Dan Popp
By Dan Popp
April 14, 2010

Reverend Obama doesn't want to be my "brother's keeper." He wants to be my money's keeper.

When the Federal Government tries to boost education, test scores decline. When it tries to reduce teen pregnancy, rates skyrocket. When it tries to end poverty, it creates more dependents. When it tries to guarantee a decent income for those in their golden years, it forces everyone into a ponzi scheme — and then raids the fund. If the government tries to make everyone healthier, the most likely result, based on historical performance, is that the population will get sicker and die quicker; medical costs will go through the roof; and the program will be bankrupt before it begins.

Your bumper sticker does not trump my argument.

Those who want to redefine common words like "marriage" are admitting that they cannot win the argument with the normal definitions.

How many schools and universities could remain open if they had to give a money-back guarantee?

I predict that, in the future, people will stop trying to predict the future.

If you have a "right" to live at my expense, then I have a right to tell you how to live. And that's really OK with you?

Maybe I'm overly cautious, but I don't count my chickens before they're fried and on the plate.

Some people in Washington want to make our decisions for us. Do they think we don't how their previous decisions have turned out?

One of the people who thinks she's smarter than you is Democratic New Mexico State Representative Gail Chasey. She wants to balance the state budget by eliminating capital punishment. She said, "We can put that money toward enhancing law enforcement." So in Ms. Chasey's world, not enforcing the law yields enhanced law enforcement?

Why would I pay someone to rotate my tires? My tires rotate themselves for free every time I pull out of the garage.

The only way President Obama has ever lowered anyone's taxes is by putting that person out of work.

I'd like to know who was the first person to look at a shrimp and say, "I'll bet that would taste good?"

Ridicule is the appropriate response to the ridiculous.

The opposite of straight isn't gay. Antonyms for straight include: bent, crooked, twisted, perverted, and a really old-fashioned one: wicked.

The "problem with capitalism" is it works so well, so effortlessly, for so many people that we come to take it for granted. When that happens folks want to tinker with this result here or tack on a little socialism there, and pretty soon everything's out of whack. Then instead of removing the anti-capitalistic monkey wrenches they've thrown into the works, they blame "capitalism" and demand bigger monkey wrenches.

When the government picks winners and losers, the government wins and you lose.

A Democrat's definition of "crisis" is: "Someone spending his own money in a way I don't like."

I'll stipulate that I'm the devil incarnate if you'll tell me how that advances your argument, or challenges mine.

A lot of the people who believe we owe everything to Natural Selection seem to be staunchly opposed to its operation — whether in nature, in economics or in any sphere whatsoever.

Rationing is not an unfortunate byproduct of a Command Medicine system — it is the system. Rationing is the idea. There are limited resources for unlimited needs. This mismatch will be handled either by prices and choice, or by authoritarian decision-making: you shall have this, he shall not have that. Advocating government direction of resources while denying that rationing will occur is like boarding a bus and denying that steering will occur.

People who can't reason by analogy are like... oh, never mind.

If my memory's not what it used to be, how can I be sure I'm not misremembering how it used to be?

If government couldn't help or harm businesses, there wouldn't be any reason for busy businesspeople to waste their time and money on politicians. I think this is not only the solution to the undue influence of "lobbyists," but pretty much what the Founders had in mind in the first place.

Milk chocolate was invented for people who are too lazy to go to the refrigerator and pour a glass of milk while they're eating real chocolate.

I wonder: Did the captains of slave ships call those chains a "safety net"?

© Dan Popp


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