Tom DeWeese
Aufheben der Kultur - Cancel Culture - Part 4: Social Justice, Political Correctness, and the Woke Menagerie
By Tom DeWeese
December 14, 2020

Below is an article by an associate of Tom DeWeese at the American Policy Center, Kathleen Marquardt, the Center's vice president.


“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: this triptych succinctly defines the attractiveness and superiority of Western civilization.” Ibn Warraq

We are in a battle, one of wits, words, and betrayal. Soon it will become even more deadly than it is now. We must win this war, because there will be no room for a do-over if we lose. The loss will not only be homes and lives, but the flame of freedom across the entire world.

While we are fighting this asymmetrical war, we must retain our morality, which will not be easy because we are up against those who want us dead, removed from the face of the earth, and our ideas and ideals erased. How did Cultural Marxism change our culture and worldview from one of reason and logic, from Western culture, to humanism, from individual freedom to communitarianism and slavery?

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

As I explained in Aufheben der Kultur, Part 1, political correctness is the modern term for cultural Marxism. It is also a major tool being used to achieve the totalitarianism planned to control the world through the Hegelian Dialectic. The presupposition is that the proletariat are good, the bourgeois are bad, and the global Marxists need to be in power – to control all. Which will mean destroying the bourgeois, the small business and manufacturing people. And do away with property rights, and thus individual freedom. The cultural Marxists do not want to own the world, just have power over it. And Social Justice will go a long way toward giving them that power as an antithesis, a tool to attack government to dilute the rights and freedoms we have still been able to retain after years of being chipped away.

Deconstruction and Critical Theory

We are seeing it, and have been for decades, in the tearing down of society itself. We are seeing the replacement of objective truths with subjective truths (that change with the political weather). It is the destruction, or as Jacques Derrida, a well-known Algerian-French philosopher who was prominent in the 60s counterculture scene, termed it, “deconstruction” of Western values. He wrote, “in Western culture, people tend to think and express their thoughts in terms of binary oppositions (white / black, masculine / feminine, cause /effect, conscious /unconscious, presence / absence, speech/writing). But, per, deconstructionists say we must question “all traditional assumptions about the ability of language to represent reality and emphasizes that a text has no stable reference or identification because words essentially only refer to other words and therefore a reader must approach a text by eliminating any metaphysical or ethnocentric assumptions through an active role of defining meaning, sometimes by a reliance on new ‘wordconstruction’, etymology, puns, and other word play”. In other words, gobbledygook works as well, actually better than, logic.

Critical Theory, like all things Marxist, uses moral relativism as a basis for all judgments; insisting that everything is only true or false relative to a particular point in time (and that is even subject to be discounted). It rejects the existence of universal principles, and all history is the history of oppression. Therefore, it is imperative to tear down the status quo as well as all social norms and rules. Everything in our worldview – our traditional concepts of right and wrong, society, social institutions, is wrong and must be destroyed to make the world safe for the proletariat, who are, at best, useful idiots to the ruling Marxist globalists. Their entire reason to exist is to tear down, not to build up. It is about class struggle against the existing power structure of freedom and property. There are not to be political parties, no elections, no bicameral legislative bodies, only a Marxist elite...



About Kathleen Marquardt

Kathleen Marquardt has been in the freedom movement since before it was called that. She was founder and chairman of Putting People First, a non-profit organization combatting the animal rights movement. Her book, AnimalScam: the Beastly Abuse of Human Rights, was published by Regnery in 1993. Kathleen has been Vice President of American Policy Center since 2000 and is the Agenda 21/Sustainable Development expert for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign. She was a contributing writer and researcher for Freedom Advocates.

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