Judie Brown
Views from the propaganda cesspool
By Judie Brown
September 4, 2019

Unlike the community swimming pool, this cesspool is full of so much hype that it makes your head spin. Examining some of the reports versus the facts that never accompany them will give us a clear picture of why our challenge is to empty this cesspool sooner rather than later.

First is the latest report from the World Health Organization announcing that all forms of birth control are okay for women to use, even if they are at risk of contracting AIDS. This report goes on to say that the user must also be aware that the "correct and consistent" use of the condom is essential to protect her from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Yet chastity, which is preferred for any unmarried female of any age, is not mentioned anywhere. The cesspool dwellers do not market chastity, even though "chastity lets us love with upright and undivided heart."

Second, we must acknowledge the old news about the birth control pill. Sources agree that when used by an adolescent, the pill can causedepression. This finding has been addressed repeatedly throughout the years. So why is it we have yet to see the mainstream media talk about all the tragic side effects of the pill?

Perhaps it is because there is big money in the birth control pill. If the media began telling the truth about the pill, it would also be obliged to let pill users know that the pill can kill babies prior to implantation in their mothers' wombs.

Obviously, we all understand well why that can never be part of the narrative among those who deny that a baby exists at any point during pregnancy.

Finally, the latest survey results among Americans on the topic of abortion itself are dismal. The public remains as ignorant about what abortion really is as it is on other topics relating to human sexuality, including the pill and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The Pew Research Center reported five facts about America's attitudes regarding abortion that should rock your boat.

The first result is that about six in 10 US adults (61 percent) said in a 2019 survey that abortion should be legal in all or most cases. The reality of the baby as a member of the human family is not noted in the question, nor is it acknowledged by at least 60 percent of our fellow Americans.

Second, there is a substantial – and growingpartisan divide on abortion. And while it may seem strange to us that anyone would equate the act of murdering a preborn baby with a political party, more than 40 years of politicking about abortion has made the act of abortion nothing more than a "political issue."

The baby is not real in this scenario. Few have remembered that the babies are not political weapons and should never be used as political pawns, but they are. The fact of their humanity is not acknowledged.

Third, most folks do not want to see the Supreme Court's 1973 landmark abortion ruling completely overturned. This suggests that most Americans do not think about the fact that in order to end the killing of the innocent preborn we do not need the Court's permission. What we do need is an educated public that cares more about babies than they do about self-satisfaction and sexual gratification.

Are we teaching that?

Fourth, 48 percent of those surveyed said "having an abortion is morally wrong, while 20% said they think it is morally acceptable and 31% said it is not a moral issue."

Again, most people are confused because they get their information from unreliable sources, like social media and mainstream press – both of which are tools of the cesspool dwellers.

This is why most folks do not expect abortion to be criminalized.

Enter pro-life Americans. We do know the truth, and we are obligated to teach that truth and teach it with fervor.

We are the watchmen assigned by God to warn the people. We are voices for the babies. We are called to be honest and charitable educators. And friends, the more we press forward with facts, the less the propaganda cesspool will matter. Their stinking fabrications will evaporate in the bright light of what is just and good.

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