Madeline Crabb
Can America be saved?
By Madeline Crabb
October 28, 2016

America is precariously teetering on the edge of a gigantic mountain cliff, being held there by just a few disintegrating roots protruding from the stone. Torrential storms are eating away at both the stone and the root system. Either the mountainside is fortified, or America will soon be tumbling down from the great heights, to a terrible crashing death deep below. Can America be saved?

About a year ago when Donald Trump announced he was running for the presidency of the United States, I felt something in my spirit I hadn't had for a long time – hope for my country. Finally, someone was saying what multitudes of Americans had also been saying for decades. Millions of us have been begging, pleading, even shouting at our politicians that things need to change. But nobody ever listened. Instead, We the People have been bombarded with lie after lie from a bunch of silver- and forked-tongued orators, from all political persuasions, more concerned with their own interests than those of our country.

So these same people who've basically strung us along for their own personal gain, these people who think they are so much smarter than we peons, have driven our nation into bankruptcy; destroyed what defines a nation – borders, language, culture; and literally shredded our Constitution. Oh, and let's not forget the latest of assaults against the very Rule of Law when America's "police" allow a criminal to escape any form of justice because of who she is: Hillary Rodham Clinton. When the director of the FBI looks into the camera and speaks directly to We the People, describing crime after crime, violation of the law after violation, explains any normal person caught doing such things would be prosecuted, and THEN says this particular violator would not be prosecuted, the Rule of Law is nonexistent.

Most thinking, working Americans not dependent on government largesse for our existence understand that America is no longer a Representative Republic. We're back to the days of monarchical rule, from which we once fled. The rulers sit on their thrones and dictate to the peasants.

Finally, increasing numbers of us are waking up, and understand radical change is needed if America is to survive. And no, not the change Barack Hussein Obama brought us. Yes, he actually fulfilled his promise to "fundamentally transform America." We will never recover from the damage he did, or from the fact that the debt he incurred is equal to the combined debt incurred from every president before him! But then, Obama is nothing more than a puppet for the global elitists behind the scenes, people like George Soros. Obama's job was to use his Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven tactics to agitate, tear down, overload, and bankrupt America. Wouldn't you agree he has succeeded?

And yet, dear friends, the damage done in these past eight years was not strictly done by Obama. If our government was properly functioning, the House of Representatives and Senate would have stopped the president. Instead, these feckless, spineless, limp-wristed, lily-livered legislators whom we elected to represent us allowed a coup from the executive branch.

So now, here we are less than two weeks from probably the most important presidential election of the century. Why is it so important? Up until these past eight years, we could assume if we had a bad president, congress, the legislative branch, would provide oversight and balance to prevent serious damage. In the 1990's when the Clinton co-presidents tried to do serious damage to America through Hillarycare, We the People stopped them by electing a Republican congress for the first time in 40 years – a congress that stopped the Clinton overreach.

Remember, our form of government with three branches, was meant to provide checks and balances on the others, with the judicial branch being the weakest of the three. But as mentioned above, congress has basically given Obama a free pass to do whatever he wanted these past eight years. Then making matters worse, the judicial branch has achieved new heights in legislating from the bench, usurping the constitutionally-limited powers granted to it. In a nutshell: the legislative branch isn't using the powers granted to it – i.e. doing its job – and the other two branches are running roughshod over the constitution and the citizenry.

So yes, the presidential election is extremely important this time. And for once, the choices are as different as night and day. Mr. Trump wants to restore America, and put America and Americans first. Mrs. Clinton wants to put globalists first. She wants to "build-on" what Obama has already started, which means she wants to continue to fundamentally transform America. She works for the same puppet masters pulling Obama's proverbial strings. The Clintons both individually, and through their "foundations," have taken billions of dollars from big business and banking, and foreign entities and governments. There is ample evidence that these corporations and foreigners received "favored" attention from Mrs. Clinton while she was secretary of state. Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash, and Jerome Corsi's Partners in Crime are two excellent resources on HRC's corruption. America was for sale during the first Clinton co-presidency, most likely during her stint at State, and will be again if she is elected in November.

But probably the most important act the new president will perform is selecting justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Because of Antonin Scalia's untimely death, one seat on this court is currently open, while there could be two or more vacancies in the next four to eight years. Justice Scalia was one of the few strict constructionists left on the USSC, which means he believed our constitution should be interpreted to mean what it says, that it is not a "living document" that changes with every whim of an ever-changing society. Actually, some justices currently on the court believe they can use laws from other countries to interpret our law.

The U.S. Constitution is the Law of the Land. It is a binding contract that specifically details what the government can and cannot do. It is meant to give power and control to We the People, not to the government. Anyone with a functioning brain understands how far our government has already gone in deleting or re-writing parts of our Law, thus usurping the will of the people. It's about roots embedded in solid rock foundations that hold everything in place – like the proverbial mountain that's holding America's roots in place. Imagine what even two more radical justices like Ginsberg, Sotomayor, or Kagan will do to our constitution. Can you begin to see the roots pulling away from the rock, and America tumbling down the mountainside?

Additionally, the First and Second Amendments are at risk under another Clinton presidency. Christians will be further persecuted and punished for our beliefs. (While secretary of state, panderer Clinton said that speaking against Islam should be illegal. (1st & 2nd freedoms in danger) She wants voter rights expanded. How...all adult citizens can already vote, even if you are dead?! What it means is that there will be one party in control of America going forward – the Democratic Party.

Expanded voter rights will lift ALL restrictions on voter ID laws, thus allowing illegal aliens (legal term) to vote. Convicted felons will be allowed to vote (think Terry McAuliffe, VA) And since there will be no identification necessary to vote, people will be able to vote multiple times, in multiple states. Oh, but the dems are already getting by with this as well. (See Project Veritas investigation.)

The welfare state will continue to grow. Obamacare will be "expanded upon," which will finally break the whole system. And what if America can no longer pay on its debt? Would Mrs. Clinton begin to openly sell American assets? Or, as many believe, is this already happening?

Is Mr. Trump the perfect candidate? No, he isn't. But fixing America and making her great again are the motives behind his seeking the presidency. He doesn't need the job, but he loves America and wants to use his talents and skill to make America great again for his children and grandchildren, and for all Americans and their offspring. He wants to create an environment in which ALL Americans can achieve the American dream. He understands how career politicians have lied to, stolen from, and cheated Americans, and desires to put citizens back in control of the government.

Because Mr. Trump is a successful executive, he understands the importance of choosing the right people to manage various jobs, and will therefore base his appointments on skill instead of payback. Not only will he be a good executive manager, he will be a cheerleader for the American people. Isn't it about time we have someone cheering for us instead of the other team/s?

It is imperative we all do our part in awakening and educating our friends about the upcoming election and the consequences of wrong choices. Stopping the U.S. Supreme Court from going any further to the radical Left is enough reason to elect Donald Trump. He proposes strict constitutional judges who will interpret existing law, and not legislate from the bench.

This election will determine our future. Will the remaining roots of our nation finally be battered and pulled from the foundational rocks holding them in place, causing America to begin a tumble into the abyss? Or will we choose someone who will begin to restore the foundation, to fortify the stone? Can America be saved? It's up to us. To anyone willing to hear....

© Madeline Crabb


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Madeline Crabb

Madeline Crabb is a Christian, a Constitutional Conservative, and a patriot. Holding a degree in journalism and public relations, and training from the Leadership Institute, she has been a columnist since 2000, and has written for various Christian newspapers around the country. As a “watchwoman” on the wall (Is.62:67), Madeline calls all citizens to awaken, arise, and act in restoring one nation under God.


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