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We are building Freedom Pods across the country!
By Tom DeWeese
March 11, 2021

My greatest fear is that champions of Freedom give up.

Iím hearing too many say we have lost the Republic.

Thatís only true if you and I quit in despair.

Iím fighting back and itís starting to make an impact!

I fully believe that we must give people hope and direction to help them effectively stand up to the massive force that is determined to destroy our Republic and our American way of life. We CAN stop them!

As I reported to you recently, my American Policy Center (APC) is working to train local activists to fight back right there in your local communities to protect local business, private property, and our personal life choices. As you may remember, I call this process ďFreedom Pods

Not only have I written about it, but Iíve also discussed the idea on several radio appearances.

Well, the idea is starting to catch on.

Hereís just some of the activity that has begun in communities where local activists have answered the call to begin building Freedom Pods!

Knoxville, Tennessee, activists are organizing to run candidates for city council. Five of the nine seats are up for election this year. The team is also researching current office holders for every single elected position in the city and county. They plan to change the face of local government to protect liberty and build their Freedom Pod.

Shreveport, Louisiana is home of the incredible Caddo Alliance for Freedom. This is group is organized to stop the Shreveport City Council from over-stepping its legal jurisdiction. They are doing a magnificent job in protecting private property rights around Caddo Lake, successfully organizing, attending council meetings and making their voice heard. Now, they have joined with APC to extend their efforts to assure the entire area inside and around the city is a Freedom Pod.

Bayfield, Colorado, where local activists are not only organizing their own community Freedom Pod, but are working to help train more in neighboring communities across the state. Already they have succeeded in getting some local communities to pull back on some of the invasive and unnecessary Covid emergency regulations.

Portage, Michigan is where one of the most exciting Freedom Pod programs is taking place. APC has teamed up with the Founders Freedom Forum, a statewide organization which presents educational programming to preserve the Republic. The Founders Freedom Forum has completely embraced APCís Freedom Pod program, and is now creating a power point and training presentation. They are about to begin using these to train activists across the state. Soon, Freedom Pods will begin to spring up all across Michigan! APC will provide the Founders Freedom Forum materials on our tool kit so activists around the country can use them nationwide! This is a huge jump start for our efforts!

Clearly, APCís Freedom Pod movement is growing. Fighting back on the local and state levels is exactly how our Founders intended for us to protect our freedom.

We have NOT lost the Republic. But we MUST organize to protect it.

The goal is to win and preserve our freedom!

Of course, the other way you can help me build this vital movement is through your financial support.

I will not back down. I will not submit to the tyranny of this radical, unlawful cabal in Washington, DC. They may think they have defeated us. But they are not ready for you and I and all of the dedicated freedom fighters across the nation to stand up before our city councils and state legislatures Ė removing then from local and state offices. They donít think you and I have the strength to stand up and protect our local businesses, private property, and our American way of life.

But, that is exactly what I intend to do!

We have excited activists joining this effort. The only thing that will hold us back is the funding necessary to keep us going.

I want you to consider this. Think about Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty who stood up and defeated the most powerful force in their world. Sam Adams knew he didnít need a majority of people to join him. He said, ďIt does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.Ē

That is what you and I are going to do.

I have the plan. And I have the tools to win. Now, I need you like never before to help me make it all happen. Stephen, please help with as much as you can comfortably give to APC. Thank you!

You and I can and WILL win back American Freedom!


© Tom DeWeese


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