Chip McLean
American Pravda and the Department of Injustice
By Chip McLean
November 7, 2016

Eighteen and a half minutes of erased tape...the infamous action of Richard Nixon's secretary Rosemary Woods came to personify what was known as the Watergate scandal. Ultimately it was the cover up of the burglary at DNC headquarters that became the undoing of Nixon's presidency.

Fast forward to 2016 and we have a scandal that – among other things – involves over 33,000 emails – deleted deliberately after they were subpoenaed by Congress – that threatens to derail the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Like the Watergate scandal, the current investigations into Hillary Clinton are multi-faceted, with evidence that points to widespread corruption during her tenure as Secretary of State, and beyond. The most disturbing of these allegations involve the tentacles spreading from the State Department to the Clinton Foundation. They indicate influence peddling involving very large sums of money where wealthy, and very often foreign donors, were given special access to the State Department and rewarded with uranium, weapons and more.

During the days of the Watergate scandal, after Woodward and Bernstein broke the first of their reports on cover-ups, the press became zealous watchdogs for the public in getting to the bottom of the evident widespread corruption of the Nixon Administration. Ehrlichman, Haldeman, Mitchell, Dean, Colson and others became household names, even to those who normally didn't follow politics.

Today the "mainstream press" no longer functions as the independent watchdogs we used to believe they were. While anyone who has taken the time to dig below the headlines and soundbites in later years would know that the MSM leans left, the level of their partisanship has gone from being merely a source of consternation to now being beyond appalling.

The MSM – in particular CNN – is now functioning as a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign. Is it any wonder that CNN has earned the derisive nickname, "Clinton News Network"?

The multiple investigations into Hillary Clinton and her many associated scandals should be front and center in the media. Journalists used to investigate stories of this scope, and keep digging – regardless of where the facts took them. Today's "journalists" instead simply yawn over the myriad allegations concerning Clinton pay for play, Benghazi and more; and instead sensationalize the trivial regarding Donald Trump. A perfect example is their round the clock tabloidish coverage of Trump saying crude off the cuff remarks on a videotape from eleven years ago.

While they have demonized Trump over his remarks, they say nothing regarding the foul language used by Hillary Clinton that has been well documented by many from the Secret Service, the military, previous staffers and others who have been unfortunate enough to be the target of her wrath. The MSM has also provided virtually zero coverage over the vulgar "performance" by rapper Jay Z at a recent Hillary rally. Of course there has been no condemnation from the MSM or Hillary over what one can only say was a horrific torrent of obscenities from the rapper that would have made a sailor blush.

Were it not for Wikileaks and alternative media, the public by and large would still be ignorant as to the scope of the corruption involving the Clintons.

The MSM has – at best – grudgingly carried some information about the ongoing investigations. Even at that, their "reporters" are slanting the stories to make it appear that there is nothing to see here and that the FBI agents who forced director James Comey's hands are doing this for purely political reasons.

The spin regarding Wikileaks from these same reporters is to parrot Hillary and Obama – and simply blame Russia for the hacks. It's a painfully transparent effort to deflect the focus off of the content of the emails, and to turn this into a national security issue. Actually it is a national security issue but it is due to the carelessness of Hillary Clinton's use of a private server that caused this, as the FBI now believes that it was hacked by at least five foreign entities.

As this is written, we don't know who the "hackers" were that supplied the emails to Wikleaks, but Julian Assange has emphatically stated that the source is not the Russian government – despite Hillary's repeated claims to the contrary. But that is typical of Hillary (and Obama) – inject a straw man into the argument. The true significance here is not the source – but what is contained in those emails. And what is in those emails has Hillary Clinton very worried.

The FBI's investigations also have Obama worried as well. Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general has tried to make the FBI stand down. This is the same Loretta Lynch that met Bill Clinton shortly before the Justice Department's decision to not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton. Somehow, the two planes that Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton were aboard just happened to be in proximity on the tarmac, and Mr. Clinton left the plane he was on in order to get on Lynch's plane for a 39-minute meeting.

The notion the two put forth that they talked about "grandchildren" is beyond ludicrous. No one is going to go the trouble of getting off one plane to get on another plane to speak to the Attorney General about anything so innocuous as "grandchildren." Bill Clinton knows full well that it was beyond unethical to go have a meeting with Lynch under the circumstances, and as the AG, Lynch absolutely knows of the conflict of interest regarding this action during an ongoing investigation.

After this "innocent" little meeting, no indictments were handed down by the DOJ. Now with at least five FBI current investigations looking primarily into activities of the Clinton Foundation and members of the Clinton's inner circle, Loretta Lynch is doing everything in her power to stop the FBI. Obama has also, with very little subtlety, signaled that he wants the investigations stopped.

The Department of Justice is supposed to following the law, not impeding the law. What we are witnessing is – not to put too fine a point on it – obstruction of justice.

The Clinton campaign and their minions are trying to claim that the FBI is attempting to influence the election. The reality is that Obama and Lynch are actually the ones trying to influence an election by suppressing a very important, relevant investigation. They don't want the facts to come out as they will be damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign – otherwise known as "Obama's third term."

It is past time to appoint a special prosecutor – one who isn't trying to protect a candidate.

The press – if they had any journalistic integrity whatsoever, would be calling for a special prosecutor as well. They are not, and will not.

Whether it's the "Clinton News Network," ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times or the Washington Post, they all (as evidenced by some of the Wikileaks released emails) are only going to carry out their marching orders from Hillary, Obama and fatcat globalist donors such as George Soros, who want no interruption of the march toward a borderless nation and eventual one world government.

Anyone who will take time to look, knows that the MSM has even coordinated their reporting with the Hillary campaign, with Hillary being given articles about her in advance of publication for her approval, in effect making her the de facto editor for outlets such as Politico and more.

For those of you who still remember the old Soviet Union, you'll recall Pravdawhich was the official newspaper of the Communist Party. Basically it served as the propaganda arm for the Kremlin, and presented only the official Soviet-communist version of events.

In today's USA, we are witnessing a globalist cabal of the Obama Administration, the Democrat Party – and a large number of establishment Republicans who are bought and paid for by wealthy donors who would like nothing more than to destroy what is left of a republic that was founded upon individual liberty and freedom, for their own interests.

The founders encoded freedom of the press in the first amendment to the US constitution in order to help ensure that our government would be held accountable to us. What passes for the press today, is nothing more than another branch of government – protecting those in power at the expense of its citizens.

We are seeing what amounts to American Pravda – and the so-called watchdogs of the press are slavishly doing the establishment's bidding. Their bias is now so evident that a very large majority of the public sees them as untrustworthy. The recent news that interim DNC chair Donna Brazile – and former CNN contributor – gave debate questions in advance to the Hillary Campaign, serves to reinforce the very true perception that the MSM in general, and CNN in particular are dishonest. CNN was forced to officially "fire" Brazile after the revelations, but the question still remains, who from CNN provided the information in the first place.

There is only one candidate who has shown the courage to call the press out, and despite how much vile, one-sided coverage the MSM has presented during this campaign – Donald Trump has an excellent chance of winning this election.

Despite all the odds stacked against the movement that Trump's voice represents, despite all the smearing of millions of Americans as "racists" and "deplorables" by Hillary and Obama, despite the stonewalling by Loretta Lynch and the Department of "Injustice," the truth may finally yet win out.

This election is the most important ever in the history of this nation, and will determine if we will – as Benjamin Franklin presciently posited in 1787 – keep our republic.

I believe strongly that this is our last opportunity to preserve what was bought for us with the precious blood and sacrifice of our founders. The last chance to preserve our nation-state, our freedom of religion and speech, the right to bear arms, and to return that which is not the purview of the federal government back to the states – where it rightfully belongs.

If you're waiting for some "saint" without sin and say you won't vote for Trump because he has flaws, hear me clearly – this is not the time for a preacher, this is the time for an archangel who knows how to fight battles. Join with me and help restore our nation by voting for Donald Trump for President on Tuesday.

© Chip McLean


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Chip McLean

Chip McLean is the founder and editor/publisher of Outsider News Publishing, the umbrella for Capitol Hill Outsider, Capitol Hill Coffee House and Rino Tracker (co-founded with Chris Adamo). Chip is a former broadcaster and long time sales professional whose interest in politics began in 1964 at the age of eight, when his parents took him to a Barry Goldwater rally during the presidential campaign. He identifies himself as a "constitutionalist" and started the "Outsider" as a response to an out-of-control federal government that has seen both major parties disregard the very document they are sworn to uphold. In addition to his work at Outsider News Publishing, Chip's columns have appeared in a number of online publications.


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