Paul Cameron column
Paul Cameron
Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.

Remove more breasts to stop the AIDS epidemic?
Paul Cameron
September 5, 2023

Trans – a psychiatric cult for those disturbed enough to want to pretend they are the opposite sex – destroys a lot of breasts. Indeed, it destroys more . . .

Trans under fatal fire?
Paul Cameron
August 8, 2023

Demonstrating that the thinking of those going trans is quite odd, Na Hwa-rin said that since seven years old he has wanted to be a girl. Although he had done . . .

‘Informed consent’ can sharply reduce trans
Paul Cameron
July 6, 2023

In June, federal judges struck down state bans on trans for kids and Medicaid coverage for it as well. A massive Danish study reported "gender-affirming care" . . .

A partial solution to childhood trans! Really.
Paul Cameron
June 20, 2023

No child should be given any med or any surgery to change their body for trans when "a public statement" of their "sex change" would suffice! A woman has . . .

History’s biggest con? The trans scam
Paul Cameron
June 4, 2023

If one “homosexual can pollute a government office” as per a 1950 US Congressional Committee, will society be degraded by accepting homosexuality? . . .

Are we being 'polluted' by gay = normal?
Paul Cameron
May 7, 2023

In 1950, North Carolina Sen. Clyde Hoey's U.S. Senate Committee, in line with traditional Judeo-Christian thought, concluded that homosexuals were disturbed and . . .

U.S. kids used to earn. Are there fewer kids because they now cost?
Paul Cameron
April 14, 2023

Kids used to be "money in the bank." In 1900, most U.S. children worked, often earning a third of families’ income (their wages automatically belonged to the . . .

Homosexuality overestimated again?
Paul Cameron
March 11, 2023

Family Research Report (3/2/23) 1. Introduction 2. New Census Data 3. Accounting for the Rise of LGBT Claims 4. Liberal Ideology and LGBT Go Hand-in . . .

Why is the FDA going to allow more gays to donate blood?
Paul Cameron
February 19, 2023

Whyte, writing in the Wall St J 1/27/23, said the FDA’s new policy will “subject all blood donors to the same set of questions, regardless of their gender . . .

'Science' as insanity?
Paul Cameron
February 5, 2023

The notion that "what works" to cure disease, build sewer systems, raise animals, etc., is "empirical science" has typified the West for hundreds of years. . . .

Are homosexuals more often criminal?
Paul Cameron
January 14, 2023

The psychiatric professions have testified in numerous courts from the mid-1970s forward, that those who engage in homosexuality are mentally normal and make an . . .

How homosexuals convert others to homosexuality
Paul Cameron
December 19, 2022

The adult Sunday School class was a-twitter. Almost the whole class played softball – with their kids in the stands cheering. Class participation in the . . .

The Marriage Equality Act in light of gay sex rings and molestations in group homes
Paul Cameron
December 1, 2022

In an otherwise excellent critique of Christian leaders (e.g., Timothy Dalrymple, Walter Kim) abandoning Christian values to endorse the Marriage Equality Act, . . .

Homosexuals as foster or adoptive parents
Paul Cameron
November 22, 2022

Because children are its future, who raises them is among society’s most important issues. Tradition claims those with homosexual desires are more apt to  . . .

Homosexuals as foster or adoptive parents
Paul Cameron
October 12, 2022

Because children are its future, who raises them is among society’s most important issues. Tradition claims those with homosexual desires are more apt to  . . .

Casual transmission of Monkeypox! Avoid gays?
Paul Cameron
September 14, 2022

After testing the "just cleaned" home of gays who had gotten monkeypox during their travels, the CDC warned: “Persons living in or visiting the home of . . .

‘Casual transmission’ of Monkeypox in Colorado?
Paul Cameron
August 18, 2022

In Colorado, at least two women have come down with monkeypox, and it was "casually" transmitted! Casually? Yes, possibly by bug bites, sitting in contaminated . . .

Pride makes Monkeypox go bananas
Paul Cameron
August 7, 2022

PRIDE, a summer-long homosexual bacchanalia, is spreading Monkeypox. Though the CDC and the World Health Organization have issued warnings about monkeypox, and . . .

Southern Baptists did a decent job protecting kids
Paul Cameron
June 20, 2022

Analysis of 2,633 consecutive Google News stories about ‘child sexual abuse’ suggests every institution that works with kids – from the Federal Government . . .

Media v. Southern Baptists: Are gays more apt to molest?
Paul Cameron
June 5, 2022

The media is all over the Southern Baptists for sexual sins, particularly child molestation, by its clergy. You’d think the Southern Baptists were especially . . .

Gay rights and the war
Paul Cameron
May 20, 2022

Kiev has an LGBT pride parade and gay rights, Moscow has neither. Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church said: “In order to enter the club of  . . .

Will boycotting Disney solve the growing LGBT problem?
Paul Cameron
April 4, 2022

Christianity warned that homosexual activity should be outlawed because homosexuals recruited (especially kids). In 1950, mental health professionals told . . .

Transsexual scam origins
Paul Cameron
March 14, 2022

Why are 3-4% of US HS girls and 2-3% of boys calling themselves a sex other than they were born? And the 2-4% figure may be too low, a recent study in one metro . . .

Women accelerating decline of West?
Paul Cameron
March 6, 2022

The media’s campaign to grow LGBTs is working. Gallup’s 2021 survey put the proportion of LGBT adults at 7.1%—up from 1-2% in the 1980s and 3.5% in 2012. . . .

Fighting over kids’ mutilations
Paul Cameron
February 10, 2022

Children’s genitals get attention. Religiously, a fair number of Muslim, some Jewish, and a few Christian (mainly Northern African-Middle East) parents want . . .

Empirically testing mental health philosophy
Paul Cameron
January 15, 2022

By supporting near-limitless abortion and deeming homosexuality and transsexualism normal, Mental Health Philosophy [MHP] depresses the number of children. . . .

Religion v. Mental Healthism
Paul Cameron
December 10, 2021

Religion says there is more to existence than what is sensed, namely a hereafter in which your fate depends on how well you follow God’s commands. Although . . .

Sex, race, sexuality, success and ‘equity’
Paul Cameron
November 4, 2021

Some Mexicans repaired the neighbor’s roof. I asked their boss how he liked the US. He replied it was great for making money, but as you rushed from job to . . .

Wokeism dominating academia and medicine
Paul Cameron
September 23, 2021

Will our youth become ‘woke’ and turn against empiricism in favor of protecting ‘special people’s’ feelings? This threat is in large part a . . .

Has mental healthism created a Frankenstein monster?
Paul Cameron
August 3, 2021

This Fall, Virginia will eliminate father-daughter dances to make sure trans feel OK. Fathers and daughters have been around a long time, and transgenders are . . .

How wise (or greedy) are professionals who make trans?
Paul Cameron
July 5, 2021

American kids are going trans with a vengeance: about 2% of High School boys and 6% of HS girls in 2017; and in 2020, ~3% of the collegiate men and ~4% of . . .

American Psychological Assn. blesses transsexualism
Paul Cameron
May 16, 2021

In the 1950s and 1960s, as news of sex changes raged, many gays wanted it. Clients pay, and if they don’t like what they’re being told, they often quit. As . . .

Homosexuals and trans steadily growing
Paul Cameron
April 8, 2021

Kids (and some parents) are going LGBT – proving again that sexuality is learned. Gallup’s latest? In 2020, 5.6% of U.S. adults identified as LGBT – up . . .

Do the just and wicked hate each other?
Paul Cameron
February 6, 2021

Do those who do good and those who do ill hate each other? So contends Proverbs 29:27, indicating that even in an ancient agrarian society, people grouped into . . .

Did Biden win the presidency? Democrats and Republicans disagree
Paul Cameron
November 23, 2020

Family Research Institute polled 200 adults in Colorado Nov 13-20: Almost all Democrats said Biden honestly won while most Republicans said Trump actually won. . . .

What proportion of adults have bought ‘transgenderism’?
Paul Cameron
October 29, 2020

The media made the US gay who got surgery + hormones to externally resemble a woman in 1952 a sensation. ‘Christine’ Jorgensen became an evangelist for the . . .

Homosexuality still growing, heterosexuality still shrinking
Paul Cameron
September 30, 2020

The CDC just published its 2019 iteration of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System—a nationwide survey of US high school students that has been run . . .

Reparations? Encourage marriage
Paul Cameron
August 18, 2020

In 1860 slaves were 13% of the US population, and in 2020 blacks made up 13% of the population. In 1860, 90% of blacks were slaves, most owned by whites (Native . . .

Moses’ ‘way of life’ v. ‘the way of death’ in the U.S.
Paul Cameron
July 5, 2020

Christianity follows Moses in positing a conflict between a generative, lifeward – as opposed to a destructive, deathward – force influencing . . .

Gays spread HIV – repeat for Covid-19?
Paul Cameron
May 20, 2020

LGBTs possibly introduced HIV into the West, but they certainly spread it. Even though HIV is quite difficult to catch, LGBTs managed to drive it to every . . .

LGBTs and the Wuhan virus
Paul Cameron
March 6, 2020

HIV, as a blood borne virus, initially infected LGBTs and drug shooters. Today, except for ~70,000 innocents (blood recipients, health care workers), LGBTs . . .

German bishops ignore that human sexual desires are learned
Paul Cameron
January 25, 2020

German Roman Catholic Bishops rocked Christendom with "the sexual preference of humans is expressed in puberty and assumes a hetero- or homosexual orientation. . . .

Inexpensive steps to cure demographic decline
Paul Cameron
December 21, 2019

The major, long-term problem of the West is demographic decline. Instead of women averaging 2.1 children apiece, in almost every country, the Total Fertility . . .

It's learning: No gay or heterosexual genes
Paul Cameron
October 8, 2019

If sexual desire, like the preference for a favorite flavor of ice cream, is primarily learned, then a large new study of the genetics of sexual behavior may . . .

Massachusetts proves homosexuality is learned
Paul Cameron
September 20, 2019

In 1987, the gays in Boston, assuming homosexuality is learned, . . .

Do Southern Baptists have a child molestation problem?
Paul Cameron
June 23, 2019

Do Southern Baptists have a child molestation problem? It all depends on what is considered 'normal.' I and my colleagues examined all cases when searching for  . . .

Why is homosexuality growing among U.S. youth?
Paul Cameron
May 30, 2019

CDC surveys over the past three decades indicate that the prevalence of LGBT high school students has at least doubled, maybe trebled. Why is this happening? . . .

Homosexual parenting: Distorted science
Paul Cameron
May 17, 2019

Introduction Professional mental health and psychological associations have long recommended placing children with homosexuals. Yet the empirical evidence . . .

Homosexuality is indeed a large risk factor for sexual abuse of children: A response to Plante
Paul Cameron
March 11, 2019

How times have changed. Fathers of the Church joined ancient philosophers in considering men with homosexual desires more apt to seduce boys. Today, these . . .

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