Tabitha Korol
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By Tabitha Korol
August 26, 2012

A letter insisting that President Obama is dedicated to Israel, written by "Attorney Bob," was forwarded to my attention. It contained assurances that Obama's deeds were truly warm and friendly, but if that were true, why the persuasion? Wouldn't they be as self-evident as our inalienable rights — or the "nose on my face" — so why have a huckster? Our citizens would be queued up, cash in hand, eager for the purchase. There'd be no need for this father-figure to convince his children to swallow the bitter pill.

Bob says the complainers are assigning the faults of other presidents to Obama. The typical ruse — take credit for what's right; blame others for what's wrong. And the uneducated, naïve, and those whose minds have filled with the sand in which they bury their heads, will agree, as long as they are thus far safe in their gated communities. Similarly, a rabbi's wife I know emailed me to discontinue sending my essays because we have different "truths." Her truths required quotation marks — mine do not.

I prefer to provide facts over the attorney's embellishments. The President is accountable for his own deeds, not those of our fathers or previous presidents, and the warm words of taqiyyah, the Islamic war strategy, are used as they suit his purpose.

The attorney reminded the readers that Obama declared America's bond with Israel "unbreakable," words to court the Jewish vote, but the proof is in the pudding — his close associations with anti-Semites Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan, George Soros, CAIR operatives in the White House. His breathtaking betrayal of Israel, his unilateral announcement at AIPAC, sans discussion, was his new peace terms of surrendering Israel's land to the 1967 armistice lines (aka Auschwitz borders), while Netanyahu was flying to Washington. Obama's warmth to an indivisible Jerusalem cooled when he can't say "the capital of Israel." Recall his warm silence when Egypt's Mubarak was sacrificed to install the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) with its increased calls for Jewish genocide, while he donated $1.5 billion to the new Morsi regime that crushes democracy (while we are trillions of dollars in debt, and Medicare was cut by $716 billion); and years of policies that facilitated the rise of Islamist despots, Iran's nuclear expansion, and compromised Israeli securities. He even spoiled any possible help Israel might have gotten from Azerbaijan. How can this Jewish man feel only warmth while Israel is feeling the heat?

I remind you of Obama's disproportionate pressure on Israel, demanding no compromise from Palestinians; failure to support Iran's democracy-seeking populace; his feeble sanctions against Iran's increased nuclear proliferation while Leon Panetta backhanded Israel. The attorney's claim of US support and arms to Israel are previous agreements, such as between Golda Meir and Richard Nixon (1969). As Bob alludes to US assistance with Carmel's forest fires, which are obvious obligations that Obama must initiate in his position to dupe Jews while not two-timing the Arab states, but how does he compare that action to the Leader of the Free World's mind-boggling inaction at Iran's very serious existential threat to Israel?

Obama permitted Hezbollah to enter South Lebanon, and pressured Israel to reduce sanctions on Hamas in Gaza. He forced Netanyahu to freeze housing construction for 10 months, with no compromises from Abbas as his rockets continued and his rebuff followed. Our failures to pressure the PA result in decreasing support for Israel here and in the UN, and the new International Counterterrorism Forum, led by Hillary, excluded Israel. Our passive withholding of support from Israel during the Flotilla incident increased the Turkey-Israel animosity, but Obama's friendship with Turkey's Erdogan flourished. And his non-inteference policy on open hostilities (BDS-boyott/divestment/sanctions) toward Israel and Jewish students on campuses continues and worsens, that Obama would never have tolerated against people of color.

Bob excused Obama's criticism of Israel's settlements based on other administrations', so must Israel accept his condemnation to build housing on her own land? Must she never seek justice? Shall Israel and America accept Islamic control now because the Muslims slaughtered all the Jews and Christians in Medina and Mecca?

Bob also claims our financial assistance to Israel has reached record levels, with no link to verification. Along with finding surrepticious payments in the millions to support Islamic tyranny and the MB, I discovered Palestinians receive extortionate aid. Example, 2006: $250,000,000 from the US, $19,709,212 from the UN, and $329,119,217 from total governments, a constant supply of money to a self-imposed victim mentality whose only domestic product and foreign export are terror, with no end in sight. To date, in 2012, the US provided another $200 million in taxpayer funds to Hamas-governed Gaza, which surely supports missiles and rockets against Israel (while we are trillions in debt and Obama announced his drastic reductions in funds to our military.)

Contrast that with America and Israel's shared special relationship that evolved into a mutually beneficial web of military, economic, academic, bureaucratic and personal connections. And when it became obvious that no Arab country would ever contribute to Western defense in the Middle East, our administration, in 1970, figured it was in our best interest to offer protection to Israel from her Islamic neighbors. Strong strategic cooperation extends to a US-Israel missile-warning satellite system, joint military exercises for US marines in the Negev, a Joint Anti-Terrorism Working Group, a hotline between the Pentagon and Israeli Defense Ministry, and the research and development of a weapons system and military equipment.

I beg to differ with the attorney who suggests the slights to Benjamin Netanyahyu were imagined, and dare I remind this promoter that Obama did not provide equal treatment to the heads of state who threaten Israel's and our destruction, such as Ahmadeinejad and the Sheikh to whom Obama bowed so deeply. In fact, he was able to get much lower. He restrained Netanyahu from responding to acts of terror. He ushered Netanyahu to the White House through the service entrance, bade him wait while he dined with his family, and gave another $70 million to the PA when he hosted Abbas at the next dinner. He remained silent when Abbas refused to recognize Israel as the Jewish State; called Abbas "moderate" despite his known ties to terrorism and honoring terrorists that slaughter Israelis; was silent about the the Fogel family's massacre; eschewed historic Jewish ties to the Land of Israel at the UN; and legitimized the MB during the "Arab Spring." For more: click here.

I'll close with two telling events:
  1. Prime Minister Netanyahu pled with Romney to help, do whatever he could to stop the mullahs of Iran. Would he be pleading with Romney if he were confident in Obama?

  2. At a recent Holocaust Memorial Museum gathering, the gentle, passive, peace-loving Holocaust survivor, Eli Wiesel, boldly asked of Obama, "How come Ahmadinejad is still alive?
Obama's support for Israel is merely the continuation of President Bush's agreements and another ongoing ten-year commitment made by Bush in 2007, supported by Congress. Obama's policies have been bullying and hostile toward Israel. The warmth that the attorney feels is coming from Dante's Inferno.*

© Tabitha Korol


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Tabitha Korol

(Editor's Note: Tabitha Korol Zuckerman passed away on January 14, 2022. Her obituary can be read here. She was preceded in death by her husband Sheldon Zuckerman on December 20, 2021.)

Author of "Confronting the Deception," Tabitha Korol began her political career after 9/11, with letters to the editor and essays, developing a readership and earning two writing awards along the way. Her work appears on, Christian Action Network, Conservative News and Views, Dr. Rich Swier, iPatriot, Liberty News & Views,; Published Reporter, Renew America, Ted Belman, The Noisy Room, Trevor Loudon's New Zeal, Virginia Christian Alliance, WebCommentary, and others. Korol revised David Silberman's book of Holocaust survivors' accounts, "And You Saw That," for publication, and edited David Pristash's book, "Essay on Moral Philosophy in Western Civilization." She also proofreads/edits a monthly city magazine.


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