIRST evidence of this new totalitarian America will be Hillary's attack against the Second Amendment. She will use unconstitutional executive orders to ban semi-automatic rifles and large capacity magazines. And she will illegally institute a national database of gun owners.

Come on, folks, get real! Even if the Republicans remain in control of Congress, do you REALLY think Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan are going to mount ANY meaningful resistance to the globalist agenda? McConnell and Ryan are globalists themselves. They WANT Hillary to win. Even FBI Director James Comey is in on the conspiracy to protect Hillary. Of course, it is reported that Comey has also been on the receiving end of financial payments from the Clinton Foundation. Is it any surprise, therefore, why he refused to recommend charges be brought against Hillary for criminal acts that had any of the rest of us committed, we would surely be in prison?

In the strongest terms, I urge readers to understand that if you want a firearm – especially a semi-automatic rifle or Glock-type pistol – you had better get one now. I mean NOW! And that goes for the large capacity magazines to fit those firearms also. The DAY after Hillary is selected (not elected) President, the price of all things gun will skyrocket, and availability will plummet. If you thought the rout on guns and ammo back in 2013 was rough, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Back on August 10 of this year, I wrote this on my Facebook page:
    Humanly speaking, the ONLY thing standing between us and tyranny is an armed U.S. citizenry. And when I say armed, I am referring mostly to the ownership of semi-automatic rifles. No other instrument is capable of defending the liberties of the American people. I'll say it plainly: people who do not possess a semi-automatic rifle are incapable of defending liberty. Should the American citizenry ever surrender their semi-automatic rifles, the entire Western world would be plunged into a new Dark Ages – lasting perhaps a thousand years. I repeat: the ONLY thing standing between freedom and oppression is an American citizenry armed with semi-automatic rifles.

    If Hillary Clinton is elected in November, the government attack on our semi-automatic rifles will be UNPRECEDENTED in U.S. history. In all likelihood, possession of semi-automatic rifles will be banned. Even if the Republicans hold onto the House and Senate, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will sell out our Second Amendment liberties to a Clinton White House faster than you can Rumpelstiltskin.

    Right now, semi-automatic rifles are flying off the shelves and manufacturers are not able to keep up production to meet the demand. If you plan to purchase a semi-automatic rifle, the clock is ticking on how long you will have the opportunity to obtain one. And this brings up another very important point.

    If you plan on obtaining a semi-automatic rifle, you MUST be prepared to be an outlaw when that rifle is banned. There is NO reason to buy one only to then turn around and allow your government to take it away from you. So, if you are NOT prepared to be a lawbreaker in order to KEEP your semi-automatic rifle, don't even bother to buy one. It is of NO USE to you or to liberty.

    But you can believe this: there are millions of Americans (including yours truly) who are NEVER going to willingly surrender our semi-automatic rifles – LAWS OR NO LAWS. Every month sets a new record for the sale of "Black Guns" (AR-type semi-automatic rifles). And you can bet that most of these people are well aware of our government's intention to ban these rifles down the road and are completely prepared to defy any law that would attempt to do so. In fact, that is the very reason they are buying them.

    The clarion call "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country" was never truer. And the best way you can currently do that is to go out and buy a semi-automatic rifle (and as much ammunition as you can), practice with it, and determine to not let ANYONE take it away from you.

    And if you live in a State or community that denies your right to own a semi-automatic rifle, why in the name of liberty are you still there?
See and "Like" my Facebook page here:

Chuck Baldwin's Facebook Page

From a spiritual perspective, I believe all of this is divine judgment upon a careless, indifferent, prosperity-driven, statist, Zionist Israel-worshipping American Church. Modern Zionism and Talmudic Judaism are nothing more than the Phariseeism of the New Testament. And it is just as evil now as it was then; and never forget that Neoconism is mostly owned and operated by Zionism and Talmudic Judaism. By worshipping Zionist Israel, the modern Church is actually worshipping in the "synagogue of Satan." (Rev. 2:9; 3:9)

It is no coincidence that the Church's indifference to the assault against religious liberty in 1962 and '63 happened simultaneous to its indifference to President Kennedy's assassination. The Church has been mostly indifferent and cowardly ever since. Had the pulpits of America come alive with righteous resistance at any point since 1963, there would not even be a Hillary Clinton or an establishment elite to contend with today. I say again, the failure of America is the failure of America's pulpits.

And speaking of states, a Hillary Clinton presidency will doubtless demand that the only peaceful remedy to the assault against our liberties by this gaggle of grotesque and ghoulish gestapo will be SECESSION (yes, I believe it could be a peaceful separation). It's long overdue.

Secession would mean that the states and the citizens within those states would no longer pay taxes to Washington, D.C. It would mean the National Guard in those states would become a State Guard. It would mean the citizen militia within the states would be reactivated (they should never have been deactivated). And it would mean that the political bands connecting the states to Washington, D.C., would be TOTALLY DISSOLVED.

Secession is the one act that the globalists and establishment elite are counting on to NOT happen. They believe the Spirit of '76 is DEAD in America. They are convinced that Americans will do what the citizens of Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, etc., have done: peacefully surrender their weapons to the central government when ordered to do so.

I am convinced that as soon as the first State declares independence from Washington, D.C., a domino effect will immediately ensue, and MANY states will do likewise. I am further convinced that when states begin seceding, an influx of freedom-loving American citizens into those states will take place like nothing this country has ever seen.

All of this has been a LONG TIME in the making. From the establishment elite's assassination of John F. Kennedy to Lyndon Johnson's Gun Control Act to G.H.W. Bush's installment of modern Neoconism to G.W. Bush's unconstitutional invasion of Iraq to Barack Obama's open invitation to illegal aliens to the overt rigging of a presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton: the coup seems just about complete.

P.S. Again, I strongly urge readers to obtain the book my attorney son and I wrote entitled "To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns." The title of the book refers directly to Christians, but it applies to absolutely EVERYONE, Christian or not. Maintaining the means of self-defense is much more than a constitutional right (which it IS); it is a DIVINE DUTY.

But since it is largely pastors and churches that are sheepishly going along with this "it's-Biblical-to-give-up-your-guns" claptrap, somehow the truth of Natural and Revealed Law regarding the sacred duty of self-defense must be explained and disseminated. Truthfully, I don't know of another book like this one. There are plenty of books that deal with the right to keep and bear arms from a constitutional perspective but hardly any that deal with the subject from a scriptural perspective. If pastors and Christians do not awaken to this cardinal truth, our liberties are toast.

Please order as many of these as you can and distribute them to as many people as you can, because it seems obvious that the power elite are going to put our allegiance to the sacred principles of self-defense to the ultimate test – perhaps sooner than you can imagine.

To order "To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns" go here:

To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns

© Chuck Baldwin


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