Linda Kimball
Why western God-haters willfully choose magic, nihilism, depravity, and stupidity
By Linda Kimball
November 12, 2018

"Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity, whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things...Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." Romans 1: 29, 30, 32)

"The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed." (Karl Marx, Marx and Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, p. 59).

The living, transcendent Triune God of Revelation,

".... Is the leftists' chief rival," (Peter Hitchens, "The Rage against God")

Hitchens adds:

"Christian belief, by subjecting all men to divine authority and by asserting in the words 'My kingdom is not of this world,' that the ideal society does not exist in this life, is the most coherent and potent obstacle to secular utopianism." (p.134)

Under the guiding hands of sinister God-haters, the world as the creation ex nihilo of the sovereign Triune God of Revelation first gave way to the world as an evolving aspect of autonomous man's experience and now to an Eastern-oriented mystical pantheist illusion created by the will of the man-god:

"Man, at the same time, has stopped regarding himself as the vice-regent of God, created in His image, and (now sees) himself as a fragmented being ruled by ancient urges and lusts which control him and reduce his reason to a façade for rampant irrationalism. Not surprisingly, T.S. Eliot saw modern man in a waste land of his own making." (The Word of Flux, Rousas John Rushdoony, p. 54)

From the close of the Medieval Age on through to our own time, God-haters have been waging war against the God of Revelation. The reason for this unrelenting attack upon the Triune God, but especially Jesus Christ, is mankind's sinful fallen condition. God-haters desire suppression of the knowledge of their own sin, which they hope will stifle the gnawing pain of a guilty conscience:

"The epistemological problem has roots in a false metaphysics, but both alike stem from a moral choice, man's sinful desire to be his own god.... In reality, sin is man's rebellion against the law of God and man's attempt to be his own god, to replace God's Word with man's word." (ibid, p. 51)

Fallen, sinful man denies he is a sinner under the judgment of the Triune God. He seeks escape from the moral law requirements of the Holy Triune God by establishing his own evolutionary cosmogony (anti-creation account), deterministic religion of nature,

philosophy, and law to control the whole of reality by his fiat word exercised through the instrument of science:

"He therefore excludes the sovereignty of God and the authority of His Word, because man cannot allow such a God to exist in his world and to speak with authority to man." (ibid, p. 53)

Though he may concede that such a God is possible – but only as First Cause of the Big Bang and life as evolutionary theism and progressive creation maintain – the basic reality for modern naturalistic man is his autonomous existence. Thus while evolutionary theism posits a limited, man-controlled God of no authority within creation, God-haters want atheism to be true:

"I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-informed people I know are religious believers. It isn't just that I don't believe in God...It's that I hope there is no God! I don't want there to be a God; I don't want the universe to be like that." (Thomas Nagel, Rage Against God. p. 150)

Nagel admits his own Cosmic Authority problem and states his belief that this same problem is not only widespread, but has produced bad science among his fellow unbelievers within the scientific community,

"My guess is that this cosmic authority problem is not a rare condition and that it is responsible for much of the scientism and reductionism of our time. One of the tendencies it supports is the ludicrous overuse of evolutionary biology to explain everything about life, including everything about the human mind." (ibid. p. 150)

In other words, scientism is the powerful magic through which the will to power of both God-haters and evolutionary theists performs sorcery and surgery. By wielding this powerful magic the Triune God and the third heaven have disappeared and man created in His spiritual image has been turned into a highly evolved evolved soulless product of evolution working on matter. Through magic, man's mind (spirit), the citadel of his soul, has been 'turned into' his material brain and his mind's intellectual powers into the firing of synapses and interaction of chemicals.

Evolutionary reductionism is a cruel swindle perpetrated against unsuspecting Westerners by scientistic sorcerers, who having rejected Jesus Christ's offer of salvation, want no one else to have it either. All of it – evolutionary biology, Darwinism, scientism, man as evolved ape or hominid, and global change – are magical illusions.

The truth is that each man is an embedded soul whose citadel is mind (will, conscience, reason) or spirit. Scripture uses these two words, spirit and soul, interchangeably.

Spirit is vertically open to receipt of 'heavenly manna' from our Father in Heaven. However, spirit can also be open to influence and suggestion from the demonic realm, the intelligent powers behind the haters of God.

Though narrowly defined, man has 'free will,' thus he is able to assent to and believe in truth or reject it and assent instead to placing his faith in the cruel magic perpetrated against him by God-haters.

In the American Dictionary of the English Language of 1828, Noah Webster defines belief and faith,

1. Belief: " assent of the mind (spirit) to the truth of a declaration, proposition... distinct from personal knowledge; as the belief of the gospel."

2. Faith: "The assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another; in theology, the assent of the the truth of what God has revealed..."

Note that assent of spirit always precedes what we 'believe' and have 'faith' in as true and real. This is true of all people, from Darwin, Karl Marx, and Nietzsche, to Popes, priests, pastors, bishops, "gays," evolutionary biologists, Presidents, Prime Ministers, university professors, Luciferians, and evolutionary theists.

The atheist scientist for example, must 'believe' in his findings, but more importantly, it is by 'faith' that he believes that his mind (unseen spirit) is capable not only of 'knowing' but of separating reality from fantasy.

All of this being the case, when during the Enlightenment Western apostates declared the death of Jesus Christ and elevated 'nature' to the supreme position they were immediately faced with irresolvable problems. Of these, three are of primary importance.

The first had to do with the ultimate source of life, and the second with man's embedded soul/spirit, or 'being.' If the living Creator of life and man's being is dead, then there is no source for life and being, making man a nonbeing, a walking dead body that nevertheless speaks, thus the question becomes, "What is man?"

Evolutionary naturalism provides no answers as it posits that life emerged from pre-existing or spontaneously generated (Big Bang) chemicals, stardust or other non-life-bearing matter, which begs the question, where did the pre-existing or spontaneously generated matter come from? Furthermore, lifeless chemicals cannot produce life, and without life that can be 'naturally selected' then evolutionary process has nothing to work on.

The third unresolvable problem emerges from the first two. If the living Triune God is dead and man is a nonbeing, then what can the soulless nonbeing know and how can he account for what he knows?

The answer: he can neither account for his own life nor how he knows anything.

Philosophically, evolutionary naturalism is a species of nihilism because since humanity has supposedly evolved from lesser to greater biological organisms, the same change process is in play in the area of truth, morals, gender and biblical infallibility. Therefore, all that can be known at present – and forever – is that there is no absolute or fixed certainty in either the area of truth, morality, gender and the Revealed Word of God.

Additionally, the elevation of lifeless matter and energy to 'creator' is idolatrous worship of nature while the depraved notion that man is a nonbeing completely controlled by instincts (genetic and chemical forces of nature) and environment – which is another way of saying unseen forces – is utterly stupid.

If love of truth and compassion for other souls animated the cold, shriveled hearts of God-haters they would repent of their infernal project. But as love for brother has no place in their hard-hearts they choose instead to work around the clock to ensure that since they have chosen hell then all of us must end up there, thus their relentless intellectual assault. Peter Hitchens comments,

"The current intellectual assault on God in Europe and North America is in fact a specific attack on Christianity – the faith that stubbornly persists in the morality, laws, and government of the major Western countries." (The Rage Against God, p. 134)

"...knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires." 2 Peter 3:3

The essence of the terroristic assault upon mankind is psychological bullying. It takes the form of a two-pronged attack. One prong consists of license to sin, sugar-coated lies, Big Lies, double-speak, half-truths, evasions, insidiously revised history, teaching of evolution as factual science and the seductive allure of pride in being included within the citadel of the best, brightest, and morally pure. The other prong consists of a campaign of spiritual terror in the form of relentless browbeating, scoffing, mocking, guilt-trips, cruel ridicule, slander, backstabbing, sly innuendo, and terroristic persecution and shunning of all who prove resistant to the first prong process.

In terms of procedure, men must first be conditioned to believe without question that evolution is a scientific fact. They must blindly accept that they are evolved apes and that anyone who disbelieves this canon of depravity and stupidity is a stupid redneck bible-thumper.

Second, human apes must be conditioned to speak in terms such as 'it seems to me,' 'it appears to me,' 'I feel' and 'suddenly I realized' rather than 'I believe' 'I think' 'my faith is in,' and 'it is my belief. Why? Because the former terms are abstract enough to imply 'something caused' in the brain by chemical interactions while the latter specifically point to 'assent of spirit.' And man must never, ever be reminded that he is a soul/spirit within which assent of mind occurs. Therefore, words such as belief and faith are verboten...forbidden.

Hitchens tells us that the ultimate and only defense against infernal God-haters and their nihilism, worship of human power, moral relativism, and the notion that ends justify means is a return to fundamental orthodox Biblical doctrines and teachings such as:

"...sin...conscience...eternal life, and...divine justice under an unalterable law..." (Ibid. p. 135)

In other words, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, signaling a return to sanity.... of life, of soul/spirit and of the light of truth and righteousness.

© Linda Kimball


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