Tom DeWeese
After election day, are you prepared to fight for your home?
By Tom DeWeese
October 20, 2020

I donít know where we are headed.

But I know Iím not going to surrender my country to the forces of tyranny.

The most important election in U.S. history is just days away. I donít know who will win. But I know that no matter who it is, the assault on our freedoms, property rights and free enterprise will go on.

Thatís because the Left is working hard right now to train activists to take action directly in local communities across the nation to enforce their radical agenda.

What more proof do we need for what we are facing than what we have witnessed through the Covid lockdown? Mayors and governors across the nation have turned into little dictators, destroying local businesses, closing schools and churches, and denying our right to assemble.

They tell us this is the new normal.

The Left is determined to enforce the Green New Deal. Itís not only legislation in Congress, but the Green New Deal is already being implemented in New York, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Oregon, Chicago, and so many more. This is not a conspiracy theory. Itís fact.

And, as Iíve already reported, the forces behind the Green New Deal are busy training activists to use the tactics they have learned from the Covid lock-down to now enforce Green New Deal policy.

One line they are using is, ďWe have to flatten the climate curve!Ē Does that sound familiar?

The fact is, no matter who is elected president in this election, this is what we are all going to face in our home communities and state legislatures.

What do we do about it?

Will you and I continue to fight to save our freedoms Ė no matter who wins this election? If so Ė then how will we do that?

Now is the time to begin to prepare for that fight! We must stop them on the local level. Thatís what we must prepare to do now.

They are openly warning us that they have no intention to let the coronavirus crisis go to waste and they intend to exploit its emergency measures to promote the Green New Deal destruction of our nation. ďFlatten the Climate CurveĒ is their battle cry now!

The fact is, my American Policy Center (APC), is one of the only organizations in the nation that fully understands the true threat we are facing.

And APC is on the front lines every day, educating, pressuring local officials, and training activists to take a stand in their local communities.

Thatís the only way to effectively fight back against this onslaught Ė no matter who wins the Presidential election.

I know that the most effective way to fight these policies is to take a stand to protect private property rights. Because the Green New Deal cannot be enforced without destroying property rights!

Can you name another national organization that even mentions property rights? Who has stood up against the local city councils or the states of Oregon and California as they have moved to ban single-family neighborhoods?

The American Policy Center!

For thirty years Iíve led the fight to expose Agenda 21 Ė which is the origin of the Green New Deal. Itís been a lonely fight- but I hung in there!

APC is the only organization in the nation that focuses on that vital issue.

Iím telling you all of this because, as I said in the beginning of this letter, I donít know who is going to win this election, but we have got to be prepared to fight on the day after the election to protect our freedoms.

Will you help me make sure my American Policy Center is prepared to fight- no matter what happens on election day?

I know what to do. Will you help me make sure I have the funds to do it?

One thing that has made me optimistic that we can stand up to these forces and defeat them is that I see more and more people starting to awaken to what you and I have known for a long time.

I believe that we can rally strong forces for our fight. We can train thousands to fight back. And we can stop this tyranny on the local level Ė if we are prepared!

To be prepared I need your most generous financial support today. I know that the battle is going to get crazy. And APC must have the funds to fight.

Please give what you can. I wonít let you down. And I wonít surrender to these forces that are determined to destroy our American freedoms!

Please help the American Policy Center continue the fight to protect private property rights!


Tom DeWeese


American Policy Center

© Tom DeWeese


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