Tom DeWeese
How the Green New Deal is creeping across America
By Tom DeWeese
April 1, 2020

They had a vote in the U.S. Senate and the result was 57–0 as the Republicans declared that the crazy, radical, unworkable Green New Deal was dead in the water! Apparently its supporters didn't get that message. The Green New Deal is currently, stealthily, creeping across America.

First, let's review what the Green New Deal actually calls for. According to a report by the Green Party US, a major proponent, the plan is a "four part program for moving America quickly out of crisis into a secure, sustainable future." Thus, according to the Green Party, the Four Pillars of the Green New Deal include;

1. The Economic Bill of Rights, Consists of the "right to full employment and ending unemployment by guaranteeing a job at a living wage in a safe workplace, empowered by labor unions; single-payer Medicare for all, tuition-free education from pre-school to college and the right to affordable housing. This last part comes with the creation of a federal bank that will solve distressed mortgages (through taxes, of course), and expand public housing. Payment of those taxes will be distributed in proportion to ability to pay.

2. A Green Transition, Here's where the tax money really ramps up to pay for investment in green business through grants and low-interest loans. The GND even determines how any money made in this investment is to be spent and into whose pocket any new wealth goes as it says the money will not go into the pockets of rich, absentee investors. So, goodbye stock market. Of course, the plan calls for redirecting investment into wind and solar, away from fossil fuels, enforce sustainable agriculture and forestry. Of course, there will be full employment for green jobs, mass transit, bikeways and pedestrian traffic rather than cars, and "regional food systems." That means no need for shipping goods by truck or air.

3. Real Financial Reform, Actually, this is one part of the Green new Deal that is not all together nuts. Ron Paul would even approve of some of it, especially the part that calls for getting rid of the Federal Reserve and breaking up the banking monopoly. But again, they target private investors, without which the only way to provide financial needs would be through government. That solution means tax dollars through the creation of public-owned banks that function as non-profit utilities. So, as these "real financial reforms" are implemented, it will be interesting to watch which powerful political leader will then rise up to control the entire money supply for their own personal agenda.

4. A Functioning Democracy, One sentence in the Green Party's report says it all, "Just as we are replacing the old economy with a new one, we need a new politics to restore the promise of American democracy." Of course, there never was any such promise because America is not a democracy. We are a Republic. That means the majority does not rule. The rights and property of a minority are protected, no matter what the majority on any given day may lust after. Simply adhering to the Constitution as written would fix all of the violations they outline in the Green New Deal, including guaranteeing voter rights. The Green New Deal calls for the creation of a "Corporation for Economic Democracy, a new federal corporation to provide publicity, training, education, and direct financing for cooperative development and for democratic reforms to make government agencies, private associations, and business enterprises more participatory." Specifically, it's a federal propaganda and economic-control machine, otherwise known as communism.

So, this is the grand plan for the reorganization of the United States of America. Its proponents insist that this is the plan to convert the entire U.S. economy to renewable energy within 12 years, while also sparking a massive burst of job-creation and technological innovation." Congressional Republicans have stated the plan is dead on arrival and is not to be taken seriously.

However, one only has to stop, look, and listen to various politicians, news reports, and the actions of state legislatures and city councils across the nation to realize that support for the Green new Deal is not only growing, but is actually being implemented at an alarming rate.

First, nearly every agency of the Federal government promotes sustainability in its policies. The Forest Service has nearly destroyed our national forests by disallowing the removal of dead trees from the forest floor, causing disease to spread to healthy trees. This has created six feet of kindling on the forest floor, resulting in the most disastrous forest fires in U.S. history.

The Interior Department and its Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have been on a three-decade mission to control the agriculture industry under sustainable land and water management programs, causing the demise of a massive number of private farms and ranches.

Of course, the call for training and education is already well underway through the Federal Department of Education. Specifically the Education Department has replaced true academic learning with behavior modification programs. These then assure that students will become the perfect green citizens for the brave new world of the Green New Deal. Of course, the students of today will have to quickly learn to put down their energy-guzzling computers and phones as fossil fuels are abandoned in their new global communities. That's because true science proves that wind and solar power simply do not work, supplying no more than 5% of energy needs, even after spending billions of tax dollars on its development.

Nevertheless, progressive politicians are lining up behind the plan to drastically change the American system away from free markets, private property, and individual choice to top-down dictates by those who claim we have an environmental emergency that calls for drastic action using policies that have proven disastrous wherever and whenever tried. Here's a brief rundown of how the Green New Deal is racing into public policy at every level of American government.

Climate Crisis

Of course the driving force behind the Green New Deal is the threat of Environmental Armageddon. Climate change is the mantra. Individual rights are simply selfish and unreasonable when all of humanity is at stake. We all have to sacrifice and join in lockstep, never to question or oppose the lofty goals of our selfless leaders.

The newly Democrat-controlled state legislature of Virginia has been a major news story this year, primarily for its direct attacks on gun ownership. But much more is happening especially though environmental legislation, right out of the Green new Deal.

There is a climate crisis, declared the Virginia Democrat leadership as they passed the Virginia Clean Economy Act. The purpose is to end the use of fossil fuels in the state. According to climate expert Paul Driessen, the "carbon free" bills would shut down some 6,200 megawatts of coal-based electricity and ban construction of new gas-fired units. To replace the eradicated electricity, Virginia energy companies would install 5,200 Megawatts of offshore wind turbines. That would require perhaps as many as 850 massive wind turbines off the coastlines of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Even if these turbines actually worked to provide new energy, residents of Virginia need to prepare for massive energy shortages and possible energy curfews, affecting quality of life, jobs, and manufacturing.

California has passed legislation calling for the end of fossil fuel use and complete conversion to wind and solar energy within the next ten years. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared that the city would abandon plans to rebuild three natural gas power plants despite concerns that the city could face acute power shortages as a result. "This is the Green New Deal...not a concept, not in the future, but now," Garcetti said. To provide even the minimal energy the state needs would require thousands of acres for the turbines and solar panels, destroying farmland and open space, as wildlife is destroyed.

New York City Mayor William DeBlasio has introduced his own version of the Green New Deal in a bundle of ten bills designed to meet massive reduction of energy use, as required in the UN's Paris Climate Change Agreement. And, as detailed in the GND, the Deblasio plans calls for eliminating one million cars from the road.

So it goes, city by city, state by state, GND plans to replace America's power supply with some windmills and blind hope for the best.

Housing Crisis

Private property rights represent the greatest gateway to personal independence and wealth of individuals. It's the root of the free market system. So it's no surprise that private property it a major target of the Green New Deal.

We are witnessing a complete transformation of our cities as city councils and county commissions rush to create Smart Growth communities which create massive high rise buildings designed to eliminate the need for personal transportation such as cars. Instead, massive federal grant programs are pushing plans for light rail trains, trolleys and bike lanes. The point is, we can all walk or ride such transportation to work and shopping, thereby reducing the global warming threat, as called for in the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal actually calls for the refitting or destruction of every single building in the nation in order to meet very specific green energy regulations and international building codes. One such program moving into most cities through federal grants is called Form Based Codes. The goal, say proponents, is a "means of regulating land development to achieve a specific urban form." Everything is uniform under strict regulations, nothing GND goals.

As the Smart Growth high-rise buildings begin to tower over the cities, a new movement has begun to eliminate single-family neighborhoods. City governments, such as Minneapolis, have declared that zoning for single-family neighborhoods is racist as folks who live in these homes are self-segregating themselves from people they don't want to live next to. Their solution is to eliminate such zoning and allow the building of "affordable" apartment buildings in those neighborhoods. In other words, government housing that will have a severe impact on the home value and equity that was to be personal wealth for the owners. Oregon, using the excuse of a housing crisis, has become the first state to fully ban protections for single-family homes.

Meanwhile, as the attack grows on such private homes, most of the high-rise pack and stack Smart Growth buildings are rental properties. The attack on landlords has begun as city governments demand that these property owners are charging too much for rent. Of course, the landlords are simply trying to earn a profit on their properties after taxes have been raised, and regulations have dictated an endless list of rules that force the owners to spend more and more money. Not fair, say the Green New Dealers. So more communities are forcing rent controls on the landlords. Baltimore, Maryland says landlords should not be allowed to even ask prospective tenets if they can afford the rent. That too is racist.

Senator Corey Booker, Julian Castro, and Senator Elizabeth Warren have all called for pressure from the federal government to be placed on local governments to demand more development of affordable housing high-rises in single-family neighborhoods. A UCLA assistant professor of urban planning, Kian Goh, asserts "if we want to keep cities safe in the face of climate changes, we need to seriously question the ideal of private home ownership." Socialist Bernie Sanders has called for "Housing for All" with a $2.5 trillion taxpayer price tag. The bottom line to such Green New Deal housing policies is that eventually all homes will be government housing.

American Agriculture

Attacks on American agriculture are growing rapidly. The beef industry has actually come under the control of radical environmentalists such as the World Wildlife Fund, which promote an agenda to eliminate beef consumption, a major goal of the Green New Deal. Individual ranchers and beef growers are at the mercy of once-trusted representatives such as the National Cattlemen's Beef Association to represent their interests and protect them. Instead, these representatives, as well as nearly the entire industry, including the packing companies that hold the key to the marketplace, are siding with the enemies of beef.

Meanwhile, other farm communities are experiencing the same betrayal as they are being forced to accept "sustainable" regulations that raise their costs, lock away large parts of once productive areas of their farms for wild animal habitat, and force acceptance of climate change policies such as the use of wind and solar energy systems that are expensive and unworkable. In Lyon Country, Kansas, new zoning proposals would convert all agriculture tax bases to commercial. The policy would require special permits to own any livestock, repair wire fences, fence posts, etc. and require rural houses to be on city water and sewer (at farmers expense) Again, these farmers are being betrayed by the very agriculture representatives on whom they have always relied. Twenty-one such organizations, such as the National Farmers Union, American Farm Bureau Federation, United Egg Producers, and many more, are all now on the radical sustainable bandwagon, systematically imposing the Green New Deal agenda that will eventually destroy their industry.

Zero Economic Growth, Massive Costs, Job Loss, Destruction of Life

This then is how the Green New Deal is steadily creeping into every corner of American society. To control how and where we live, what jobs can exist, what we may eat. There are also calls for universal pay, where all received the same, regardless of effort. History has show that such policies destroy incentive to improve one's self, resulting in massive shortages of good and services. Proponents of such ideology have called for Zero Economic Growth through total control of the populace. It's a massive welfare program where all decisions are made by non-elected, all-powerful boards, planning commissions, and councils. In such a situation, someone acting independently would disrupt their well-ordered society and cause chaos, – kind of how Thomas Edison changed our entire society when he brought electricity into every home, and Henry Ford brought us a new way to travel, and the Wright Brothers put us in the air. No such innovation would be permitted or even possible in a nation operating under the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal is being enforced in every single community in the nation, led by an army of private non-governmental organizations (NGOs) promoting their private agenda as they fund it through federal tax-payer grants. It is not a joke, rather a complete transformation of our entire society. A major tool for implementation is the creation of non-elected regional councils that bring in the grants and enforce the policies on multiple communities. Property rights, free markets, and individual life choices are the targets. It can be stopped, but those citizens who are most affected on the local level must learn to show up, stand up and speak up.

© Tom DeWeese


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