Madeline Crabb
Election 2016: nationalism vs. globalism
By Madeline Crabb
October 24, 2016

The mainstream media tell us there is anywhere from nine percent to 25 percent of the population still undecided regarding the presidential race. Are you kidding me?!? What on earth is wrong with us?

The choices in this election are crystal clear: We choose between nationalism and Globalism. Donald Trump wants to make America great again. Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to make America more equal with all the other nations around the world – just one nation among the rest, nothing special. Exactly what more does a person need to know?

In at least the last decade, the U.S. Federal Government has become so corrupt it operates more like dictatorships of banana republics than the constitutional/representative republic it is supposed to be. This fact alone should make a choice between the two major candidates a simple one. In essence, we choose between more corruption from Clinton Crime Family-in-Chiefs, or the clean-out-the-swamp President Donald Trump.

Ok, so many of you simply don't like Donald Trump. So what? Does everybody like you? If you're a teacher, manager, policeman, or foreman, does everyone like you? The presidential race, like many other professions, isn't a popularity contest. It's for a JOB. In business, schools, factories, police departments, the point is to hire the right people to actually lead/supervise in each enterprise. It is good if said leader is liked, but these leaders are not meant to be our friends.

The problem with far too many Americans is that long ago we decided to elect people because of pretty facades, and feel-good words. John F. Kennedy comes to mind on the first count. On the words part, it's been about promises – mostly empty, tell-them-whatever-they-want-to-hear-pie-in-the-sky words that will ensure their getting elected. How far back does this go? Who knows? One of the most dangerous was darling of the Democratic Party, Franklin D. Roosevelt. He made lots of promises, and then implemented a massive centralization of power within our federal government.

In Dinesh D'Souza's book and movie, Hillary's America, FDR is discussed at length. One startling fact is that FDR was enamored with Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and even sent advisors to Italy to closely study his ways. D'Souza reports that FDR's advisor, Rexford Tugwell found Italian fascism to be "the cleanest, most efficiently operating piece of social machinery" he'd ever seen, and that it made him envious. FDR agreed and was "deeply impressed" with Mussolini's accomplishments. Mussolini also admired FDR, and concluded that FDR was a fascist in the same mode he was. Mussolini said the methods of the New Deal "resemble those of fascism."

Per D'Souza's reporting, FDR never thought of himself as a fascist, but his "second Bill of Rights" was fashioned from Mussolini's policies. FDR decided Americans have the following: A right to food, education, job, home or place to live, health care, provision for retirement, and even a right not to be fearful. And in this list of "rights" we have the foundation on which entitlements were born. HRC and Bernie Sanders suggested a huge new right to be added to the list: free college education. Of course, for the "snowflakes" created from FDR's "right not to be fearful," free college education is applauded.

FDR is just one example of politicians promising a little slice of heaven to citizens if they only vote for him. Sadly, we have repeatedly seen that we don't get heaven, but glimpses of hell! Why? It's because all these "new rights" we falsely believe we have, don't come from our Father, or from constitutionally-delineated rights. The source is a government that has absolutely NO money of its own. It has to take from working Americans to give to all the others – the redistribution of wealth, a main tenet of socialism. The government then decides to whom to give the money it has forcibly taken from all the others. This has led to our enslavement to the government, by those who now depend on all their rights being fulfilled, and by those who have to pay to support both themselves and all the others receiving entitlements.

Today, government entitlement spending constitutes at least one half of our national budget. Governor Chris Christie says it's more like 70 percent. Pew Research figures are 63 percent. Let's just say that the figure is staggering. Most of the sites I searched agree that by 2024, 85 percent of the federal budget will go towards entitlements and servicing the national debt. And why is the national debt so high? Entitlement spending.

So, you might ask, how does this relate to being enslaved? According to statistics reported on the U.S. National Debt Clock, each American citizen's portion of the national debt is over $62 thousand! The interest alone on the debt is over $15 thousand per second. In other words, our debt is growing, not declining. The only way for the government to pay off the debt is to demand more money from We the People. Remember: Government has NO money. They rely on us. And now, about 100 million working age adults are unemployed, so there are less of us to pay this debt, which almost guarantees a tax increase on those still working. Yet, in the end, there still won't be enough money to satisfy what's owed, which means our children and grandchildren will be saddled with the debt. Imagine what they will have to pay in confiscatory taxes. We are enslaving our kids, and all future generations.

So again, it seems like a no-brainer in whom we should elect as our next president. HRC only wants to increase entitlements, and import even more immigrants who will become burdens on an already over-burdened, over-taxed American citizenry. Further, she wants "hemispheric" open borders, a goal of globalists for at least the past 75 years. What this means in America is that both our northern and southern borders will be basically non-existent going forward in yet another democratic/socialist/progressive/leftist agenda. Put another way, Queen Hillary is going to relinquish American sovereignty to a globalist government to whom she's indebted for the vast wealth she and Bill have accumulated in the past 20 years. Yes, she was taking money from world leaders, many of whom are despots and enemies to our American beliefs.

During the Clinton's first co-presidency, they sold stays in the Lincoln bedroom, flights on Air Force One, junkets around the world on government planes, nuclear technology and secrets, pardons, and on and on and on. While secretary of State, HRC was responsible for allowing Russia to gain control of 20 percent of America's uranium production, just to get wealth for their giant slush fund – the Clinton Foundation. (BTW...Uranium is a key component for developing nuclear weapons. Nothing to worry about here...Russia and nukes.)

There is a very detailed book by Peter Schweizer, Clinton Cash, and a movie as well, detailing the intricacies of Clinton, Inc. But honestly, average Americans donning our thinking caps, understand that when foreign governments are giving an elected official, or his/her foundations massive amounts of money, they expect something in return. It is called pay for play. Yes, it has been going on for eons, but the Clintons have excelled in it.

Rest assured that just like the U.S. State Department was for sale under HRC, the White House again, and all of America will be for sale in the second Clinton co-presidency. In this duo, we get an aging hippy who thinks he's still relevant and sexy, and a treasonous, careless, reckless, ruthless, greedy, anti-American felon who should be in jail. It's even been suggested that racketeering laws can be applied to Clinton dealings. And yes, treasonous applies to anyone who would carelessly divulge nuclear secrets on national TV as Hillary did last week during the presidential debate. (That is, again, after she and Bill gave away many such secrets to China in the 1990's)

If we have Mr. Trump as president, he will be busy "draining the swamp" in the Federal Government's halls of power. Remember, many from within the Republican Party refuse to support him, probably because they understand their responsibility for enslaving the American people through out of control spending, and unbelievable corruption. As they say, they understand the "gig is up."

So again, the choice is very clear. We choose nationalism or globalism. Do we want a national leader who loves America, and wants to put American interests first? Yes, that also means caring more about what American citizens believe than those from other countries. We've already covered what the other candidate wants to do – and none of it is for the benefit of American citizens. Again, all of those handouts are simply a means of getting your vote and enslaving you. We become indebted to our masters.

Wake up America! Don't you want to make America great again? You do realize it is badly broken, right? To anyone willing to hear....

© Madeline Crabb


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Madeline Crabb

Madeline Crabb is a Christian, a Constitutional Conservative, and a patriot. Holding a degree in journalism and public relations, and training from the Leadership Institute, she has been a columnist since 2000, and has written for various Christian newspapers around the country. As a “watchwoman” on the wall (Is.62:67), Madeline calls all citizens to awaken, arise, and act in restoring one nation under God.


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