Laurie Roth
Most presidential polls are based on old and false facts--Romney IS winning
By Laurie Roth
October 8, 2012

Like so many in the radio talk show world, I am watching the presidential race closely. I am fearing for and praying for my country like never before. The bottom-line, no matter where Barack Hussein Obama was born and who his daddy is, he is systematically destroying America, her reputation, exceptionalism, and wealth.

From the beginning, the "America hater in chief," while hiding behind his sound bite "hope and change" goals, has been driving his crushing machine all over the red, white, and blue. Now America and her flag is just bloody colored. Of course, I have trouble seeing all the stars (there are "57"of them according to Obama) anyway because of the big "O," Obama and his worshipping left have put on the flag wherever they can get away with it.

Remember, this is the same man who as president early on, mocked our treasured national anthem the Star Spangled Banner, as "too bloody." He and Michelle stated more than once they would like to replace it with "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing." In response to this, I said while emceeing at CPAC a few years ago, live on CSPAN, "As a songwriter and professional singer in my day, I would like to devote a tribute song just for Obama, 'You're no good' by Linda Ronstadt."

We are watching the presidential race of a lifetime and the future of our country at stake. Pollsters can say what they like but most are intimidated and running for cover as the first president in history has sued a polling company, demanding details and facts — Gallup. The truth of where things are actually going will blow your mind.

Bottom line with the polls

First of all, I am not just a stupid national radio talk show host with a weird music and TV background. I have a real and earned Ph.D. where I did original research, using all kinds of statistics and following the rules. I understand samples and data collection.

The polls we have been hearing about are almost to a letter using 2008 numbers regarding voter turn out. They are heavily weighting their numbers from the 2008 voting response, which translates to much higher numbers for Democrats.

They do not take into account, and it is statistically stupid and fraudulent that they don't, the 2010 history-making shift with conservative and Republican voter turn out. Remember, thanks to the Tea Party movement in 2010, conservatives and the GOP took back the House and almost the Senate. Way more Republicans showed up to vote in 2010 then in 2008.

I predict in November 2012 we will take back the Senate and the White House. To release polls weighted on old statistics of 2008, after millions of people moved to the right in the 2010 election is, as I would call it "dumber than a post."

Let us talk some real numbers thanks to and Frank Salvato, who told me about this site on my show. He was looking as I was for anything remotely honest in the polling world. This website has taken all the misleading and 2008 weights out, giving huge advantage to Democrats. On this site, sampling is looked at equally with zero weights and taken from 2010, a newer more reflective estimate of where we REALLY are with voter turn out. Below is what they found, while all the others are playing "weighted history games for Obama." Check the real numbers out.

Unskewed and unweighted polling averages

General Election: Romney vs.Obama

Unskewed Avg. — Romney + 7.8

Reason/Rupe — Romney + 7

Reuters/Ispsos — Romney + 10

NBC News/WSJ — Romney + 7

Monmouth Univ. — Romney + 5

Q Star News — Romney + 11

NY Times/CBS News — Romney +7

Democracy Corps — Romney + 8

Fox News — Romney + 3

Wash. Post/ABC News — Romney + 7

CNN/ORC — Romney + 8

IBC/CSM/TIPP — Romney + 9

ARG — Romney + 10

Approval Ratings: President Barack Obama

UnSkewed Avg. Disaprroval 8.8 This means that going through all the above polling sources listed above, that Obama has significantly higher disapproval ratings than approval ratings.

Average approval — 44.1

Average Disapproval — 52.9

Now, what do you think is really happening, even given the Chicago politics and lies with Obama and this election cycle? Does it make sense that 90% of the polling outfits weight heavily for Democrats, using 2008 voting numbers and disregard the very real Conservative revolution and Tea Party influence that took the country by storm in the 2010 election? Taking the games, lies, and weights out of the numbers and looking at the unweighted numbers you have Romney significantly in the lead.

The only way this conservative trend and force will work for America and restore us back again is for everyone to snap out of it and vote right. We must all work together for a win. We can pull Romney and Ryan toward conservative and constitutional values.

Remember, we are the biggest branch of government, and our leaders work for us. Obama has failed in everyway. He must go. Romney can and will win and we must hold his feet to the American and conservative fire of common sense.

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