Tom DeWeese
DeSantis has been deserted, his globalist/RINO mentors don’t want him to run in '24
By Tom DeWeese
April 1, 2023

Written by Kat Stansell, an associate of Tom DeWeese

I was just finishing up another installment of proof that DeSantis is not the man he pretends, when the news broke that his donors believe he should not run for POTUS in 2024! I guess the truth has become apparent to too many, too fast of late. How can someone help to divide and conquer Conservatives (his main mission) if he is losing followers like a dog sheds his coat in summer? People have been watching, learning and turning against him in droves. The more they hear, the less they like, and, on the heels of the massive Trump rally in Waco, TX, the DeSantis team led by Karl Rove is taking their foot off the gas. For now.

Put in normal speak, Ron DeSantis has stepped in it one too many times and the odor clings. Like so many, I detest a fraud, especially one that lies to take down the country I love while enriching himself. America has had their fill of liars.

Instead of a whole piece analyzing his latest “faux paws”, I’ll give you a laundry list of the last 4+ years of Gov. Ron, and be done, unless and until things change.

Election Crimes

Immediately after his inauguration in 2019, DeSantis signed the state up for ERIC, the now proven warehouse for phantom voters. His predecessor, Rick Scott, refused to join, because he saw ERIC to be nothing but a dangerous data base containing personal information for everyone in the state. It contained no program for voter roll maintenance, then or now. Scott saw that. Why didn’t DeSantis? Or did he?

That narrow margin of victory – .4% – may have really scared Mr. D. Did he sign onto ERIC knowing full well what it was and what it did? Or did his Globalist backers suggest it to make sure that their boy never just “squeaked by” again? No one will ever be sure.

I do believe more now than ever, that his “big red wave” in the Midterms was manufactured to catapult him firmly onto the national scene. Many in the position to know, agree. The hundreds of thousands of ballots mailed to and voted from a cache of KNOWN phantom addresses and uncovered before the Midterm, were NOT for his opponent. Conservatives – who had discovered and proven the fraud – had feared they were ready for use by Crist. DeSantis and his Secretary of State, Cord Byrd, told them that Tallahassee“loved” the ERIC system, and said outright that “they used it a little differently”. Hmmm.

Citizens were demanding the state resign from ERIC, but Cord Byrd told them to “back off”, that Florida “would never leave ERIC”. Just two weeks later, it did! When asked why Florida had resigned, Byrd feigned ignorance of the whole system, pretending that he was unaware of how ERIC worked. Bovine feces, I say. It just plain stinks.

The widely touted Election Crimes division be damned.

Those who tried to show proof of fraud were labeled as the criminals, called “purveyors of misinformation”. That word makes my blood run cold, and the fact that Tallahassee used it makes it even worse.

Covid Sleight of Hand

While DeSantis opened the state during Covid, and received many accolades for doing so, there was another truth, well- hidden.

In 2021, DeSantis signed SB 2006 into law, giving massive authority to state health officials to ORDER people to be examined, quarantined and injected against their will. This was to be “immediately enforceable” by law enforcement, pitting a police state against citizens. According the National File, “the law even calls for volunteers to help authorities” in this unconstitutional act, and offered rewards for those who did.

Remember the horror we felt when we heard that the Feds were training people to do this tracking nationwide? Well, Ron had it covered in Florida; he institutionalized it.

The Trump Treatment

Also in 2021, DeSantis said that he was “happy to see the arrests of violent Trump supporters on Jan. 6,” reported “Those folks who took it to a violent level need to be held accountable.” He used the incident tout stronger penalties for “people involved in riots” in FL. Wonder what he says now that the whole thing has been proven to be a false flag organized by Pelosi? We’ll never know, because he will never say. He surely did nothing when Spring Break rioters destroyed parts of the beaches for entertainment a few weeks ago.

Guessing those laws, like so many of his promises, were never enacted.

In August of 2022, DeSantis utterly ignored the illegal raid on Mar a Lago, and came out with weak “statement” three days after the fact. Donald Trump – who had helped DeSantis to win the Statehouse, with that incredibly narrow margin, in 2018 – has been either ignored or pimped by the Governor, repeatedly.

Ron’s latest statement about the planned indictment and arrest of Trump over the already disproven Stormy Daniels hubub, was adjudged childish by both the Left and the Right. Check out his interview with Piers Morgan if you haven’t seen it.

He also supports Ukraine in the fabricated war. I have to wonder if that has anything to do with his girl, Pushaw – former press secretary and now head trouble-shooter on his presidential campaign. Where on earth did the poor blue collar boy from Jacksonville get connected with an unregistered foreign agent?

When Pushaw finally did register, she was not fined or penalized in any way. Hmmm.

More to the point of disrespecting POTUS 45, Ron DeSantis has NEVER acknowledged the massive fraud that caused the Coup in 2020; he still pretends there is a legitimate government behind that barbed-wire fencing in DC.

Hurricane Response

September 28, 2022, when Ian destroyed parts of his state, volunteers from all over – Samaritan’s Purse, Grunt Style Foundation and many others – rushed in with food, water and clothing. They themselves lived in trailers to be near where they were needed. State resources were there, of course, but hardly exemplary.

On Oct. 2, the Governor showed up on the scene with the fake POTUS, Biden. DeSantis took the podium to reassure the storm victims that Ronnie had come to their rescue. After thanking Biden for federal help and, apparently acknowledging that climate change had caused Ian, DeSantis then spoke of the $35 million coming from the Florida Disaster Fund, “set up by my wife”, which was to “help those in need without the regulations or strings of government policies.” (NB: That same fund gave out $6.5 million in 2017 to victims of Irma, and $16 million to victims of Michael in 2018. Obviously, the Fund was in existence long before Casey became Florida’s first lady.)

Miracle of all miracles, the Sanibel Causeway was rebuilt to bear traffic in just 14 days! The state was inaction!! The Midterms loomed.

On Oct. 5, the governor announced his intentions, and on October 19, the causeway was opened. But, think about it. Two weeks would be record time for a small deck to be built on the back of a private home, if all the raw materials were available.

Amazing! Promises made, promises kept? Not so fast, I have a few questions, which I have asked of a LOT of Floridians.

How did DeSantis get the materials and labor hustled together that fast to complete that one huge project – the bridge out to some of the wealthiest (donor’s?) homes? Half of the state had been impacted by Ian and was desperately trying to clean up and get basic needs, like power and water. There were shortages of all kinds of building materials for months.

Here’s something to think about: Ian WAS proven to be an engineered weather event. The day after Ian hit, and was barely finished destroying parts of Florida, Dane Wigginton, of, had posted a video of definitive proof that Ian had been strengthened and steered. Climate engineering has been a proven fact for decades. Let that sink in.

The knot in my gut comes from the juxtaposition of these facts. Could Ron DeSantis have known ahead of time that that manpower and supplies would be necessary? Dear Lord, I hate to suggest it, but there is no other explanation I can find.

Nobody can answer that question, although I’ve asked many who might know. How else does an entire 3-mile long strip of road, balanced on small island outcroppings get rebuilt and opened to heavy traffic in record time, while the rest of the state flounders, waiting months for supplies to repair their homes and businesses?

Today, after that epic feat last October, much of the Ft. Myers area is still decimated. Some areas, as reported were still without shelter and water as of early March, 2023. Articles in the Epoch Times in Feb. 2023, and in the NY Times just this month, March, ’23, shows Hulls of boats destroyed by the storm still resting on land, andpiles of rubble, still there attracting rats mice and worse.

Before Ian, Sanibel and Captiva alone offered approximately 2800 lodging units. That number is, today, 155. Ft. Myers beach has 2384 hotel rooms pre-Ian; today, only 360, 15% of pre- storm totals – nearly SIX MONTHS after Ian’s destruction.

Businesses trying to open back up have been faced with stiff state permitting fees, of $20,000 or more. Tallahassee’s only suggestion to the many business owners who couldn’t afford that, was to get a loan from the small Business Administration, at 2.5% interest. What happened to “helping those in need with out the regulations and strings of government policy”? Guess that Disaster Fund was all used up with the big repairs that caught the attention of the press, before the Midterm Election.

What happened to that Constitutional Oath?

It is widely known that the Florida governor supports the red flag laws in his state. What happened to the Second Amendment?

Feb. 28, the Governor sicced his security officers on ten senior citizens wearing Trump gear in a parking lot of the book store where he was signing his new book, The Courage to be Free. What happened to their First and Fourth Amendment rights??

All I can say to that is, if DeSantis did not have the courage to be near ten elderly people who supported another candidate, how could he possibly have the courage to run a country?

* * *

In the final analysis, I think that his RINO network has realized the same things. DeSantis doesn’t look or smell good anymore. According to an NBC news report, his donors are asking him to sit this election cycle out, because they don’t think he has a chance against Trump. It was said that a number of his donors and supporters are concerned that all of these recent “faux paws” indicate that this dog is NOT ready to hunt. Those who so strongly plotted for him, now admit that DeSantis would have little effect on Trump’s momentum. Ouch.

Stay in Florida, Governor, and see what you can do to heal yourself. Start with being honest with your constituents. They may not buy it, after all this. It is quite possible, from the comments I hear, that their minds may not change back.

America is desperate for a strong leader to rescue the Republic, and we have become deathly allergic to lies and liars.


Kat Stansell is the Grassroots Outreach Director for the American Policy Center. A native of Cincinnati Ohio, and graduate of Denison University, Kat served the Village of Mettawa, IL, as treasurer and chair of the Planning Commission, where she got a good look at the process of civic vs. corporate interaction. She has been a local activist, working for several candidates and organizations. She has also written for newspapers and websites, and organized events highlighting issues of the day.


Phone: (540) 341-8911

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