Edward Daley
A "failed" presidency? I think not
By Edward Daley
February 12, 2012

Time and time again I hear Republican politicians refer to Barack Obama's administration as a total failure. That couldn't be further from the truth. The current presidency is among the most successful in my lifetime, even though it pains me deeply to admit it.

What do I mean by that? Well, it's quite simple really, if success is defined as accomplishing one's goals then who among us can deny that President Obama has achieved nearly everything he's set out to do since taking office?

Think about it, during the 2008 campaign cycle he promised to transform our health care system. He promised that his energy policies would dramatically increase energy costs. He promised to redistribute the citizenry's wealth in a manner previously undreamed of by his leftist peers in government. He promised that he would pull American troops out of Iraq, regardless of the situation on the ground. He promised to appoint left-wing activist judges to the federal courts. In essence, he promised to fundamentally change America, and damned if that isn't exactly what he's gone and done.

Many of you will remember a few years back when the leftist media got all bent out of shape because Rush Limbaugh told us that he hoped Obama would fail. The MSM lemmings assumed that what he meant was he hoped America would fail under Obama's administration, but that's not the case at all. What Rush was hoping for was that Obama would fail to get his way and further erode our nation with his leftist machinations. Unfortunately, Obama's "hope" has won out over Rush's thus far, and the "change" he promised is now evident all around us.

Just because we, the conservative majority, despise what is going on in our country today doesn't make the man who is chiefly responsible for our woes a failure. Quite the contrary, he is a maddeningly successful politician by any reasonable measure. The failure does not lie with Barack Obama, my friends, it lies with those of us on the right who have yet to stop the most anti-American man to ever control the Executive branch of our federal government from getting his way at almost every turn.

Now, I know what some of you are going to say. Ed, our country is failing BECAUSE of Obama's policies. THAT is why we call his administration a failure! Don't you get it?

Well, yes, I do appreciate where you're coming from and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, but I still object to the terminology being used by every GOP primary contender whenever Obama's name is mentioned. I mean, cripes, is there a bigger cliche' in all of politics than saying "my opponent's policies have failed"? How about, instead of characterizing the Obama presidency in this way, we start calling it what it actually is for a change?

That is why I hereby propose that, from now on, every right-winger in America use the term 'virulently oppressive' to describe the current regime. After all, what is the upcoming election anyway if not a desperate battle between those who believe in the virtues of individual liberty and those who endorse governmental tyranny? If someone out there can describe it in more exacting terms, please feel free to do so at your earliest convenience.

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