Tom DeWeese
The three ‘E’s of taking your property
By Kathleen Marquardt, associate of Tom DeWeese
By Tom DeWeese
July 13, 2020

When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law. Frederic Bastiat

Agenda 21/2050/Green New Deal is/are all about the three Es: Environment, Economy, and social Equity. And, just in case that isn’t enough there is the Endangered Species Act, although the species that is endangered, human beings, is the only one not protected.

Many people have become aware of the great threat to our way of life, in fact, to our very lives. But, unless you have dug very deep or have been one who has been fighting this for years and years, you do not know how it was brought into our lives and the very fiber of our governments. What does it matter? It’s like knowing how babies are made, not just realizing you are about to be a parent. As Sun Tzu advises, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” So, know your enemy.


Most know that President George H.W. Bush went down to Rio to sign the Rio Accord – The Global Biodiversity Treaty – for the United States. Once he signed it, it was to go to the Senate to receive the advice and consent of a 2/3 supermajority vote in the Senate, when it would become binding with the force of federal law. That never happened.

Why it never happened is an article in itself, but suffice it to say, that it was stopped by grassroots efforts only. The Foreign Relations Committee had voted 16 to 3 to recommend ratification of the Treaty. Tom McDonnell of the American Sheep Industry, (ASI), Henry Lamb of Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and Dr. Michael Coffman of Maine Conservation Rights Institute (MCRI) and the Alliance for America spearheaded the fight against the plan. This was pre-Internet days, so we worked with phones and faxes.

Dr. Coffman and Henry Lamb spent days in D.C. showing Senators that the Treaty would have the effect of making the “Wildlands Project,” the objective of the Treaty’s implementation. ASI produced a 100-page analysis of the Treaty, which had been released less than two weeks earlier. The study revealed the existence of a draft of the Global Biodiversity Assessment (GBA), required by the Treaty, and the identification of the “Wildlands Project” as a primary mechanism for Treaty implementation.

But the Senate wasn’t listening. Senator Mitchell announced on August 3rd, that the Treaty vote would occur on the 8th. We, the grassroots groups really dug in then. The Senate fax machines were swamped with messages, and we actually overwhelmed some phone systems so that senators were having to use ‘runners’ to get messages out.

While the Chicago Tribune was reporting that the GBA did not exist, a copy of that very document was delivered to key Senators. So, Coffman prepared color maps illustrating the impact of the Treaty on the northeast, including Mitchell’s state. The maps were overnighted to Mitchell’s office, and to the Republican Policy Committee and arrived the morning of September 30. Senate staff enlarged the maps into 4-foot by 6-foot posters, along with enlargements of selected text from the GBA.

The behind the scenes power brokers were telling the Senate that the document didn’t exist. But here were ordinary citizens giving copies of it to Senators. What could the Senate do with this? The Treaty was withdrawn from the calendar and never came up for a vote again. It should have been a very big win for the people. But, instead, the globalists in the administration decided to go around protocol, go around Congress, and take over our country by still using Agenda 21 and the Wildlands Project — by doing it surreptitiously, embedding it into the entire framework of the federal government.

Bush gave the baton to Clinton, who set up his President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) which his VP, Al Gore embedded into every department of the federal government. here and here

The Global Biodiversity Assessment is the policies, plans, regulations, and objectives of Agenda 21 (now 2030/2050/Green New Deal, etc.). And the Wildlands Project is the heart and soul of the whole operation.

The Wildlands Project is jaw-dropping in size, scope, the players, and the plot. When you hear for the first time that it will make over 50% of the land in the U.S. into a wildlife preserve, you scoff at the idea. It can’t happen, you think.

It can, and it is. Slowly up to now, but the pace is increasing. The maps are drawn. The U.S. Geological Survey had the Southeastern U.S. maps on its site showing the close-up plans for the region. (We can no long access those maps.) The National Heritage Areas, International Biosphere Reserves, Rivers of the United States, have been set up to bring all human activity under United Nations control.

Dr. Michael Coffman, who drew the map that stopped the signing of the treat, can tell it best:

The Wildlands Project calls for establishing thousands of core reserves and interconnecting corridors from Alaska and the Northwest Territories to Chile and Argentina.

The strategy normally is accomplished in five steps:

  1. Identify existing protected areas such as federal and state wilderness areas, parks, national monuments, refuges and other designated sites. They should be from 100,000 to 25 million acres in size. These are already wilderness or close to it. Such tracts would serve as “core reserves” completely off-limits to human activity.

  2. Identify other multiple-use government land that can be politically forced into wilderness status. Roadless areas are highest priority, but existing roads can be closed if roadless areas are not available.

  3. Create wilderness corridors along streams, rivers and mountain ranges that interconnect the core reserves.

  4. Purchase, condemn or regulate private property to fill in the gaps where public land did not exist. Usufruct regulation is preferred because the government would not have to pay for the land.

    Create buffer areas around land not in core reserves or interconnecting wilderness to manage them sustainably so they protect the core wilderness areas.

Wild¬lands Project co-author Reed Noss explains that in the core, corridor and buffer areas, “The collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans.” The Wildlands Project (now Wildlands Network) is the master plan for both Agenda 21 and the Biodiversity Treaty, and represents a grandiose design to transform at least half the land area of the continental United States into an immense “eco-park” cleansed of modern industry and private property. Says Noss:

One half of the land area of the 48 conterminous [United] States will be encompassed in core [wilderness] reserves and inner corridor zones (essentially extensions of core reserves) within the next few decades.… Half of a region in wilderness is a reasonable guess of what it will take to restore viable populations of large carnivores and natural disturbance regimes, assuming that most of the other 50 percent is managed intelligently as buffer zone… Eventually, a wilderness net-work would dominate a region and thus would itself constitute the matrix, with human habitations being the islands.

This then, as you can well imagine, causes there to be areas where humans are still residing while the core reserves, buffer zones, and corridors are set up. What will happen to those people? Will they be able to keep their property, or will they be compensated for a ‘taking’ of the property? Neither. They now live in a ‘zone of cooperation’. Whether they want to cooperate or not, they will – or leave. Over a 25-year period, these landowners will be moved off the land. During that time, they will probably be greatly restricted as to what they ‘may’ do with their property. And, eventually, it will be taken without compensation, the Fifth Amendment notwithstanding.


From the ‘horse’s’’ mouths:

Goal 1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere. The only answer the plan offers for eliminating poverty is redistribution of wealth. The document calls for “equal rights to economic resources.” That means government is claiming an absolute power to take away anything that belongs to you to give to whomever it deems more deserving. That is government-sanctioned theft. GND pillar 1

Goal 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries. This is another form of redistribution of wealth that forces industries from first world to third world nations. By using oppressive sustainable policies to drive up production costs, companies are forced to take their factories to the poorer nations. The second trick is to exempt those poorer nations from the very environmental rules and regulations that caused the factories to move in the first place. Can anyone explain how this helps the environment? It doesn’t. It simply makes everyone equally poor. This is also an assault on national sovereignty.

The Economic Bill of Rights, consists of the “right to full employment and ending unemployment by guaranteeing a job at a living wage in a safe workplace, empowered by labor unions; single-payer Medicare for all, tuition-free education from pre-school to college and the right to affordable housing. This last part comes with the creation of a federal bank that will solve distressed mortgages (through taxes, of course), and expand public housing. Payment of those taxes will be distributed in proportion to ability to pay.

“Increases energy, water and fuel cost savings and expanding workforce training and recruitment in order to attract environmentally friendly businesses, all the while attempting to reduce maintenance and operating costs.” This basically promotes rationing of energy, water and fuel. It also, promotes cronyism because it illegally favors “environmentally friendly business” — businesses designated has Benefit Corporations or B-Corps that push the agenda of Sustainability, over other businesses. This is blatant discrimination.

As Tom DeWeese puts it so well: “Redistribution of wealth is behind every policy that comes out of the UN, and now the Obama Administration as well. The EPA is the attack dog to shut down entire industries like coal. It has become very difficult to operate a manufacturing business in the US, and nearly impossible to start a new one. Environmental protection is always the excuse, even when Obama’s own State Department said the Keystone Pipeline was not an environmental threat. A couple of years ago, radical greens, wielding torches, demonstrated outside the home of the head of the Keystone pipeline company. Visions of the terror of the Dark Agenda?

“At the UN’s Rio + 20 Summit held in 2012, the idea of Zero Economic Growth was advocated – just to keep things fair. It was stated that even the building of new roads upsets the status quo and disrupts a well-ordered society. Such idiotic ideas are the driving force behind Sustainable Development. Again, images of the Dark Ages come to mind.”

Basically, Socialism on steroids. Has anyone asked, where are they going to get the money to pay for the Universal Basic Income (UBI) if property rights are eliminated? Without property rights, citizens own neither homes nor businesses to tax – and without those businesses, there are no employees to tax. From whence does this funding come? The Fed will print more worthless paper? Or is the plan that we don’t need money – we will all work and share the bounty? How many history books have covered that?

Social Equity

Last, but certainly not least. We are seeing the results today in the news.

When the Rule of Law is not used to protect individual life, liberty, and property, Frederic Bastiat (in The Law) claims that the law becomes perverted, “used by the unscrupulous who wish, without risk, to exploit the person, liberty and property of others.”

In the process, the law converts “plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it converts lawful defense of life liberty and property into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense… and treats the victim – when he defends himself – as a criminal.”

Social Equity/Justice is straight out of Rousseau. His model of government is to force upon the people the general will, wherein the government becomes superior to the individual in all matters. Thus, if the government passes a law that harms owners (Agenda 21), then the owners automatically become criminals if they try to protect their property. The law becomes arbitrary and capricious in its application.

Yet, Amitai Etzioni (born Werner Falk), futurist and communitarian leader, says in the preface of his book, The New Golden Rule, “For the West, especially the United States, the issue is whether the time has come to stress the shoring up of shared values and to set some new limits on autonomy” (emphasis mine). The chaos we are seeing now is being directed by those who wish to destroy the old order of moral absolutes to one of moral relativism – anything goes except absolutes. Etzioni notes that their work is “pragmatic in the sense that the work of Martin Buber and John Dewy is, rather than following the pattern for formal philosophy or political theory.” As he says, he is more concerned with public philosophy (using the ‘treatment’ of Locke, Mill, and Rousseau) “not in its own right but insofar as it has influenced public thinking and been incorporated into social practices and public policies”. Trickle-down philosophy.

What is social equity? Definition from Project Human City (more from the horse’s mouth) “Social equality is a state of affairs in which all people within a specific society or isolated group have the same status in certain respects, including civil rights, freedom of speech, property rights, and equal access to social goods and services.” So, what’s mine is shared with you, whether I like it or not.

Under Agenda 21, as Tom DeWeese states, “social justice becomes ‘the moral force’ over the rule of law as free enterprise, private property, rural communities and individual consumption habits become the targets, labeled as racist and a social injustice. Such established institutions and free market economics are seen as obstructions to the plan, as are traditional family units, religion, and those who were able to live independently in rural areas.”

Straight from UN Agenda 21, “Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced. It requires a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals, and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.”

Back to DeWeese, “What that means is, Agenda 21 would control every aspect of our lives, including how and where we live, the jobs we have, the mode(s) of transportation available to us, and even what we eat. The Green New Deal is a tax on everything we do, make, wear, eat, drink, drive, import, export and even breathe. In opposing Smart Growth plans in your local community, I said the main goal was to eliminate cars, to be replaced with bikes, walking, and light rail trains. The Green New Deal calls for the elimination of the internal combustion engine. The next step will be to put a ban on the sale of new combustion engines by a specific date and then limiting the number of new vehicles to be sold. Bans on commercial truck shipping will follow. Then they will turn to airplanes, reducing their use. Always higher and higher taxes will be used to get the public to “voluntarily” reduce their use of such personal transportation choices. That’s how it works, slowly but steadily towards the goal.”

And more, “under Smart Growth programs now taking over every city in the nation, single-family homes are a target for elimination, to be replaced by high-rise stack and pack apartments in the name of reducing energy use. That will include curfews on carbon heating systems, mandating they be turned off during certain hours. Heating oil devices will become illegal. Gradually, energy use of any kind will be continually reduced. Agenda 21/The Green New Deal calls for government control of every single home, office, and factory to be torn down or retrofitted to comply with massive environmental energy regulations.”

DeWeese goes on to say, “Agenda 21 Sustainable policy will drive those in rural areas off the farms and into the cities where they could be better controlled. Those in the cities will be ordered to convert their gardens into food producers. And the beef industry is a direct target for elimination. It will start with mandatory decreases in meat consumption until it disappears from our daily diet. The consumption of dairy will follow.

“Part of the plan is for ‘Zero Economic Growth’, a massive welfare plan where no one earns more than anyone else. Incentive to get ahead is dead. New inventions would disrupt their plan for a well-organized, controlled society. So, where will jobs come from after we have banned most manufacturing, shut down most stores, stopped single-family home construction, closed the airline industry, and severely regulated farms and the entire food industry?”

One, it won’t matter to most of us because we are scheduled to be eliminated – all of us useless eaters, the dregs of society, the poor masses in 3rd World countries, and those who will not accept being part of the collective. At least 90% of us must disappear from the face of the earth – to protect the environment, of course.

Eliminating private property, locally elected representative government, free markets and individual freedom will destroy the very concept of our Constitutional Republic – in order to protect the environment, of course. All decisions for those left will be made by the government.

What did I miss? To be sure that I’ve left nothing out, let me say that everything in our lives will be controlled by social equity/justice.

And just remember, your body and your mind are your property. The powers can take your body, but not your mind. So those that are still here with a functioning mind, we must be using them now if we are to keep our bodies, our property, and our republic.

© Tom DeWeese


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