Adam Graham
Herman Cain is pro-life
By Adam Graham
October 23, 2011

Leon Wolf of Red State did something rare among bloggers and columnists. He admitted he was wrong when he stated Herman Cain was pro-choice on abortion over some confusing statements Cain made on CNN. Wolf, one of Red State's most vocal pro-lifers declared, "I now realize that calling Herman Cain "pro-choice" was not just wrong, it was disastrously wrong, and for that I am sorry. I have come to understand that Herman Cain has in reality done far more for the pro-life movement than I ever have."

Herman Cain's record of Pro-Life support goes back to his 2004 Senate Campaign in which he denounced abortion and the Roe v. Wade decision, writing:

    Today we mourn the murder of millions of innocent lives because of the decision made 31 years ago by the United States Supreme Court to give doctors the right to end the life of an unborn child. Unbelievably, the decision of Roe v. Wade shows that our Nation still chooses to place human convenience over the sanctity of human life. No great nation can prosper when life is not valued.

Cain spent $1 million of his own money for an ad campaign against abortion in 2006. The ads exposed the tough truth of the higher abortion rates among blacks and Hispanics which and as late as March of last year, he called Planned Parenthood, "Planned Genocide." The National Right to Life Committee has backed Cain up, stating that he is fully pro-life. His clarifying statements to the Brody File coupled with his past record should dismiss the question of his dedication to pro-life principles.

Unfortunately, Wolf is almost alone in admitting his error. There are still people who are questioning's Cain commitment to the pro-life cause to drive a wedge between Cain and pro-life voters.

Either they, like Wolf, are totally ignorant of Cain's pro-life record, they are incredibly obtuse, or they're smearing Cain to promote their favored candidates. And for Presidential candidates who are joining the attack such as Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum, the attacks on Cain's commitment life is really being made without regards to truth in an attempt to save their flailing presidential campaigns.

It is fair game to suggest that Cain committed a gaffe and got confused in his interview with Morgan. It's fair to question whether based on his articulation skills in interviews, if he has what it takes to be President. What's not fair is to ignore the totality of Cain's commitment to the cause of life for the sake of political gamesmanship.

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