Randy Engel
Cardinal Daniel DiNardo: for the record
Cardinal DiNardo and Houston's Planned Parenthood Abortion Supercenter
By Randy Engel
November 17, 2013


On November 12, 2013, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of the Diocese of Galveston-Houston was elected on the third ballot of the assembled American bishops to the office of Vice-President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The following article was published and posted on the U.S. Coalition for Life website on March 15, 2011.

The Child Butcher Shop known as Planned Parenthood: Center for Choice Ambulatory Surgical Center is still operational. Security is tight and effective thanks to the Houston Police Department. And I think the information is still relevant.

Cardinal DiNardo's Vigil Mass Homily

On the evening of Sunday, January 23, 2011, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston, Texas, served as the main celebrant and homilist at the Solemn Vigil Mass for Life at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C. The Mass is part of the many memorial events marking Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision of January 22, 1973. The Cardinal was joined by four fellow cardinals, 39 bishops, 400 priests, deacons, priests and religious, and thousands of Catholics pro-lifers, mostly young people.

DiNardo's homily as Chair of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)'s Pro-Life Committee followed a pattern already familiar to pro-life marchers from previous years – Scriptural quotes and comments; a general welcome with special emphasis on the youthful contingent in the audience; a brief summary of anti-abortion legislation pending in Congress; a call for Christian unity; and finally a story about DiNardo's prison ministry which is tied into the "Catholic Campaign to End the Use of the Death Penalty," a program funded and operated by the USCCB Secretariat for Justice, Peace and Human Development not the Pro-Life Office.

DiNardo made no mention of euthanasia, contraception (abortifacients), sterilization; population control, lethal human embryo and fetal experimentation, classroom sex instruction programs which Planned Parenthood says are necessary to secure Roe v. Wade, pornography, homosexuality, sexual abuse, human vital organ transplantation and other dangers to human life and the family which make up part of the traditional broad spectrum of life issues facing Catholics today. His homily was pretty much a pro forma performance on abortion, with little real substance. The kind that we have come to expect from the AmChurch hierarchy.

Houston's New Abortion Mega Center

Watching EWTN coverage of the Vigil Mass, I wondered how many Catholics in the audience were aware that Planned Parenthood's newest and the second largest abortion super center in the world (China has the first), is located in the Cardinal's back yard, on I- 45, just a few miles from the Archdiocese's new Cathedral and renovated Chancery Office.

The 78,000 square foot free standing Planned Parenthood (PP) flagship houses fully-licensed ambulatory surgical suites for late-term infanticide killings up to six months plus one week gestation, birth prevention (read abortifacients) facilities, and regional administrative offices for 35 counties in Southeast Texas and Louisiana. Ironically, the renovated building, once a bank, is fashioned in the form of a cash register, a constant reminder to everyone that money is the nexus of PP. Each year, the lives of more than 80,000 babies are snuffed out by chemical and surgical abortion in PP's Galveston-Houston facilities at $500 to $2,500 per life. Planned Parenthood is hoping that business will pick up with its new regional facility. PP says it cannot be held accountable for "faulty or omitted contraception," hence the need for abortion as a back-up.

The new massive death machine located at the inner city intersection of four black and Hispanic neighborhoods in Houston will continue to serve as a genocidal extermination center for thousands of babies of minority women of low income. The nearby University of Houston and Texas Southern University will provide additional fodder for PP's anti-life engine.

DiNardo Silent on Western Hemisphere's Largest Aboritorium

Imagine how inspired, how fired up, Cardinal DiNardo's listeners at the Vigil Mass would have been to hear how the Cardinal, like a modern-day Saint George, had undertaken a well-orchestrated and relentless campaign to slay the Planned Parenthood dragon. How he rallied his flock of one and a half million laypeople in opposition to the mega abortion center in his Archdiocese. Surely, this is stuff that legends are made of.

But alas! DiNardo was religiously silent on the subject at the Pro-life Vigil Mass. As silent as he had been the year before at the 2010 Vigil Mass, shortly after PP had announced its intensions to build its new Murder Inc. complex in Houston.

True to their mission, many national, state and especially Houston pro-life groups have been picketing and protesting PP's massive killing center since day one. But Cardinal DiNardo, the Chair of AmChurch's National Pro-Life Office, has been conspicuously silent over the past two years.

One of the few public statements he has made in opposition to the new PP mega- center was in early 2010 during the Protestant-led ecumenical "40 Days for Life" Prayer Campaign which was co-sponsored by the Houston Coalition for Life and the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

In a jointly prepared media release dated March 4, 2010, DiNardo stated:
    Our participation in this ecumenical effort is an opportunity to implement the prayer aspect of our Catholic prolife activities and also fulfill our call to Christian unity. ... Followers of Christ share a belief in respect for all human life, from conception to natural death. Together, we will offer a prayerful, peaceful witness of our common commitment to the human person. ... The opening of this new Planned Parenthood center in Houston calls all people of faith to defend innocent human life that is voiceless. ... Prayer and witness on behalf of human life in the womb deserve our utmost attention as people dedicated to upholding human rights and the God-given dignity and worth of each person (emphasis added)."
However, the Cardinal has not given his "utmost attention" to the matter.

Indeed, to date, DiNardo has said little and done even less when faced with this reality of pure unadulterated evil in his own Archdiocese. The children being murdered are his flock. Doesn't he care? He is supposed to be a shepherd not a hireling. Indeed, his crimson robes are a reminder that he must, if necessary, lay down his life for his flock, not throw them under a Planned Parenthood bus.

Sadly, DiNardo is but one of many in a long-line of post-Conciliar AmChurch bishops whose silence and inaction have brought moral ruin and death to America's shores.

Cardinal DiNardo's silence and inaction is a scandal of the first degree not only to Houston Catholics, but also to Catholics throughout the U.S., because the Cardinal represents the head of the USCCB Pro-Life Committee. Clearly, the Committee needs a new leader.

© Randy Engel


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