Dan Popp
If God, then impeachment – redux
By Dan Popp
January 12, 2016

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: But if you think he's lawless, circumventing the Constitution, are you going to move to impeach?

PAUL RYAN: No, I'm not.

I have a confession to make. When I wrote If God, then impeachment I knew that barbarians would see the title and, like Chewbacca on the Teddy Bear Planet, tilt their heads, wonder why such a juicy piece of meat was hanging in midair like that, and before the human beings could yell, "No, Chewy, don't!", they would be dangling in a very undignified position.

Barbarians can't read. If I write that government "help" to the unemployed tends to make unemployment deeper and longer lasting, they will chirp, "Dan Popp says that all unemployment is caused by government, derp derp, derrrrrrrrrp." If I write that we could think of Islam as a disease and solve the problem of trying to distinguish the good Muslims from the bad – except that we cannot trust this government with that authority – then the libtards will bleat, "Dan Popp says we should burn down all the mosques, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk." So if I write that those who took an oath to God to defend the Constitution may have to, you know, defend the Constitution, barbarians will croak, "Dan Popp says God wants Obama impeached, har, har, harrrrrrr."

I can explain the message of If God, then impeachment so simply that an 8th-grader can understand it, but not so simply that a barbarian can give me an accurate and honest restatement of it. Chewbacca, just move on. For the rest of you, here goes:

First, our Congressmen believe in God. They took an oath to God, so they at least profess to believe in Him. It isn't necessary to my argument to prove that God exists – that is a "given."

Second, they took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. They voluntarily bound themselves to do this, disregarding all other considerations.

Third, the Constitution is under assault by President Barack Obama. Some U.S. Congressmen have said this themselves. Among them are Kevin Brady of Texas, Walter Jones of North Carolina, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Mike Lee of South Carolina, Scott Garrett of New Jersey, Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania, and Steve King of Iowa.

So it isn't necessary for me to show my reasons for impeachment. Just as the Congressmen's vow to God establishes their belief in God, so the same Congressmen saying that Obama has violated the Constitution reveal their belief that Obama has violated the Constitution. It is another "given."

I'm typing as slowly as I can, Daily Kook.

Fourth and last, impeachment and removal from office is a remedy for Presidential violation of the Constitution. Anyone who has passed an 8th-grade Government class could affirm that this is so.

I can sum up my argument in one word, really: duty.

Those who have promised to do X if Y happens are obligated, when they see Y happening, to actually do X. I didn't bring God into that equation; our representatives did, when they took an oath. The oath-taker calls upon God to punish him if he doesn't fulfill his vow. This is probably why Jesus told His followers not to swear – but that's another discussion. These people have already sworn; they are in eternal danger if they renege.

My original article was meant to show that the political excuses for not doing one's duty to God will not wash. Those who don't take the appropriate measures to stop what they believe to be lawlessness are just as guilty as the person they see as the offender.

Now what is the deal? Why aren't those representatives who see an assault on the Constitution fulfilling their oath? Several possibilities come to mind. Maybe they don't really think that Mr. Obama is shredding the Constitution – maybe that's just political posturing. Or maybe they don't know what an oath is; that's plausible. But I think the most likely reason is that they really don't believe in God. All American politics today operate in an atheistic worldview. If God exists, He's not looking. There is no fear of God in either party.

Anyone who truly believed in a just and all-powerful Judge would never take an oath to Him and then dare to break it. Suicide would be infinitely better. If God...and an oath to God...and the need to act on that oath...then act.

It couldn't be any simpler.

Barbarians will now say that I just recommended suicide to everyone in Congress.


© Dan Popp


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