Chip McLean
America's toxic brew: "diversity"
By Chip McLean
September 8, 2015

During the first Republican debate, Donald Trump struck a huge chord with the "silent majority" of this nation by saying that America's biggest problem is "being politically correct."

The Donald's succinct summation was more than just a quick soundbite – it resonated with millions of everyday people in all walks of life who believe that politicians are a bunch of mealy-mouthed establishment lackeys who are completely tone deaf when it comes to the real world that the rest of us are forced to navigate. Regardless of the reasons for the inside-the-beltway crowd's flippant view of middle-class Americans, (be it indifference, or they're bought and paid for by lobbyists, or just plain old cowardice) Mr. Trump has tapped into an angry disgust with the way that our government functions (or doesn't). As a result – despite every prediction of establishment politicians and pundits of Trump's impending implosion – Trump keeps rising in the polls, and is doing so across demographic lines, much to their consternation.

A perfect example of the arrogance that pervades the elitists' thinking is Jeb Bush's recent row with Trump on the immigration issue. Poll after poll reveals that Americans want the flood of illegals coming into our country stopped. So how did good 'ol Jebbie respond to Trump's plain speaking? He attacked Trump by claiming that he is "not a conservative" – in Spanish! Jeb Bush claiming someone else is not a conservative? Forget the fact that Jeb makes Mitt Romney seem like Ronald Reagan by comparison; Jeb trying to claim the mantle of conservatism by speaking in Spanish is not simply tone-deaf – it demonstrates an alarming (even if amusing) case of obtuseness. Jeb Bush is quick to express his huge "love" for illegal invaders but is amazingly bereft of empathy for actual American citizens – the ones who are being forced to subsidize the endless wave of immigrants (legal and illegal) with tax dollars to pay for mucho government goodies; not to mention they're being passed over for all those jobs that "Americans won't do" (another favorite establishment lie).

Another deadly element of this "diversity" that the PC left champions has been the "sanctuary city" policy enacted by a number of US cities. We have seen numerous instances of crimes committed by illegal aliens who should never even of been here to commit those crimes in the first place. Katherine Steinle's murder by a five-times deported illegal alien, became a high profile case when it was revealed that San Francisco refused to hand him over to ICE prior to the shooting. San Francisco's sanctuary city policy has remained in place since Ms. Steinle's death – this despite the fact that even the vast majority of Californians are opposed to it, including Hispanics. There are 200 other U.S. cities that have similar unpopular, misguided policies regarding illegal aliens.

"Political correctness" is of course the left's method of shutting down the opposition. It has led to such ridiculous terms as "undocumented worker." Undocumented? It's as if some heartless bureaucrat forgot to process Juan's immigration papers, rather than the fact that Juan criminally crashed our border without authorization and is hence, an illegal alien. The accurate term "illegal alien" is of course enough to induce hysterics among the politically correct. It is this same PC left who would much rather engage in name calling than discussing actual facts. Their shut-down-the-argument technique always includes hurling such meaningless labels as "hater," "homophobe," islamophobe," "denier," "xenophobe" and so on.

It is this mindless PC that has led to such "diversity" as the gender-confused crowd. The politically correct media were fawning all over Bruce Jenner's recent decision that he would now live life as a female. In any sane world, no one would be referring to a man as a woman simply because he now believes that he is one. I for one refuse to call him a "she" or "Caitlyn," any more than I would refer to a person as a tree because he now believes that he is a California Redwood. Even if Bruce has an "operation" (more accurately, a mutilation), he will still possess the male DNA he was born with and will never be female.

Logic evidently does not exist among the "diverse" crowd. Parents are being urged by various PC groups to raise their children in a "gender-neutral" way so the child may "select" which gender they feel "comfortable" with. This "select-your-own-gender" idiocy has led to schools dealing with "select-your-own-restroom" students who evidently are finding legal support from the Justice Department. The real tragedy is that childhood can be confusing enough for children trying to understand themselves and the realities of growing up, without a bunch of politically correct manufactured "choices" being thrust upon them in the process. Ultimately, these children will suffer, as will society.

The PC crowd preaches constantly that "diversity" is our "strength." Horse hockey! There is no strength whatsoever when everyone is part of a group rather than being an individual. Strength comes from a common language and culture – all of these "hyphenated" appellations are doing nothing to bring people together and doing everything to divide us. This is why we are fracturing as a society and devolving into a balkanized country.

Our unofficial motto E pluribus unum, from Latin means, "Out of many, one." What is happening with "diversity" is the exact opposite. We are no longer a "melting pot." Take for example the so-called "Black Lives Matter" movement. To the people that have bought into the lie that Michael Brown was some "gentle giant" gunned down by a policeman while he had his hands up, it is only black lives that matter. The BLM folks have shut down political rallies by interrupting speakers. Democrat Martin O'Malley was booed and basically told that he was a "racist" for saying that "all lives matter". Huh? BLM has had some very sorry moments since then, with members chanting "Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon". A spokesman later tried to claim they were just being "playful" with the police. Right...and I suppose that Iranians chanting "Death to America" are simply being playful as well. As a number of others have said, perhaps BLM should change the name of their group to "black lies matter."

There does seem to be one "group" of people that the PC crowd doesn't extend its' sympathies to, and that would be Christians. Kim Davis, the (Kentucky) Rowan county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples based on her strongly held religious convictions, is now in jail for contempt of court. The gleeful gay activists are ecstatic, claiming "Love won." No, tyranny won. The first amendment of the constitution guarantees religious liberty, and the fact that Ms. Davis is a "government" employee does not strip her of those constitutional protections. Neither the state of Kentucky, nor its citizens ever approved same-sex marriage. No, that matter was decided for over 300 million of us by five lawyers in robes. The case had no business going to the USSC and should have been left to the states. The majority of the justices – especially Anthony Kennedy – seemed to believe their ruling would not impact religious liberty. The rest of us (including the USSC minority opinion), knew differently and now we have our proof with the incarceration of Kim Davis. Christians have been despised by the PC crowd for some time, but now the real persecution has begun – all in the name of "diversity" and "tolerance." Funny how those who constantly call for "tolerance" are only tolerant of those who agree with them.

Millions of Americans from all backgrounds have been witnessing the destruction of our once great nation through the insidious evil known as "political correctness" for some time. They are from all races and are male and female – and they are part of the workforce and they work in the home – and they have been saying exactly what Donald Trump has been daring to say that no other politician will. The establishment GOP – the smarmy Jeb Bush types along with their equally smarmy George Will type of pundits who are bought and paid for by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are both frightened and flummoxed by Donald Trump. The hard left Democrats who support mass illegal immigration so they can continue to grow the federal government and increase their voter base by playing the "victim" card with their groupthink – are equally frightened. You know what? They should be.

© Chip McLean


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Chip McLean

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