Madeline Crabb
The Senate rejoices--the people suffer
By Madeline Crabb
December 22, 2009

It was a joyous sight. Seasoned senators were slapping one another's backs, shaking hands, and stopping just short of high-fiving one another. (It is the Senate after all.) A couple of the senators were almost jumping up and down. One would think someone had won the lottery. These were the responses after the first procedural vote on supposed health insurance reform. I couldn't stand to watch the second vote.

After watching this process day after day, I can honestly say it is extremely difficult to respect how the "business of the people" is being conducted. Playing to the TV and the gallery, these senators pretend to have genuine respect for one another. Instead of being called the World's Greatest Debating Society, perhaps it should be called the Mutual Admiration Society. The compliments they lavish on one another causes one to want to vomit. With straight faces they speak nice things from one side of the mouth, and spew ugly accusations out of the other side. And yes, most of it does come from the Democrats. Even when circumstances would justify anger, Republicans don't forcefully respond. While getting ugly is not the answer, acting wimpy isn't good either.

Obviously because of America's two-party political system, there are diametrically opposing views on how to govern. Republicans believe in smaller government and more power to the people. Democrats believe government should do everything. Yes, Republicans have been gradually becoming more Democrat-light in the past few years. This is disturbing. But Democrats have been steadily moving (progressing) into something resembling Socialism more than the Representative Republicanism America was founded on.

What are we thinking?

I have been listening to Senator Bernie Sanders speak. Hello! He is a self-avowed Socialist. What on earth are people thinking when they elect leaders like him? But then, there are many, many other senators and representatives who are Socialists — they just don't call themselves by that name. They can be identified by their actions and by how they vote. Unfortunately, these people get elected over and over and over again, gaining such power that no honest legislating any longer gets done. These people are simply using their power to gain more power, riches, fame, and eternal legacies for themselves. Our example: Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Who knows how many buildings, events, parks, roads, schools, and other places are named after him? Some of them are in office so long that they even think of their congressional seats as property to be willed to their heirs upon their deaths. And in some cases, their constituents allow this to happen. After all, a person may initially be appointed to a position in case of death, but eventually, the people have to vote them into office.

With the accumulated power our politicians now have, it is extremely difficult for the average man not "married to" either major party to get elected. The costs are simply too high. And besides, our career politicians do one another's bidding by campaigning for one another. Guess this is just part of covering one another's backsides and perpetuating their power. Outsiders need not apply.

Until We the People get totally fed up with this process and insist on term limits, it will be business as usual in our federal government. Not only do our lawmakers show contempt for each other, they show contempt for their constituents as well.

Concerning just Obamacare, they are not listening to us. I haven't been able to reach my senators for over a week. Granted, today the phones in every office are more than likely ringing off the hooks. Their voice mails are full. And some phones are constantly busy, perhaps having been taken off the hook. Yes, this happens. I have lobbied the Senate, and have personally seen how staffers remove the receivers so they don't have to answer the phone. Moreover, this has always been in Democratic offices. Always. These offices are also the most hostile towards people not sharing their particular views.

For some reason, the Democrats are hell bent on getting Obamacare passed by Christmas. It is apparent they will be successful in their power play. Perhaps the saddest part is that senators like Durbin, Harkin, and Reid haughtily brag about how they know the outcome of the vote. Since Reid has been dealing behind closed doors, he has "bought" the votes he needs to have his way. His way — not the way of the American people. Not for the good of the people.

The following statements demonstrate the prevailing attitudes of Democrats toward the adversarial party, and to American citizens. "Why stay until Christmas when we already know the outcome?" That was the rhetorical question posed by Senator Tom Harkin late Sunday night as the Senate was gearing up for its "test vote" on the proposed Obamacare bill. He added, "It's ridiculous that we stay here and debate the bill." Isn't it heartwarming to know what the senator thinks about the legislative process?

Uh, who is at fault here?

Peeeople, our leaders have made a total mockery of the whole legislative process. Because Democrats have total control of all branches of the government, they are assuming they have carte blanche to do whatever they want to do. They blame all the problems concerning health insurance on everyone but themselves.

Government leaders say insurance companies are exempt from anti-trust laws, so they can do whatever they want to do to their customers. Doesn't the government have something to do with anti-trust laws? Senators like Jon Tester complain that many people will choose to go to the emergency room when sick and will get treated, even if they have no money, and there will be no questions asked. This costs everyone more money. Well, does. And who is responsible for this? The federal government. They force hospitals to treat uninsured people.

They complain about how insurance companies only do business that makes them money. Well, if they have acted inappropriately, why didn't Congress do something about it before this? They have, and regularly exert regulatory power, most of the time that is detrimental to the free enterprise system. But who in government knows anything about the actuarial science that has gone into insurance underwriting? And furthermore, why are these senators so upset with business executives becoming prosperous when many of our poor, overworked senators are filthy, multi-millionaire-stinking rich? Hmm? Apparently they are the only people that should be wealthy.

In reality, most of the problems with health insurance prices in America are a result of the federal government sticking its proverbial nose into things that are none its business. Additionally, as lawmakers grow in power, they spend growing amounts of taxpayer money to fund ridiculous, increasingly invasive programs that suck the life and liberty from We the People. Period. They are spending money that they don't have, money that's not theirs. Their insatiable appetite has spent our country into near bankruptcy, built their personal power, and increased dependency on them. It is all planned and carefully implemented.

Yes, there are some problems with health insurance in America. Most of them are so simple to solve. The Senate has now decided to stipulate that companies can operate across state lines — but only if these companies are in the new insurance exchange. By simply doing this one thing, the competition between insurance companies would bring costs down considerably. And those people changing jobs and moving to new states would still have coverage. In other words, there wouldn't be a need for the government to take over.

Tyranny all over again

Several hundred years ago our ancestors left their homeland to come to a new land. Upon establishing independence from their previous rulers, they wrote something called the Declaration of Independence. There was a list of grievances that explained why they had to make a break with their homeland. Many of the grievances look very familiar to what is currently happening to us. It is called tyranny.

There is a portion of Americans that have bought into the lie that government should take care of them. Nearly half of these people don't pay any part of the bill — they are the "takers." Are we going to allow this mindset to consume our populace? To my dismay, and horror in some cases, I have friends and family that are getting sucked into this mindset. But we cannot afford this. It is NOT what liberty and freedom are about. Furthermore, the Bible says that if a man does not work, he doesn't eat. We are personally responsible for our lives, unless we are slaves.

Sadly, our country is in this perilous state of affairs because of our own personal choices. We truly stand at a crossroads. Is Obamacare the "tipping point? Are we going to allow a handful of people grab more power and control over our lives? It's just a handful, but this handful has gained so much power that I fear they cannot be stopped. Only if We the People awaken, arise, and act to restore one nation under God can we survive. America, are we up to the fight? If we continue to relinquish our liberty today, our children and grandchildren will inherit nothing more that Socialism. This is very serious business, despite how our illustrious lawmakers act. To anyone willing to hear....

© Madeline Crabb


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Madeline Crabb

Madeline Crabb is a Christian, a Constitutional Conservative, and a patriot. Holding a degree in journalism and public relations, and training from the Leadership Institute, she has been a columnist since 2000, and has written for various Christian newspapers around the country. As a “watchwoman” on the wall (Is.62:67), Madeline calls all citizens to awaken, arise, and act in restoring one nation under God.


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