Dan Popp
Semi-random thoughts toward "an honest discussion on race"
By Dan Popp
August 5, 2013

Honestly, there's some truth in every stereotype. White men as a group really can't jump as well as some others, though they may be better at hockey. Asians really are good at math; Jews in fact handle money well. Red people do seem to be more prone to alcohol abuse, though the Irish and the Russians may have a weakness in that same spot. And if we're being candid here – if we can break free from political correctness for a moment – we have to say that blacks do seem particularly prone to another kind of dependency: government dependency.

Honestly, stereotypes are rarely broken because those within the group don't see it as their responsibility to re-draw the caricature. They blame outsiders for the image that they themselves perpetuate, however passively. The stereotype of the young black male thug won't be discarded until young black males stop acting like thugs, talking like thugs, and glorifying thugs. Excuse me; I think the accepted term is "gangsta."

Honestly, everyone's dress, decoration and demeanor send known signals to others in society. If you're tattooed and pierced and dressed like a gang member, you can't blame "society" for failing to look past all that. All adults know how to send social cues to strangers: "Don't Mess With Me," or "I'm Not a Threat To You," among others. You can't send out menacing signals and then blame others for receiving those signals.

Honestly, racism will always be with us.

Just as honestly, most Americans don't care about your race, or could easily forget they care, if you made it your mission to bring something positive to their lives.

Honestly, a chip on your shoulder doesn't make people empathize with you.

Honestly, the people harmed by slavery were slaves. They are dead and gone, and there is nothing we can do for them.

Honestly, the living descendants of slaves are better off in America than if they had been born in Africa – that is, if their ancestors had never been slaves. As Muhammad Ali said after a trip to Africa, "I'm glad my great-grandpa got on that boat."

Honestly, I stole that last point from Dr. Thomas Sowell.

Honestly, you're either a con man or a moron if you weep for a slavery that ended 150 years ago, but think that some people should be forced to work for the benefit of others today. Coerced wealth transfers of all kinds, including what we euphemistically call "welfare," are just more subtle forms of involuntary servitude. I don't see many Democrats or blacks struggling to end transfer slavery the way that whites and Republicans gave their lives to end chattel slavery.

Just keepin' it real.

Honestly, by many measures blacks were better off after the war in which Republicans won their freedom than they are during the Democrat "War on Poverty." They had intact families, few children born out of wedlock, and many more jobs. Their compassionate caretakers have taken all that away, but have given them condemned government high-rises and Obamaphones. I have a dream.

Honestly, where are the black voices calling for an end to government programs that pay women to have children out of wedlock? Wouldn't stopping that one evil make a huge difference to the African American community?

Honestly, it has become apparent that the cry of "racism!" in many cases is merely a cover for socialism. If I point out that your real objective is to rob productive people to enhance your own political power, you can call me a racist, and (in the alternate liberal universe where Rachel Maddow is a sage) you've won. I would rather falsely be called a racist than truly be called a communist, if those are the only two choices.

Honestly, this applies to way too many "black leaders:" If you won't admit that you're a Marxist first and an advocate for blacks a very distant second, then one of us is not having an honest conversation about race.

Honestly, the minimum wage historically has been a weapon to keep minorities out of the labor market. Seen the stats on unemployment for young African Americans lately?

Honestly, I'm never going to feel guilty for the actions of people two centuries ago who happened to have the same skin color I do. When people try to shame me for things over which I had no control, the "dialog" is over.

Honestly, I'm responsible for myself. And I know for a fact that if others took the same approach, the USA would be solvent and racial tensions would be a lot lower.

Honestly, it seems that what many leftists want is a different, lower, standard of justice for blacks. Criminals of a certain skin color must be excused because of [something]. But that isn't justice. Justice is blind, remember?

Honestly, the biggest enemy of African Americans today is the United Stated government. Through its nannyish "liberal" policies it has destroyed the black family, disemployed black youths and sanctioned the slaughter of black children. Yet it is seen as their savior. That's inexplicable and sad.

Honestly and obviously, we can never achieve equality by treating people differently.

© Dan Popp


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