Dan Popp
By Dan Popp
February 12, 2016

Jesus, Government, Charity – pick any two.

Calling Hillary Clinton "dishonest" is like calling a snake "serpentine."

When I was your age, I never listened to anyone who started a sentence with, "When I was your age."

Government isn't supposed to be an organization that "does things for you." It was meant to be an institution that keeps other people from doing things to you.

Every tyrant will crow loud and long about what he's done "for the people." What he won't do is leave the people alone to do for themselves.

A barbarian chattering about morality is like a nudist giving fashion advice.

We learn from our mistakes only if our mistakes are allowed to carry their natural consequences.

I've seen far more people "oppressed" by their own stupidity, envy, laziness and false ideas than by another person or group. Where are the demonstrations against those?

Government incompetence, destructive as it is, is a side issue. The main problem in Washington is lawlessness. I don't expect government to do well things it isn't supposed to do at all.

So a government bully like Lois Lerner can plead the Fifth Amendment, which was designed to protect citizens from bullies like her? Wow. Funny how a person loses his constitutional rights when he starts a business, but not when he becomes a bureaucrat.

Great minds think alike, but so do small minds.

Kids today may grow up thinking that "democrat" means "lying traitor" and "republican" means "lying traitor enabler."

Sometimes, does it seem to you like the whole world lost 20 IQ points overnight?

I'm going to stop asking, "Is it just me, or...?" I don't think I want to know, either way.

Government exists to protect lives and property. Socialism denies the existence of property. Therefore there can be no such thing as "socialist government."

Democracy is rule by everyone. Socialism is rule by central authority. Therefore there can be no such thing as "democratic socialism."

"Recreation" is a word that looks like what it is. It means to re-create, to restore, to renew. If camping and playing tennis are forms of recreation, what does "recreational drug use" mean?

If we were to insist that "social welfare" programs be named for their results, we would be calling them "social suicide" programs.

One of the more deadly barbarian myths is the notion of group justice. Group justice means that injustice will be inflicted upon individuals. It's another absurdity.

A person whose falsehood is being challenged will always cry, "You're causing division!" But there is division whenever Truth and Error meet. The division is a necessary byproduct of Lie clashing with Truth. Despite the loud diversion, the question is still, Which is which?

A Democrat is someone pretending not to be a Socialist. A Socialist is someone pretending not to be a Communist.

Jesus loves the poor way too much to leave them in the "care" of government.

Ah, so the science is settled on the question of "climate change." That means we can end all government funding for research into that, right?

Barbarians are so stupid they think they can throw out all of God's "Do Not's," then shift the "Do's" to the government, and claim God's authority for their devilishness while pretending they're fighting against a theocracy.

Why is it that, when someone is said to "evolve" on an issue, he always evolves toward wickedness, and never toward righteousness?

The same people who told us they could fix the economy by pumping money into it now tell us they can fix the environment by sucking money out.

When Someone sets out to make Someone look foolish, Someone often succeeds.

© Dan Popp


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